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Sports Betting 101

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Sports Betting 101

  • Straight Wagers
  • Point Spread
  • Money Line Wagers
  • Total Wagers
  • Buying Point
  • Proposition Wagers
  • If Wagers
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Round Robins
  • Teasers
  • Special Teasers and Parlays
  • Free 1/2 Point Program’s Enhanced Teaser Odds
  • Action Reverse
  • To Win It All’ Futures
  • Half-Time Wagers
  • Quarter Wagers
  • Horse Wagers
  • Buying Points
  • Round Robins
  • Reverses
Straight Wagers

A straight wager is a single bet placed on a point spread, money line, or total. A bet is placed on the favorite (team with the odds in its favor), the underdog / dog (the team with the odds against it) or the final score of the game (over or under a predetermined total).

The favorite is indicated by a minus sign (-) and the underdog by a plus sign (+). If there is no favorite, there won’t be any numbers next to the teams’ names and the risk will automatically be assigned as -110. In this case, to win $100, you must risk $110. If you win the wager, the risk ($110) will be refunded to you, plus the $100 in winnings ($110 + $100 = $210). The 10% risked is known as the juice. The “juice” or “VIG” is the difference between what is wagered and what can be won. When the number next to a team’s name is positive (which will be the case when you bet on an underdog), it means you risk less to win more.

NOTE: In baseball you can make your bet conditional on which pitcher is starting. You have the ability to specify in advance if you would like your bet to be withdrawn if the pitcher that is supposed to start is changed.

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Point Spread

A point spread is set for each game based on which team is favored. In order to win, you must “cover the spread.”

  • If you wagered on the favorite and it wins the game by more than the spread, you covered the spread.
  • If you wagered on the underdog and the favorite wins by less than the spread, you win.
  • If you wagered on the underdog and it wins the game outright, you win.

NOTE: If the favorite won the game by the exact amount indicated by the spread, the game ends in a tie (or push) and all money is refunded. You do not win or lose any money.


Player wagers $110.00 on Miami -7 to beat Buffalo +7

If Miami wins by more than 7 points the player wins $100.00. The total payout including the initial wager would be $210.00. If Miami only wins by 7 points, then the game is considered “no action” and all money is returned to the bettor. If Miami wins by less than 7 points the wagers is lost.

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Money Line Wagers

In a money line bet, the bettor picks one of two teams in a game, matchup or tournament, and receives odds based on how favored or unfavored the team is to win. Oddsmakers set the money line so that more money must be risked on the favorite and less money on the underdog. The team the bettor wagered on must win outright; it does not matter how many points the team wins by.


The player wagers on Miami -240 at Buffalo +140.

If Miami wins, the player would wager $240.00 to win $100.00. If the player wagered on Buffalo, the player would wager $100.00 to win $140.00.

Total Wagers

When you bet the total, you are saying that the combined scores of the two teams (sides) will be more than or less than a given number.


The player wagers $220.00 on the ‘OVER’ in the Miami / Buffalo game. The total for the game is 45.

If the combined score of both teams is more than 45, the player wins $200.00. If the combined score is equal to 45, the game is considered ‘No Action’ and the money is re-deposited to the player’s account. If the combined score is less than 45, the wager is lost.

Buying Points

Buying points allows you to improve your odds by decreasing the spread, therefore allowing you to win when your team scores fewer points. Point buying is available for football and basketball on game sides and totals only. Players may buy up to one full point at $0.10. Buying on or off the three in the NFL or NCAA Football will cost an additional $0.25.


Detroit is –8, although the player wants to buy it to –6 and win $100.
The wager would be Detroit –7, $150 to win $100. The initial line is –110, then ten cents is added for each half point to make the new line Detroit –6 –150.

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Proposition Wagers

Props, or proposition bets, are bets offered on the outcome of specific events. These wagers can be on sporting events, politics, trial outcomes, the weather – practically anything. The wagers use the money line format of odds and might included details such as who scores the first touchdown in the Super Bowl.


Futures are bets in which odds are posted in advance on the winners of various major events such as the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, and the NBA Championship. By betting early, players often receive better odds than they would later in the season.


A parlay is a combination of 2 to 10 straight wagers placed as one wager. In order to win the bet, all your picks must be winners. This higher risk will result in a greater payout, calculated according to the money lines. If there is a tie or ‘No Action’ among the selections made, the parlay reverts down to the next lowest number for payoff. In the case of a 2-team parlay, it will revert down to a straight wager. The maximum payout in a parlay is $100,000. We do not pay true odds.


The player wants to make a 5 team parlay: Miami -7, New York +3, Seattle -4, Denver -10, San Francisco -8.

If a player bets $10 and all these games win, the player wins $210 at 21/1 odds. If 4 of the games win and 1 of the games is considered ‘No Action’, the player wins $110 at 11/1 odds. If 1 of the games loses, the player only loses $10 because the parlay loses.

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Parlay Odds
Standard Parlay

Number of Teams 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Payout 2.6 6 10 20 35 60 80 200 300

Round Robins

Round robins are wagers where the customer picks 3 to 8 teams and matches them in as many two team combinations as possible.


-Dolphins -5
-Eagles +2.5
-Bills +7

Possible combinations are:

Dolphins -5 Dolphins -5 Eagles +2.5
Eagles +2.5 Bills +7 Bills +7

Playing this round robin for $100 involves putting $100 on each possible 2 team parlay combination for a total ticket of $300.


A teaser is a selection of two or more teams in one wager in which the point spread is adjusted in the player’s favor. The number of teams selected and the number of points selected determine the payout odds. Ties on a teaser with three or more teams will revert to a lower teaser. (For example a tie on a three teamer becomes a two team teaser.) A ‘tie’ or ‘no action’ and a ‘loss’ on a two team teaser is considered a loss.

