win it app reviews

Win it app reviews

Bu uygulamayı kullanmayı ilk kez deniyorum.. Fakat tema sayfasında değişiklik yaparken kodu yanlışlıkla silmişim. Destek hızlı idi. ingilizcem kötü olmasına rağmen beni anladı ve düzeltti.

Claro Jewels

Great app, perfect to incentivize new customers. Easy to use and can be up and running within a few minutes. We saw a return on sales within a few hours. Would definitely recommend. Team is very helpful and always available for queries.

Minutes 2 Memories

This app is very easy to use. Setup is quick and easy and customer support was very helpful when I had a question. They have great backgrounds to choose from or you can upload your own. The only downside is the free plan gives you 50 lifetime leads. I would like it to be 50 leads a month since we are a very small company but other than that, no complaints.

Best Beauty Finds

Works great, it contains all the necessary features I desired. Look forward to having more design options.

Emer Jones Apparel

Okay, I am going to be 100% honest.
The developer of this company is a great person from what I have gathered.
He helped me set up their Loyalty Program app ‘gratification’ and he went above his duty of care and really helped out a lot. Now where he fell short was the actual app, I wont go into too much detail about the Gratification app other than YES it is an amazing app, it literally has everything you could possibly need for a loyalty program..this Scratch & Win app is great and affordable BUT again, this app falls short of anything great. I cant fault the developer on his dedication and work. But this app like the loyalty program one is not fun to use, it looks very out dated and ugly. When scratching the panel it leaves dots. it doesnt scrub or scratch. I would really love to love this app because I want to support the developer because I can tell how hard he has worked. But I feel he’s given up on this app along with the loyalty one. I am deleting them both for now.

But to be honest I would definitely come back and use these apps again when the developer sorts his stuff out. I was informed by email that the loyalty app was going to be updated and made better after emailing them about the sluggishness of their apps. But nothings changed so I am going to have to say bye for now.

I hope the developer sees my review and updates their apps. I wish I could help because out of all the loyalty apps, the team behind this developer (TBH I think he might work alone) sound like genuine good blokes.

The 1 star reviews on this app are old and outdated and shouldnt reflect your opinion of this app or developer. Give it a try THEN choose for yourself.

The dev does contact you back usually within a few minutes to hours.
cant say I have ever had a problem contacting them.

To the devs; Good luck in the future and I hope to see your apps in the top section soon.

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An App to Help You Win the Parking-Ticket War

Driving in New York City is known to be difficult, but it only gets worse when you have to find a place to park. In a memorable episode of “Louie,” Louis C.K. ultimately gives up on deciphering a group of contradictory parking signs. When he comes back later, his car is being destroyed by city workers.

A more likely outcome of flouting those signs is a parking ticket. So an app called WinIt, which promises to fight tickets issued by the city on behalf of users, seems heaven-sent for the masses who choose to drive in a pedestrian town.

WinIt was developed by Ari Lemmel, who became frustrated after incurring multiple tickets in the city. After starting the app with a partner, Dan Azeroual, Mr. Lemmel joined forces with Christian Fama, whose family owns a company that has been fighting tickets on behalf of businesses for decades.

The app was launched in beta in March and was fully operational by May. It has been downloaded more than 20,000 times, and Mr. Lemmel claims that about 40 percent of tickets have been decided in favor of WinIt’s users.

If a ticket is dismissed, WinIt charges customers half of what the price would have been. If they successfully fight a $120 fine, you end up paying $60.

That will seem like a bum deal to proactive motorists, who might be happy to fight winnable tickets themselves for no fee at all. But as Mr. Fama points out, taking a day to contest a fine with no guarantee of success is a dubious prospect.

The app, while New York-centric, has been downloaded by people in more than 27 states, suggesting that it is being used by those who have incurred fines while visiting — one can imagine that those users are only too happy to avoid wasting a day of vacation. (It doesn’t hurt that WinIt claims a dismissal rate of more than 50 percent on tickets on out-of-state vehicles.)

WinIt is extremely easy to use. You snap a picture of the ticket in question, enter simple information about your vehicle and the ticket itself, and submit it. WinIt then emails you with the result of your claim.

The app is available only to iPhone users, but an Android version is planned for release within about a month.

What’s being sold with WinIt, really, is time, as well as the expertise of Mr. Fama’s team, which includes retired police officers and judges, who have been on the other side of the ticket fight in the past. They recognize reasons that a ticket might be dismissed: For instance, a license plate was recorded inaccurately, or a respondent has a valid muni-meter ticket.

The app also offers to pay the ticket on the user’s behalf, so people don’t have to figure out how to pay the city, instead paying WinIt directly.

“It’s the epitome of a win-win situation for the user,” Mr. Fama said. “If the ticket is dismissible, we are going to get it dismissed.”

Driving in New York City can be a little less stressful with the WinIt app, which fights your tickets so you don’t have to.