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We “hark the sound of Tar Heel voices” from the stands and around the country in support of our student-athletes. As a Rams Club member, you can enjoy priority access to tickets when the Heels are in action in Chapel Hill and on the road. You also have opportunities to meet our coaches and other Carolina representatives at several unique events for members.

For information on how you can get the best seats in the house to see your Tar Heels as a Rams Club member, find your interest below:

Football Tickets


Whether you want to sit in the main bowl of Kenan Stadium or in one of the premium seating areas, you receive priority over the general public. And when the postseason arrives for Carolina Football, members are the first to have access to tickets.

To most fairly distribute season tickets at Kenan Stadium, The Rams Club utilizes its Equity Seating Plan – a system where members choose their own seats in the main bowl of the stadium once every three years based on their giving level and priority.

To order tickets or renew your Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball or Baseball tickets, please contact The Rams Club at 919-843-2000 or the UNC Ticket Office at 1-800-722-4335.

Please note that this site uses a different login than The Rams Club site.

Basketball Tickets


Members with permanent seat rights from the Smith Center’s original fundraising campaign enjoy season tickets, as do donors who have endowed a full or half scholarship.

Members at the Champion level ($25,000 annually), All-American level ($12,000 annually), and Coaches Circle level ($6,000 annually) can purchase season tickets. Other members of The Rams Club can buy Tar Heel packages – a season ticket for every game but the Duke game.

For more information on season tickets for Men’s Basketball, contact The Rams Club at 919.843.2000 or [email protected]

To order tickets or renew your Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball or Baseball tickets, please contact The Rams Club at 919-843-2000 or the UNC Ticket Office at 1-800-722-4335.

Please note that this site uses a different login than The Rams Club site.

Olympic Sports Tickets


Tar Heels can support all of Carolina’s 28 varsity teams throughout the year. While tickets are needed for admission into Women’s Basketball and Baseball, you can enjoy all other Olympic sporting events at no cost. You can always find a competition on campus – check for schedules!

Priority Point System


The Rams Club utilizes a Priority Point System to determine rank amongst donors – rewarding loyalty and level of support. The point system determines seat locations for Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, post-season tournaments, and special events.

To provide members with maximum flexibility regarding gifts in support of Carolina Athletics, The Rams Club is introducing a second point total for home games only to complement the existing priority point total currently used.


The existing point total with which members are familiar will now be called LIFETIME POINTS, and will continue to accumulate points as it always has – for years of membership and for all gifts made in support of Carolina student-athletes through The Rams Club.

LIFETIME POINTS will be used for all priority rankings except home seating – including parking, hospitality access, and seating for away and postseason games.


The new point total will be called HOME POINTS. Home Points are the same as Lifetime Points – except that a member has the option to decline points on certain types of gifts in order to preserve tax deductibility.

HOME POINTS will be used for all seat assignments and selections for athletic contests at home only – including Equity Seating selections for football and basketball seat assignments for endowment and annual donors.

Priority point awards have been elevated until June 30, 2021

Complete Your Annual 2020 Membership

  • 2 points per $100 of giving
  • 10 points as a one-time bonus for completing your membership at the same or a higher level as 2019.
  • Note: Already completed 2020 annual gifts will be retroactively awarded the points increase.

Give to the Carolina Victory Fund

  • 2 points per $100 of giving

New Unrestricted Giving Receives a One-Time Bonus

New unrestricted giving (increased annual giving and/or Carolina Victory Fund gifts) will be awarded a one-time bonus:

  • 10 points for new giving of $100 or more
  • 25 points for new giving of $1,000 or more
  • 50 points for new giving of $5,000 or more
  • 100 points for new giving of $10,000 or more
  • 250 points for new giving of $25,000 or more

The Rams Club

So You Want to Go to a Basketball Game…

Being a student at UNC has a lot of perks – endless career-advancing opportunities, a community of outstanding faculty, and of course, complimentary tickets to athletic events. Yep, the rumors are true, you can get into any home regular-season game of any Carolina sporting event with just your OneCard… except basketball. While basketball tickets are still free for students, they are a little harder to finesse than other sports, given that these tickets are highly coveted by many Tar Heel fans across the globe. But I’m here to break it down for you so you never miss a game in the Dean Dome again!

