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It’s a nice site. If any problem with this site so solve it and run it. Keep rules and regulations in this game. And start it again.

It’s a very important site. Because it was totally free of cost. also a large sum of amount of common six games. Excellent site. I wish with hope that run this site immediately for us and others.

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Playing lotteries for free and win prizes? That sounds like a dream come true! If only such a legitimate opportunity did exist?

The makers of claim that they’ve put together such a platform. We previously reported in a “similar” project called That website, however, has gone into oblivion. Many believe that is the new and enhanced version of the previous platform. Is that so, and if yes, what has changed?

Free Lotto Online claims to offer multiple free of charge lottery and sweepstake games. You’re wondering about a catch that explains the eliminated ticket purchasing fee. This Free Lotto review will take a closer look at the way the platform works to determine whether it’s a scam or completely legitimate.

Games at

The Free Lotto play online platform currently offers six games for members to choose among – Mega Million (reminiscent of one of the most popular lotteries in the world), Grand Prix, Dream Holiday, Fast Cash, Jackpot Giveaway, and Super Bucks.

The top prizes in these games vary – from 10,000 dollars to the pretty impressive 10 million dollars.

Now is the time to examine how works and what the platform does to guarantee such massive rewards to players supposedly.

As per the website’s official FAQ section, every member has a chance to play the six free games once per day. Some supplementary lotteries will typically hand out prizes in the form of cars and other luxury objects.

The catch is easy to understand, and you’ve probably gotten an idea about it already- marketing spam! Since you’re not playing for participation in the FreeLotto games, you are subjected to marketing messages in the form of emails. People have complained about a difficult (nearly impossible) unsubscribe process and a ton of spam that they’ve had to delete as a result of giving Free Lotto a try.

There’s also something called a FreeLottoPlus subscription. It’s being advertised as an option to have your daily entry into the sweepstakes generated automatically. More or less, however, it’s a participation fee.

The service charge is monthly. There’s also one more way for the platform to make money, and that’s the Winners Club. Supposedly, it’s needed for faster payment processing—more on that – in the next section of the guide. and Getting Your Winnings

Interestingly enough, there is no prize claim information underneath the respective FAQ section on the website. Hmm, so what do you have to do to receive your reward (assuming that winning something from the site is possible in the first place)?

If you want to know how to claim a Free Lotto prize, you’ll need to do some additional digging, including in the Terms and Conditions (which also aren’t all that informative).

As per the terms and conditions, the only way to find out if you’ve won anything is via an email that you’ll receive after a particular sweepstake is completed. Each winner has 30 days from the date of the result announcement to come forward and complete the claim procedure.

Every winner has to send an email to the team and provide their transactional serial number (whatever that is). There are also specifications about the email subject line and the other content featured within it. If you want to witness one of the most complicated prize claim sequences out there, do check out the terms and conditions.

Once this happens, additional instructions will be received by mail.

It seems that this overly complicated procedure has only been put in place for the developers of the platform to push their prize claim fee. All in all, the quality of customer service is far from impressive, and there are very specific omissions that seem to be introduced for the mere purpose of monetization.

And guess what, the ridiculousness doesn’t end there. If you are a Canadian and you win anything, you will need to pass a mathematical skill test. If this doesn’t happen within seven days, poor Canadians will lose their right to claim a prize.

Who Can Play at

There aren’t too many restrictions when it comes to the nationality of people who can play at

Now that you know what Free Lotto is let’s check out if you can give it a try.

Generally speaking, people from countries that allow online betting will be able to use Free Lotto.

People from several US states, some Canadian territories, Afghanistan, Argentina, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, and a few other countries will not get to play through the platform.

If you are not a resident of the US, keep in mind that 30 percent of all prizes you win will be withheld in the form of a tax.

Who Is behind

Some observant individuals have already established that is the successor of The names of the winners mentioned on both websites are the same (although these people have different pictures). You can learn more about the observations of individual website members by going to our original review.

Otherwise, is registered in the UK. There are two phone numbers associated with the entity – one in the UK and one in the USA PO box is also provided in the US for those who want to send out inquiries this way.

The two phone numbers provided are supposedly not to be used for customer service requests. As per the website’s FAQ section, free sweepstakes and giveaways cannot offer phone service. If you want to have, a question answered, you will have to send an email.

Other Bits and Pieces

What is Free Lotto, and how genuine is it? The specifics of the platform are somewhat tricky to understand. It seems that they’re pushing out spam emails, advertising messages, and fees for the completion of basic tasks that other platforms offer for free.

Should you give a try? That depends on how ok you are to being bombarded with spam. Also, the terms and conditions are so vague and complicated that the entire ordeal appears to be too much of a headache for anyone to engage in.

As per the official presentation of the platform, it has handed out prizes worth more than 105 million dollars to date. How has a new platform managed such an accomplishment is beyond our realm of comprehension. Also, there is no way to verify the number. Of those who used to play the old website, most confirm winning prizes in the range of one to five dollars.

A final thing to point out is that Free Lotto online does not offer sign up bonuses or other special rewards for players. This is probably because of the free operations of the platform. Yet, it would be nice to get some perk on top of the standard daily giveaways.

The Bottom Line at

Should you try Free Lotto play online? We really and honestly believe that the platform doesn’t give members enough to justify its existence. There are way too many question marks, and some inquiries remain unanswered even after you go through the terms and conditions.

To help you sort out Free Lotto for yourself, let’s summarize the platform’s benefits and some of its disadvantages. The biggest perks include the following:


Free games to test out and win prizes

Both cash prizes and objects like cars are available

You can sign up and become a member from nearly any country

Six daily sweepstakes and games to choose among

Automatic entry in the daily games is possible

The website has a clean and functional design that most people will master effortlessly

Now, let’s focus on how misses the mark:


Reminiscent of the older, information about the same winners are featured on the new website

Complicated prize claim procedures

To make things simpler, you will have to pay a monthly fee

Getting in touch with the customer support team is pretty challenging

Some of the prize claim procedures are pretty outlandish and insane

For the games to be free, you have to be ready to deal with lots and lots of marketing spam

Be careful about platforms and opportunities advertising themselves as entirely free. Every business has to make money in some way. Thus, even if you’re not spending money to play the lottery, you will have to participate in the compensation model in some other way.

Read review before registering and consider what lottery players say about it. Submit your feedback and let the world know.


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