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cheap nba jerseys About Us,Former Arizona Lottery Director Tony Bouie often took advantage of free luxury box seats at sporting events, records show, and he sometimes took family or friends.”I hope your family enjoyed the rest of the Suns game last night, and that your daughter had a great birthday!” Jessica Gonzalez of Laneterralever, on Bouie’s taking seats in the Lottery’s taxpayer funded Phoenix Suns suite December 18.Facebook Bouie, a former NFL player appointed to his post in February 2015 by Governor Doug Ducey, resigned in January two days after publication of a New Times article about allegations against him including his illegal use of a state vehicle.Bouie already was heading toward trouble at the time of the article because of concerns of a powerful state senator who didn’t want to confirm his appointment. After Ducey’s office pressured Bouie to resign, the state Attorney General’s Office confirmed that Bouie was under investigation for potential abuses.Related StoriesArizona Lottery Director Tony Bouie Resigns After Allegations in New TimesArizona Lottery Director Admits He Violated Law in Use of State VehicleEx Arizona Lottery Director Tony Bouie Cleared of Criminal Wrongdoing, Now Faces LawsuitRecords show that Bouie, an ex Tampa Bay Buccaneers player and small time businessman with big time political connections, used his position at the agency to live large and receive star treatment in the world of professional sports that was so familiar to him.In a February 12 follow up article, New Times detailed how Bouie spent taxpayer money on a redesign and renovation of the lottery’s executive area and his office, including nearly $4,000 on rugs alone. Video released at that time confirmed that Bouie routinely took his children to and from work in a state car, in flagrant violation of state policy and law.The latest batch of public records released by the lottery details how Fox Sports Arizona and Laneterralever, the local advertising company for the lottery, helped hook up Bouie and sometimes one or more of his four kids with suite tickets on numerous occasions.Bouie abused privileges to a University of Phoenix Stadium loft that costs the lottery up to $15,500 per game and is meant to host lottery winners and select community members. cheap nba jerseys

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Tony bouie lottery

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Bouie served as chief operating officer of an Arizona-based non-profit; founding member and senior director of a global consumer services company; senior consultant to one of the nation’s most successful Indian tribes; college football coach; chairman and CEO of an award winning consumer products company; manager in

the transportation industry; market manager in North America’s largest convenience store operator; and commodity specialist for one of the world’s largest electronics distributors, among other roles.

In addition, Mr. Bouie played professional football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1995 to 1999. He also is a former elected precinct committee member and elected state committee member, and has served on the National Football League Players Association Board of Directors; Arizona Alumni Board; Leukemia and Lymphoma Society National Board of Representatives; Ridgeline Academy Charter School Board and more.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Bouie served as chief operating officer of an Arizona-based non-profit; founding member and senior director of…