The Lottery

Pre-season games are typically fair game for students, no lottery or ticket required! Just show up with your OneCard and you’ll be good to go. Conference games are a little trickier. Early in the year, students will receive an email with a list (example pictured right) identifying lottery and non-lottery games, along with dates the lottery opens and closes. The lottery is entered through an online website, and then students are randomly selected to receive tickets. Odds of ‘winning’ the lottery and receiving tickets vary by game and number of students requesting tickets.

On the designated date, students will receive an email either containing their tickets or notifying them that they have not been selected. Winners receive two tickets to every game except the Dook game, so you can take a friend! Tickets are allocated in ‘phases’ which decide what time you can enter the arena. Phase One means you can get in the earliest (typically 90 minutes before tip), giving you the best seat selection.

Risers are first come first-serve, but from my experience you should have Phase One tickets and arrive one to two hours before your entry time to line up for to ensure you get a good spot in the risers (this is highly dependent on the game and time of the game, however).

The Turn-It-Back Line

If you don’t get tickets from the lottery, don’t let that discourage you from attending. The Carolina Athletic Association distributes all excess tickets in-person through the Turn-It-Back Line. This occurs a few days before the game, but specific details frequently change, so for more information, refer to your lottery rejection email!

The Stand-By Line

If all else fails, turn to the Stand-By Line. At tip-off, any unused student ticket will be redistributed to students in the stand-by line. While you won’t get a front row seat, you still get the game-day atmosphere within the Dean Dome, and it’s still tons of fun! I’ve found this line to be highly successful (especially for the Dook game where the redistribute all tickets, not just student tickets), so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Carolina Fever

Fever is a student organization for the highly dedicated fans. Essentially you get points for attending athletic events such as football, soccer, lacrosse, etc. and during basketball season the top 150 students with the most points are guaranteed two phase one tickets to every game, as well as one phase one ticket to the Dook game. In order to get full points, you must swipe-in and out of games with your OneCard (no, you can’t get away with swiping in and leaving five minutes later).

While this is a pretty high commitment, in my opinion it is completely worth it! It boosts comradery for the other sports and gives you incredible perks (no more stressing about the lottery!). You’ll meet some amazing people just as passionate as Carolina athletics as you are and you’ll have the opportunity to be on the risers in the Dean Dome for a Dook game (which is an incredibly big deal and honestly was one of the highlights of my college career thus far).


So now you know how basketball tickets work, here’s my insight on how to use the system to your advantage:

  1. Follow @unccaa, @UNCStudentTix, and @CarolinaFever on Twitter. These accounts are all super helpful in reminding you to enter the lottery, keeping you updated on all things Carolina, and giving you all the resources to get you in the game.
  2. Write the lottery dates in your calendar, make a poster, or set up alerts on your phone. Forgetting to enter the lottery is the absolute worst, so be proactive and make sure it doesn’t happen!
  3. Work out a ‘you take me when you win and I’ll take you when I win’ deal with a friend giving you a better shot at getting tickets. (note that this one can become sticky and cause drama with other friends so be careful how you go about it!)
  4. Don’t buy or sell student tickets. It’s a violation of the Honor Code and could jeopardize your ability to receive tickets in the future!
  5. Don’t not go to games if you receive tickets. There is a way to turn back your tickets if something comes up leaving you unable to attend, use it. Otherwise you get penalized in future lotteries, slimming your chances of winning.
  6. Arrive at the Dean Dome with friends you want to sit with. You need to have the same phase, otherwise you won’t be able to sit together (unless the person with the better phase is willing to sacrifice and go in later). There is a strict no seat-saving policy and seats are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  7. Don’t give up when you don’t get tickets – exhaust all options. If you are persistent enough, I promise you can get into (almost) any game you want, including the Dook game!

Basketball games are one of my favorite parts of being a student. This opportunity of not having to pay for tickets is something you have to take advantage of while you have it! Only 103 days until the first home game… Go Heels.

So You Want to Go to a Basketball Game… Being a student at UNC has a lot of perks – endless career-advancing opportunities, a community of outstanding faculty, and of course, complimentary ]]>