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What does it mean if you’re dreaming about snakes?

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We all want our dreams to be about beating up the school bully, or winning the lottery, or defeating the White Walkers alongside Jon Snow, but sadly we have little control over the stories out minds conjur up at night.

Dreams are often considered to be a manifestation of what’s plaguing your thoughts in waking life.

People who hate their job dream about the office, while those trying to lose weight will dream about eating.

However many people confess to having a regular visitor to their dream – snakes.

What does it mean if you dream about snakes?

Let’s prefix this by saying that the brain is the most complex thing in the known universe, and despite their best efforts scientists still know very little about how our mind works and what goes on inside it – so don’t take dream interpretation as an exact science.

While a snake is a pretty nasty image to appear in your dream, it doesn’t always mean something bad, according to psychiatrists.

Dreaming of snakes has been thought to mean the following:

  • If you are being bitten by snakes in your dream it could mean that you fear people doing something hurtful to you, or that you are wracked with guilt over something mean you have done.
  • Carl Jung believed that dreaming of snakes actually signifies a change or transformation in your life – because snakes shed their skin
  • Are you being chased by snakes? This suggests that you are avoiding doing a task you have been dreading.
  • Are you being led somewhere by a snake? Perhaps, like in the Garden of Eden, this signifies an underlying feeling of being tempted by something in your waking life.
  • Sigmund Freud believed that dreaming of snakes means, due to their phallic shape, that you are thinking about a man as a sexual or threatening influence in your life.

Barbara Condron, who has written many books on dreaming, says that snakes are actually neutral images that allow people to project meaning onto.

Are the snakes in your dream scary? Are they powerful? Are they sneaky? However the snakes manifest themselves in your dream could point towards what these dreams mean for your waking subconscious.

Stick to a routine

Try to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up around the same hour. Obviously you’ll want a bit of a lie-in on the weekends, but try not to sleep until 11 if you usually wake up at six – it messes with your body clock.

Control your naps

You shouldn’t be napping for more than 15-20 minutes. Any longer than this and you will find it hard to sleep that night.

Also, napping after dinner (hey, food makes us all drowsy) is a no-no. Fight through the feeling and get a good night’s sleep a few hours later.

Light can make (or break) a good sleep cycle

Exposure to light wakes you up, so make sure you have your breakfast by a window or outside.

Similarly, don’t lie in bed at night staring at your phone or computer screen. Try to avoid technology for an hour before you go to bed – this will allow your brain to switch off and make it easier to fall sleep.

No caffeine before bed

This one should be a no-brainer, but for some people it can be hard.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine in the later stages of the day.

Alcohol, while often considered the perfect night cap, also messes with your sleep cycle, so try not to drink before bedtime.


Having trouble switching your mind off? Try your body instead.

Exercising will not only tire you out, but will also increase the amount of time you spend in deep sleep.

You don’t have to run a marathon each day – just a short jog or even a walk will help.

Just make sure you exercise at least three hours before bedtime – working out and then trying to sleep is extremely hard because your body is still pumped full of adrenaline and endorphins.

We all want our dreams to be about beating up the school bully, or winning the lottery, or defeating the White Walkers alongside Jon Snow, but sadly we have little…

Hells Canyon – Snake River (4 Rivers)

The mighty Snake River winds its way through Hells Canyon, the deepest river-carved gorge in North America. The river flows north through the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (HCNRA) and forms the boundary between Idaho and Oregon. Although the Recreation Area includes portions of the Nez Perce, Payette, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, it is managed by the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Within the HCNRA, the Hells Canyon Wilderness comprises nearly 215,000 acres. The Snake River flows through and is adjacent to this Wilderness. Wildlife thrives here, so bring your binoculars as common sights range from big horn sheep to the great blue heron. The Snake River is also home to the sturgeon, Chinook salmon, trophy steelhead trout and more.В

The 31.5-mile section of the river between Hells Canyon Dam and Upper Pittsburg Landing is designated as the Wild river section. Rapids vary from Class II to Class V. At the mouth of Granite Creek rapids, approximately seven miles downstream from Hells Canyon Dam, the river elevation is 1,480 feet. The canyon depth here is 7,913 feet when measured from He Devil Mountain, towering over Idaho’s Seven Devils range at 9,393 feet.В

