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Win this at in

The Data Touch was born to address a number of missed digital analytics opportunities within organisations and was founded by Penelope Bellegarde, an established digital analytics practitioner based in London and English & French bilingual.

Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of organisations: in the private and public sector, big and small, as a consultant for one of the top professional services firm and also as digital analytics manager for large media and travel firms.

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  • Performance improvement
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  • Putting Digital Analytics in the Boardroom
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We help our clients win in the market place by delivering data driven outcomes that matter.
We help individuals and academic institutions shine and succeed by providing distinctive training and education programmes that make them more marketable.
We won’t rest until we have given you the best!

Win this at in The Data Touch was born to address a number of missed digital analytics opportunities within organisations and was founded by Penelope Bellegarde, an established digital

The most human agency is here

Our Story

A new transformation calls for a new kind of agency

Since its launch at the start of the last century, NIVEA has held a special place in the public mind as an icon of Pflege (care). They have led innovation both in product and marketing, always engaging people with a focus on our shared humanity. Now, for the first time in over 100 years, they have selected a new partner for their next transformation. Publicis Groupe and Beiersdorf have created Publicis One Touch, a new breed of agency model based on agility and interdisciplinary design.

Here, client and agency talents work together in the same space, with shared passion and dedication. Together we are reshaping all NIVEA marketing activity for the future, from global product launches and social media presence, digital experience and campaigns, to data management and strategy, package design and events, along the entire customer journey. Fuelled by data, technology and human insight, creativity is at the heart and centre of everything we do, because it is with creativity that we will connect and engage with people.

Many disciplines, one community

Nothing defines a work space more than the spirit of the place. So we’re designing Publicis One Touch with a uniquely human touch, from personnel to processes, headquarters to hubs. Our office layout is made to encourage co-working, giving talents of many disciplines the spaces they can come together in with the equipment they need to inspire innovative and creating thinking.

Exceptional challenges require different thinking. Publicis One Touch is built on the strengths that only diversity provides. Our working teams are highly diverse, representing a wide range of disciplines, genders, origins, languages and skills. This maximises the benefits of collaboration, and also makes our office culture one where we learn more from each other, as professionals and as people. Creativity and an interdisciplinary approach are what allow us to find a solution where nobody expected.

Since not everyone works full weeks in the office, video conferencing and shared platforms give people the added freedom to do their job in their own way. They also act to unite us as a team globally. Our reach spans 40 markets, with regional hubs in New York, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai, Bangkok, Moscow and the Bieberhaus in Hamburg.

Welcome to Publicis One Touch, the new bespoke marketing transformation partner for NIVEA worldwide. ]]>