used bingo equipment

Bingo Consoles


The Diamond Bingo Console is the crown jewel of our Bingo King console family. Its sleek design and eye-catching details are sure to get attention. This PC-powered console is easy to use. Its intuitive operation offers touch screen, keyboard and mouse interactivity.


The Gemstone Bingo Console is preferred by many game operators because of its size and lightweight design. The Gemstone’s portability makes it easy and convenient to set up, store and use! It’s perfect for those with limited space.

Bingo Accessories

Possibly the most important part of any bingo game and the focus of everybody’s attention — such a vital part of the game shouldn’t be taken lightly. Samson® and Tru-Max™ bingo balls are universally acclaimed for durability, integrity, and size consistency.

We know that every bingo game has different requirements and one set of equipment cannot meet the needs of every game and every hall.