  • Arena Football and Canadian Football cannot be included in any of our teaser options.
  • You can tease middles.
  • Open spots allowed for up to one week
  • No open spots on teasers less than $25
  • Can’t tease halves or quarters. Games only.
  • Min. $5 and max $1,000
  • Maximum payout is $100,000

Teaser Odds

Standard Teasers
Football Points +6 +6½ +7
Basketball Points +4 +4½ +5
2 TEAMS 10/11 10/12 10/13
3 TEAMS 17/10 15/10 13/10
4 TEAMS 3/1 2.5/1 2/1
5 TEAMS 9/2 +400 +350
6 TEAMS 6/1 +550 +500

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Special Teasers

See below for a list of our Internet-exclusive teasers!

Sports Betting 101, learn about how the different bet types work and register at Skybook Sportsbook to enjoy the best sports betting experience on the web.

What Happens to Your Bet with a Push?

Wondering what a push is and how it will affect your sports bets? Quite simply, a push is what happens to your bet when the event you wager on results in a tie.

As bettors or competitors, we build up wins and dread losses. We’re all familiar with creeds such as “the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.” You’ve probably heard that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

But sometimes, sporting events are neither a win nor a loss. Overtime and shootouts have minimized the number of ties in many sports, but sometimes things still end in a draw. So, how do sportsbooks deal with these situations?

In this guide you’ll learn:

  1. The definition of a push
  2. How sportsbooks deal with ties
  3. Ways to avoid pushes

And the Winner Is…Nobody!

Pushes happen in sports betting relatively frequently.

Say you’re betting on the NFL point spread in a match up between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, and the spread is set at +/-3. Whether you bet on the Cowboys -3 or the Giants +3, there is a distinct possibility of the game ending at 17-14, 20-17, or 24-21 Dallas. Each of those scores result in a push.

Totals also result in pushes with some frequency. If the Dodgers and Nationals are playing with Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer on the mound, the over/under might be six. A 4-2 LA win is a victory for the Dodgers, but a push regardless of whether you had the over or under.

There are some exceptions, but most sportsbooks will take the same approach when faced with a push.

Your Bet Is a Push, Now What?

Straight wagers (also known as single bets) that result in a push are refunded. Simple and to the point, regardless of juice, if you have the Buccaneers +7 at New Orleans and the Saints win 28-21, both sides get their cash back.

If the total on Tampa Bay and New Orleans is 49, both over and under are a push and bettors who took either side will be refunded.

Moneyline bets push in the case of an actual tie. If the Patriots are -250 against Jets while New York is +240, should the teams play to a 20-20 draw, both bets are refunded.

Things get slightly more complicated when parlays and teasers are involved.

How Sportsbooks Deal with Ties in Multi-Event Wagers

Bettors can get 6/1 odds if they win a three team parlay and 12/1 for a four teamer. What happens if you win three legs of a four team wager, but the fourth bet pushes?

Most sportsbooks will simply remove any ties from a parlay or teaser and pay the bet out as if it was a multi event wager with one fewer leg. So a four team parlay with three winners and a push will pay out the same as a winning three team parlay. While you were aiming for 12/1 odds, you receive 6/1 with the push dropped from the bet.

While this policy seems like the fair and equitable way of dealing with ties, some sportsbooks treat ties included in parlays and teasers as losing bets. This is particularly common on parlay cards produced early in the week that remain available for betting all the way up to kickoff on Saturday or Sunday.

The bottom line is that you should always read the small print. Know exactly how your sportsbook deals with pushes before you place a bet.

Of course, you’re more likely to be faced with a push in your parlay if you include a higher number of legs in the wager. A 10 team parlay has 10 chances for a push, whereas a two team parlay involves only two games that could possibly tie.

What Do You Get Out of a Push?

If you’re always in it to win it, it is possible to avoid pushes completely. If you spent time to watch a long sporting event and put a few bucks down, it can feel like a waste to get refunded if the game ends in a tie. On the flip side, a tie certainly beats a loss if you are a high volume better primarily concerned with ROI.

The easiest way to avoid pushes is to bet on spreads that include a half point, also known as a hook. There will never be a push with a 2.5 or 3.5 spread or a total of 47.5. If you can’t find a spread or total with a hook, you can usually buy a half point. You might pay a small price in juice, but it usually makes sense to take -125 to get -2.5 instead of -110 when laying three.

While moneyline bets occasionally push, it doesn’t happen a lot. There are no ties in the NBA, NHL, or MLB these days. The NFL had one tie last year, two in 2018, and none in 2017. The chances of a push when playing the moneyline in major sports is very small.

Finally some sports, particularly soccer, offer three way betting. You can bet on either team to win or on a tie. Just remember that if you pick a team to win on a three way moneyline, a push will result in a loss rather than a refund.

Go for the Win, Settle for the Push

In the end, a push is not a bad result. It gives you a free data point to consider and learn from. Of course, that only holds true if your sportsbook refunds your bet in the case of a push. Read the terms and conditions carefully before placing any wagers.

Knowing is the key to success when betting on sports. You can find all the basic info you need to get started on the right foot in our sports betting 101 guides.

Dave Friedman has covered professional and college sports for two decades. From ESPN to the Associated Press, Regional Sports Networks, Metro Networks, and many local outlets, he has written about and broadcast major and minor events throughout the country.

Dave Friedman has covered professional and college sports for two decades. From ESPN to the Associated Press, Regional Sports Networks, Metro Networks, and many local outlets, he has written about and broadcast major and minor events throughout the country.

Find out how a push affects your bankroll when betting on sports. This guide covers everything you need to know about tied results and sports betting. ]]>