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Predicting success: ESPN Streak’s first two-time champ shares winning secrets

Following last month’s launch of the new Streak game on the ESPN Fantasy App and, ESPN saw a big jump in the number of fans playing Streak with more than 10 million picks made in June.

One of those Streak players is Brandon Van Hoesen, a financial analyst from South Windsor, Conn., who built the month’s longest streak streak at 29 correct picks to win a $25,000 prize. In fact, Van Hoesen is the first two-time Longest Streak winner, having also won in October 2016.

Streak gives fans a chance to win prizes and compete against friends and ESPN personalities by predicting the outcome of sports games and events around the world every day.

Tips from ESPN Streak’s only two-time “Longest Streak” winner

Brandon Van Hoesen has had streaks of 40 [in October 2016] and 29 consecutive wins [in June 2017] playing ESPN Streak. What are his secrets to success?

  • “I always like to look up the odds. As my streak gets longer, I wait for better and better odds to make a pick.”
  • “My best advice is to do your research, be patient and don’t get greedy.”

Each month, Streak awards a total of up to $35,000 in prizes, including $25,000 for the longest streak, and $5,000 for the most total wins.

Van Hoesen discusses his Streak skills and success with Front Row.

How long have you been playing Streak?
I played it for a couple of years around 2010, when it was named Streak for the Cash. I took a long break, then started playing again in April 2016.

How does it feel to be the first two-time Longest Streak winner?
I’m very fortunate. It’s cool to be the only one ever to have done it.

Was there some similarity with your two winning streaks or were they different?
The one last year was more about catching the leaders all month, as I didn’t catch them until the final day at 40, then I lost on tennis, and I had to root against several others to lose later that day to win a tiebreaker. In June, I lost relatively early, around the 19th of the month, at 29. But I had a good-sized lead at that point and had to hold on for 12 days. Eventually, everyone was eliminated the last day of the month. Both wins were similar because they came down to the last day and also because my girlfriend was really sick of me looking at updates on my phone or computer all the time.

What was the key pick for you in June? What were you thinking when you made that pick?
The key pick was picking Texas A&M in the College World Series to get my streak to 20. The game went 15 innings, and it was a stressful couple of hours. I was refreshing every couple of minutes once it went to extra innings, and I was thinking I’m never sending my kids to Texas A&M if they lose.

My streak breaker and only loss in June happened when [tennis star] Nick Kyrgios got hurt and withdrew in the first round [of the Aegon Championships, played two weeks before Wimbledon].

Predicting success: ESPN Streak’s first two-time champ shares winning secrets Following last month’s launch of the new Streak game on the ESPN Fantasy App and, ESPN saw a big jump in the

ESPN Streak for the Cash Strategy

I have played Streak for the Cash on and off for the last few years. Here are some tips for those who are just beginning to play.

ESPN’s Streak for the Cash is a pick’em style game where the goal is to build the longest winning streak. Currently, the prize for having the longest streak of the month can net a prize of $50,000 plus bonuses of up to $550,000. This is enough incentive for just about anyone to sign up for an ESPN account and start making picks. Also, the person who makes the most correct picks during the month receives a prize of $2,500. An average winning streak for the month has been anywhere between 25 and 32 correct picks in a row.

I have played Streak for the Cash on and off for the last few years, starting back when the top prize was $1 million and the contest went for months at a time. The longest streak that I’ve had was 14 wins. After you hit double digits, each game starts to mean a lot and makes it very exciting to watch the games that you pick, even though you are still less than halfway to the overall goal. Below are some tips for people who are just starting out.

Tip #1: Just Have Fun

Crazy concept, right? How can you actually have fun when you’re trying to make money online by picking sports and winning $50,000?! That’s some serious dough, and you have to be dedicated, focused, and forget about picking games and sports that you enjoy because if you enjoy it, you have no chance (kind of like making money on HubPages!). There can be no fun, or else you will fail and not make your $50,000.

But seriously. have fun. Pick games that you’ll actually watch, even if you’re not sure of who will win the prop. Go with your heart if your home team shows up on the list and cheer even louder than normal.

Streak for the Cash is about getting involved in sports that you don’t normally watch and getting to know teams other than your favorites. During one of my longer streaks, I actually watched a soccer match that was on TV because I had picked one of the teams to win by two goals. I’m from the United States, so soccer is not something that I normally watch, but I really got into the game and enjoyed it. I’m a college basketball fan, but I generally only watch my two or three favorite teams. But with Streak, I’ll end up watching a game on ESPN U or having gamecast running in the background at work and checking a score.

Everyone wants to win the cash, but only one person out of the thousands who play this game every day will walk away with the paycheck. You can take your picks seriously, but also make sure that you’re having fun along the way.

Tip #2: Do Your Research

Every prop that shows up on Streak for the Cash has its own message board where hundreds of people chat about the prop. Keep in mind that this game is a competition and some people may be trying to lead you astray by posting false information (or they may just be wrong). In my experience, many of the regulars to these message boards are posting their legitimate picks and opinions about the games or props, so scanning through the postings before you make your pick can be helpful.

One of the main ways that I will research a pick will be to look at the game logs from each team. For example, if college basketball team A is 5-0 at home against ranked opponents, and they are playing a ranked opponent at home, that information will influence my decision on the prop. is a great resource for looking into statistics and trends, and you can also search the internet for game previews and predictions by the experts. Like with all sports betting, going with the percentages does not always work out, so go with your gut and take a few risks. To win the big prize, you will have to get lucky and make some gutsy picks to put together a winning streak.

Streak for the Cash Trends

  • In Men’s NCAA Basketball, the home team wins nearly 70% of the time.
  • In the NFL, the home team wins around 60% of the time.
  • NBA is one of the most inconsistent sports to pick on Streak for the Cash.
  • Golf, soccer, and cricket games are usually some of the easier props to pick and are usually played in the mornings or afternoon, leaving NCAA, NBA, and MLB games to be picked in the evenings.

Tip #3: Join a Group

Streak for the Cash gives you an option to create or join groups, which allows you to have mini-competitions between your friends (or random people online). My college friends and I have a group where we keep tabs on how each other is doing, which makes it fun when someone strings together a streak of five or more wins. If I know a buddy is on a streak, I’ll give him a call and see what props he/she is looking at picking next. It’s a good excuse to catch up and also gives me some insight into how others are playing the game and their strategies, which can improve my own strategy.

Streak for the Cash can be a hot topic between friends and can result in some good times around the TV or at the bar watching a game that may not have meant much without the prospect of winning $50,000.

Tip #4: Watch Sportscenter

There is not an easier way to get a wealth of sports knowledge than by incorporating an hour of Sportscenter into your daily life. Even if you don’t care about the NBA, you will hear about it. You’ll get information and background on nearly every team that will show up on Streak for the Cash (other than soccer), and the more informed you are about your picks, the better chance you have of building a streak. Listening to “Mike & Mike” in the morning or other sports talk radio will help as well.

Tip #5: Don’t Pick Every Day

Unless you are going for the $2,500 monthly prize of the most correct picks, there is no shame in picking and choosing the games that you pick. Sometimes there just isn’t a game that you feel confident about. There have been plenty of times that I’ve put together 3-4 streaks and blown it by picking an NBA prop that I wasn’t confident about or going with a soccer game where there wasn’t a clear favorite. Then I’ll lose, and get the next 4 picks right. meaning that if I hadn’t made the extra pick, I could have put together a streak that was approaching double digits.

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