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Copyright 2009 andLarry Blair. All rights reserved

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“I Was Hitting Close – Now I Won $1,000,000.00. “”Before I won, I was hitting pretty close. I’d getfour and then sometimes I’d get five. I hit threefives in one game using the same system twice. Iplayed two complete systems when I won the$1,000,000 Jackpot.I’m still playing the lottery twice a week. Thank youso much for the The Lotto BlackBook.”

Marion CorneliusWashington, US

“I Won the Power Ball Jackpot””It is my pleasure to write to tell you I havebeen lucky in winning a Power Ball Jackpot of$100,000 using your BlackBook.Larry, I appreciate your help and, above all, Igive you gratitude that words cannot express.I am eternally indebted to a new wonderfulfriend.”

Alberta M. WorthOregon, US

“I won $340,708″”Your system is awesome! Using your secretpattern I won $240,708 in the Illinois CASH-5lottery. It took less than 30 days after I put yoursystem into use. I made the front page of myneighborhood paper. It was a great feeling and Iowe it all to you, Paul.”

Thomas J. McGillIllinois, US

Investing in this course is like investing in Microsoft at $10 per share:it’s guaranteed to yield tremendous winnings.You can spend years without winning anything at lotto and losingthousands of dollars in the lottery tickets.But doesn’t it make a lot more sense to start right now with a provenplan that made miracles for other people?

Table of contents

I. GLOSSARY . 3II.STRATEGY . 72.1. On to Systems . 82.2. Do Any Systems Work? . 92.3. Then why Play? . 92.4. Gamblers vs. Players . 92.5. Lottery . 102.6. Lottery Pick 3 and Pick 4 . 102.7. Tools . 102.8. Pick 3 Wheel . 122.9. Computers . 152.10. The Balance of Nature . 152.11. The Balance of Lotto Balance . 152.12. How to Create a Winning Ticket . 182.13. How I Play . 192.14. When You Have to Wheel . 202.15. Single Ticket Plan . 232.16. Running a Lottery for Beginners . 242.17. The Smaller Prizes . 26

III. WHEEL SYSTEMS . 493.1. What is a Lottery Wheel? . 493.2. A Beginners Look at Wheeling . 503.3. Advanced Wheeling . 50

IV. MATHEMATICS OF LOTTERY . 524.1. Frequency Distribution . 524.2. Delta Lottery Number Reduction . 544.3. Decade Reduction Strategy . 55

V. MONEY MANAGEMENT . 565.1. Money Management Systems . 56

VI. PSYCHOLOGY OF GAMBLING . 586.1. Winners and Losers . 586.2. Think for Yourself . 596.3. Common Sense . 596.4. Top 10 Myths about Lottery (and why they are not true) . 62

The Lotto BlackBook By Larry Blair Copyright © 2009 and Larry Blair All rights reserved Copyright © 2009 and Larry…

The Lotto Black Book Exposed – Who Is Larry Blair?

The Lotto Black Book Review

Have you ever heard of even one person who won a lottery claiming they did it thanks to Larry Blair’s Lotto Black Book? I searched so many sites, and the only one that has any information is Larry Blair’s site. The Lotto Black Book claims that it provides a system that can ensure lottery players win. For the price of $96.83, players can download the book though Larry does say it takes two to three weeks to understand the system and then apply it.

Lotto Black Book – To Be a Scam or Not To Be

There are many systems offered out there from wheeling, number counting and tracking popular numbers. Lotto Black Book simple offers another system or in parts of it reprints what others have said before. It’s a book! Any book can make any claim it would like to. It’s the readers’ choice to decide – true or false. Of course, it all could be more credible if ‘Larry’ didn’t plaster the site with the hype that can be challenged.

Larry’s Winners at

Firstly, Larry blanks out all the winners’ faces on their website as a privacy issue. Sorry, Larry, winners are public records, therefore, it is unnecessary. He claims he is doing it for their safety. I did try and track down even one of the winners and came up with zilch. Strike one!

Lotto Black Book Terms

I’m not sure whether these folks have a terrific sense of humor or are nuts. In their terms they refer to use of their website using words like “sort of according to the Geneva Convention,” and “human torture and sacrifice was outlawed in the United States” when talking about their lawyers’ advice. Keep in mind; this site claims to be under the jurisdiction of the State of Italia. Strike Two!

So Who is Larry Blair at

Larry claims to be an Oklahoma Math Professor who simply worked out a system for winning lotteries. He says he was shot when claiming his third big win though I could find no record of this. Supposedly, this is when he decided to share his system with everyone.

Complaints about Lotto Black Book

Sharing his system hasn’t made him famous. There is a heap of complaints that range from not being able to understand it; it doesn’t work, purchasing the digital book and not receiving it, to other research on the supposed wins Larry has had, and there is no record of it. There is a complete article on how Larry’s Lotto Black Book is a scam underlining there is no proof that Larry exists and that the way this is making money is the people that sell the book.

But Some People Like Lotto Black Book

Some sites applaud the book, though most of these are straight reviews on Lotto Black Book. They usually reference themselves as winners from the system. Again, I have not found anyone, anywhere, that has stood up and said: “I’m a winner and I used the Lotto Black Book system.”

Checking out His Recommended Web Sites

Between and, I failed to find any positive mention of Larry Blair and his Lotto Black Book and I did take the time to dig into the archives of these sites. These are two sites that Larry says to go to, to read all about it. Strike 3!

Lotto Black Book and the Bottom Line

We can’t honestly say this is a scam. It’s simply a book that can be purchased and like some fiction, follows a storyline that provides a sort of a dream come true. There is no question that much of what is said on Larry Blair’s web site cannot be confirmed or validated. It’s a messy site which takes a great deal of patience to wander through all the claims.


Fiction with A Happy Ending


Does Larry Exist?

Has Anyone Won Using the Larry’s System

Our team gives Lotto Black Book a thumbs down. If you enjoy a good fiction book, then go ahead and buy it but for the price offered, I’d rather spend my money on lottery tickets. If anyone out there has used Larry’s Lotto Black Book and won, can you please get in touch with us!

We can't honestly say Lotto Black Book of Larry Blair is a scam. It's simply a book that can be purchased and provides some sort of dream come true.