super bowl coin toss results

Flip It: The History Of The Super Bowl Coin Toss

Heads? Tails? Betting on those results may seem the ultimate in a 50-50 proposition, but millions of dollars will be wagered on the outcome when players and officials gather in the center of the field in February for the Super Bowl coin toss. Ready to completely overanalyze a flip of the coin?

We thought so. Below you’ll find the result of every Super Bowl coin toss since Super Bowl I, plus current betting odds and trends to help you decide on heads or tails.

Super Bowl 54 coin toss odds

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Super Bowl Coin Toss Results

Heads: 25 times (47%)
Tails: 28 times (53%)
Heads longest streak: 5
Tails longest streak: 4 (three times)
Most coin toss wins: Cowboys (6); 49ers (4); Dolphins (4); Raiders (3); Patriots (3); Seahawks (3)

Betting on the coin toss is one of the more popular Super Bowl props. We break down the heads/tails results for every year since Super Bowl 1.

49ers Win Super Bowl LIV Coin Toss With Tails Pick, Choose to Defer

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Players from the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs stepped onto the field to decide the Super Bowl LIV coin toss.

The coin flip is often the most popular prop bet for the Super Bowl each year. Heading into Sunday night, the opening coin toss was available at +100 at Sportsbook William Hill for either heads or tails.

This year, the 49ers won the Super Bowl LIV coin toss after picking tails. The team chose to defer.

The Los Angeles Rams won the coin flip last year after the Patriots picked heads and the coin landed on tails. The Rams then chose to defer to the second half.

The coin has landed on tails for six of the last seven Super Bowls, with the five tosses prior to those all being heads.

The San Francisco 49ers won the coin toss after choosing tails. ]]>