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Who Has Won Big Brother? A Full List

Ready for some throwbacks?

Fun fact: Big Brother officially turned 20 in 2020. The means two decades of summers full of lying, manipulating, showmances, and unexpected twists have come and gone. Yes, this show has truly taught us to expect the unexpected. But we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane. There have been 21 (yes 21) winners of BB. Each one employed their own unique strategy to come out on top. From memorable characters like Rachel Reilly, and legends like Dan Gheesling and Dr. Will , here’s a full list of every Big Brother winner to date.

Summer 2019

Vote Count: 6-2

Final 2 Partner: Holly Allen

Though he edged out the competition to win the $500,000 grand prize, Jackson’s win was mired in controversy. Dedicated super fans who tuned-in to live feeds accused him of of being favored by production, consistently questioned his strategy, and accused of him of being racist and misogynistic towards other housemates.

As we anticipate the finale of Big Brother 21, we thought we'd take a look back at every single player who's won on finale night, taking home the $500,000.

Remember All The Winners Of Big Brother’s America’s Favorite Houseguest?

Each season, only one person is declared the winner of Big Brother; however, players still have a shot at snagging cold-hard cash by being named America’s Favorite Houseguest. Find out which former HGs have been given the coveted title and $25K.

Nicole Anthony (Season 21)

Nicole Anthony went into the Big Brother 21 house a caterpillar, but came out a butterfly—not to mention $25,000 richer thanks to being voted America’s Favorite Houseguest!

In addition to an impressive third place win, two stints as Head of Household, and one Power of Veto victory, Nicole proved herself a trustworthy, funny, and down-to-earth Houseguest over the course of BB21.

Read on to look back on all of the winners of America’s Favorite Houseguests from seasons past.

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Tyler Crispen (Season 20)

Big Brother 20’s personable lifeguard, Tyler, took home the coveted America’s Favorite Houseguest title—an extra $25,000 on top of his $50,000 prize as runner-up and the trip to Hawaii that he won—after making it all the way to the Final 2!

Tyler’s stint in the BB house yielded him multiple HOH and POV wins, but perhaps the most significant indication of his journey towards AFH, he was awarded the second BB Power App of the season by America!

Cody Nickson (Season 19)

Cody, the BB19 Battle Back Showdown champion and the man with the most serious resting face, has won America’s Favorite Houseguest!

Though he got evicted about halfway through the season, he sure left a lasting impression on fans, who missed his intense but fun-to-watch personality in the house.

Victor Arroyo (Season 18)

It was no big surprise when Victor, aka the “Comeback Kid,” beat out his 15 fellow competitors to win the Season 18 title of America’s Favorite Houseguest.

This athletic HG proved he could fight his way back into the house not just once, but twice by winning Battle Back and then, just weeks later, dominating his fellow jury members—including fellow competition beast Paulie Calafiore—for a spot back in the house. Again.

Now, that’s a well-deserved $25K.

James Huling (Season 17)

South Carolina staff recruiter James, from BB17 (and later BB18), may’ve left the competition in seventh place, but his memorable time in the house as “Captain Camo” earned him the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest, along with $25K in cold-hard cash.

His playful pranking in the house had HGs and fans laughing out loud all season long. Looks like being a Southern gentleman does pay off.

Donny Thompson (Season 16)

Elissa Slater (Season 15)

Frank Eudy (Season 14)

Britney Haynes (Seasons 12 and 14)

Jeff Schroeder (Seasons 11 and 13)

Keesha Smith (Season 10)

As a Houseguest from BB10, Keesha headed to Jury as the sixth member, thanks to her good friend Memphis Garrett, who gave her the boot. The blonde bombshell may’ve placed fourth in her season, but won the $25,000 fan favorite award during finale night and couldn’t have been more elated.

James Zinkand (Season 9)

“Crazy James” was a BB9 Houseguest and managed to play the game while staying true to himself. James ultimately placed sixth after winning one HOH and three consecutive POVs and, at the finale, he voted for Adam Jasinski, who ended up taking the final prize.

James didn’t go away empty-handed though. He was the first male recipient of the $25,000 America’s Favorite Houseguest title, an award voted on by Big Brother fans.

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