The 36-mile section of the river downstream from Upper Pittsburg Landing to River Mile 180.2 is designated Scenic, however, shorelines are largely undeveloped. This river section ends at the HCNRA boundary at the Oregon- Washington state line. Heller Bar is river mile 168.5 and is the last public boat launch and landing area. The closest town that includes public amenities from Heller Bar is Asotin, Washington.В

Hells Canyon Creek Recreation Site is the launching point for float trips. This site, 23 miles north of Oxbow, OR, is accessible year round via a paved Idaho Power Company road and is located 3/4-mile downstream from Hells Canyon Dam. During the summer, a staffed visitor information station with interpretive exhibits and a small theater provides river users and other visitors with information about the river and Hells Canyon.

Notifications and Alerts

    • Notice to Lottery Applicants: Eligible 2020 reservation holders were given the option to defer their permit launch date to 2021 if their travel and/or trip plans were impacted due to concerns regarding COVID-19. Due to these deferments (rollovers), a reduced number of launches will be available for allocation through the 2021 lottery; some dates do not have any launches available. Calendar slots identifying the number of non-commercial (PVT) launches are available on the Four Rivers Lottery web page. Please review the number of available launches before submitting your application. A second calendar shows the non-motorized dates.
    • We thank you for your understanding at this time, and for your continued interest in floating the Snake River.

Permit & Season Information

This permit allows you to launch a float boat trip on the Snake River in Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (HCNRA).

The HCNRA requires reservations during the Primary season which is from the Friday preceding Memorial Day through September 10th each year. In 2021 those dates are May 28th through September 10th.

HCNRA reservations are only available throughВ

Self-issue river permits are required for the entire river corridor outside of the primary season, but do not require an advanced reservation. These river permits are available at all HCNRA river portals.

This year the HCNRA will be honoring permit holders that chose to roll-over their 2020 reservations into 2021 due to Covid-19 contraints.

Need to Know

  • To be eligible, you must not be under current penalty for a no-show or late cancellation on this river.В
  • Permit holder must be 18 years old by the launch date.В
  • Permit holder will sign a permit affirming that they have read and understand the definition of a private float boat trip.В
  • Party size cannot exceed 24 people.В
  • A human waste carry out system is required.В
  • All boats will carry at least one U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal floatation device for every person on board.В
  • Call Idaho Power Company’s Snake River information line at (800) 422-3143 for current and projected flow information.В В

Refer to the Snake River Rules and Regulations for more information about permits, floatcraft, non-motorized periods, camping and general rules.

Fee Policy

The Reservation/Application fee ($6.00) is non-refundable. This fee must be paid on using a credit card.

Recreation Fees

There are no per person recreation fees for a Snake River permit.

Cancellation Policy

Change PolicyВ

The permit is non-transferable. Call the Snake River office at (509) 758-0616 if you have questions about your situation.В

Cancellation PolicyВ

If you cannot make a trip, you must always submit a cancellation on the reservation system. To submit your cancellation, please go to your existing reservation with and follow the instructions.В

You should send the cancellation no later than 15 days prior to your launch date to avoid any issues or being flagged as a “no show.”В

The 15-day advance notice requirement may be waived in cases due to extreme water conditions. Regardless, a cancellation must be submitted. Failure to provide timely cancellation will trigger a “no-show penalty.” This “no-show” penalty will impact your eligibility to get a permit for one year.В

The $6.00 application/reservation fee is non-refundable.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

2535 Riverside Dr. PO Box 699 Clarkston WA 99403

Phone Number

Hells Canyon Launch : 541-785-3395

Snake River Administrative Office 509-758-0616

Explore Hells Canyon – Snake River (4 Rivers) in Wallowa Whitman National Forest, Oregon with The mighty Snake River winds its way through Hells Canyon , the deepest river-carved gorge in North America. The river flows north through the Hells Canyon Nati