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Synonyms & Antonyms of winners

Synonyms for winners

  • blockbusters,
  • hits,
  • megahits,
  • smashes,
  • successes,
  • supernovas
  • ( or supernovae )

Words Related to winners

  • blue chippers,
  • blue chips,
  • corkers,
  • crackerjacks
  • ( also crackajacks ) ,
  • dandies,
  • jim-dandies,
  • pips,
  • prizewinners
  • gems,
  • jewels,
  • treasures
  • marvels,
  • naturals,
  • phenomena
  • ( or phenomenons ) ,
  • sensations,
  • wonders
  • coups,
  • triumphs,
  • victories

Near Antonyms for winners

  • disappointments,
  • fizzles,
  • lemons,
  • losers

Antonyms for winners

  • bombs,
  • bummers,
  • busts,
  • catastrophes,
  • clinkers,
  • debacles
  • ( also débâcles ) ,
  • duds,
  • failures,
  • fiascoes,
  • flops,
  • misfires,
  • turkeys,
  • washouts

Synonyms for winners

  • beaters,
  • conquerors,
  • masters,
  • subduers,
  • trimmers,
  • vanquishers,
  • victors,
  • whippers

Words Related to winners

  • champions,
  • champs,
  • finalists,
  • placers
  • dominators,
  • overdogs,
  • rulers,
  • subjugators,
  • top dogs

Near Antonyms for winners

  • punching bags,
  • pushovers,
  • quitters
  • failures,
  • flops,
  • washouts
  • underdogs

Antonyms for winners

Synonyms for winners

  • champions,
  • champs,
  • titleholders,
  • titlists,
  • victors

Words Related to winners

  • cochampions
  • ( or co-champions ) ,
  • cowinners
  • ( or co-winners )
  • placers
  • finalists,
  • quarterfinalists,
  • semifinalists
  • medalists
  • ( or medallists ) ,
  • prizewinners
  • megastars,
  • stars,
  • superstars
  • world-beaters

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other words for winner


Congratulations to Patrick Boylan of Alexandria, Virginia, winner of last week’s Riddler Classic.

If they just manage to stroll, they’ll rank among the market’s big winner s.

The winner will begin a long, exclusive negotiating relationship with city staff to come up with much more specific plans about what will happen to the vast tract of city-owned land in the area.

The winner will determine whether the county has a Republican or Democratic majority.

“If someone is the sole bread winner in their family and tests positive, we need to have a support system in place, so they don’t have to go to work,” she said.

Manoff said that two of the big winner s from the economic crisis coming out of the coronavirus crisis were athletic apparel brands and Instagram.

Accordingly, it is easy to declare the Mystics the winner s of the opt-out power rankings.

Congratulations to Seth Weinberg of Columbus, Ohio, Ryan Quattlebaum of Holly Springs, North Carolina, Garland Castaneda of Modesto, California and Jake Hancock of Atlanta, Georgia, winner s of last week’s Riddler Express.

Maine’s results will likely take the longest, due to the likelihood that voters’ second or third choices on their ranked-choice ballots will decide the winner .

In the American Dream sweepstakes, Andrew Yang was a pretty big winner .

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