vi lottery

Vi lottery

Drawing #964 – 1/7/2021 – Happy New Years Ticket

1st Prize ($175,000): 25779
2nd Prize ($65,000): 11958
3rd Prize ($40,000): 26201
4th Prize ($30,000): 22123
5th Prize ($20,000): 24384


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VI Lottery Drawing #965 – Martin Luther King Ticket is Now on Sale!

$175,000 GRAND PRIZE!

Tickets are available now at your local lottery office or dealer. Individual tickets are $1.50 each, or purchase a full sheet for $30.00.

One in eight people who play the VI Lottery are winners. You could win cash for education, travel, home improvement or paying off bills. Every ticket has a chance to win a part of the $704,300 total prize money — including the top prize of $175,000.

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Virgin Islands Lottery – Imagine the possibilities! The Traditional or Passive Game has been its staple, providing a means of extra income for thousands of lucky players. Buy your Lottery Ticket today! Enjoy playing many of our lottery games.


The Virgin Islands Consortium

V.I. Lottery Drawing for Thursday, Aug. 27

Have you checked your ticket? Here’s the V.I. Lottery winning numbers for Thursday, Aug. 27.

The Virgin Islands Consortium


Hospitalized over the weekend for cardiac issues, Trinidad & Tobago’s Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is now at home following two procedures.

The Virgin Islands Consortium


Separate incidents on Buck Island in the USVI have now spawned a multi-agency investigation.

The Virgin Islands Consortium


The second Caribbean shark bite in as many months has happened, this time in the waters of St. Kitts & Nevis. Thankfully this attack was non-fatal.

The Virgin Islands Consortium


Barbadian authorities continue to apologise for delays in receiving test results due to increased demand on the island’s sole lab certified to process COVID-19 tests.

Meanwhile, the island’s tourism minister announced that visitors inconvenienced by testing delays will have their extended stays, and even return trips, underwritten by the government.

The Virgin Islands Consortium был(-а) в прямом эфире.

VIC Regional News – Monday January 11 2020

In this newscast: A second Caribbean shark bite in as many months. This time, it happened in St. Kitts and Thankfully was not fatal.
Barbados will pay the hotel costs of tourists who don’t get test results … Ещё within 72 hours. This as the island’s lab struggles to cope with increased testing needs as a result of the current outbreak. Gunshots and a brawl at a popular US Virgin Islands beach spawns a multi-agency investigation.

The Virgin Islands Consortium был(-а) в прямом эфире.

34th Legislature Takes Oath of Office

Senators who make up the 34th Legislature take the Oath of Office. Watch live.

Have you checked your ticket? Here's the V.I. Lottery winning numbers for Thursday, Aug. 27. ]]>