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Sigil Art – “I am a Lottery jackpot winner.” – Digital Art, Altar Décor, Inspiration, and Manifestation. Activation Instructions Included.

Sigil Art – “I am a Lottery jackpot winner.” – Digital Art, Altar Décor, Inspiration, and Manifestation. Technical details below.

Sigil working is an ancient magick that, when activated, sends a powerful message to your subconscious, the spirits, and the Universe to manifest what you desire in life.

The great thing about Sigil Magick is that no matter what spiritual path you follow, it can work for you. The only requirement is that you know that energy exists and that the direction of energy is what creates results in life.

Everywhere we look there are symbols and logos that portray a particular idea or feeling to the viewer. They’re effective because our subconscious speaks in images and energy, and it only lives in the now; it has no sense of past or future.

Our subconscious does NOT speak in words.

So, no matter how much you tell yourself “I am awesome”, or “I want to be successful”, your subconscious won’t even hear you. This is why positive affirmations, when used alone, do absolutely nothing.

The art of creating Sigils transforms your intention statement or positive affirmation into a symbol that, along with your infused energy, represents that intention in a way that your subconscious can hear and understand it.

Activating your sigil (instructions will be included in your purchase) blasts that intention out to the spirit world while simultaneously signaling your subconscious to shift itself in order to be open to receiving what the Universe and the spirits are offering you.

***About Your Purchase:

The Sigil you are purchasing is a digitally hand drawn symbol, made by me for the following intention statement:

“I am a Lottery jackpot winner.”

When creating Sigils, I put away all distractions, create a sacred space using incense, candles, crystals, oils, etc., center myself and, using Photoshop and a tablet, hand draw your sigil while repeating an intention statement over and over. There is a significant amount of energy put into a sigil during its creation. Once the creation stage is complete, I will detach my energy from your sigil, leaving only the energy of its intention within it.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive 5 instant downloads. Four are digital copies in 600 pixels/inch (ppi) resolution, two in .pdf format and two in .png with a transparent background, both on 8.5 by 11 inch sized ‘canvases’. The resolution should be high enough that if you want to blow it up, it shouldn’t pixelate too much.

The file names that start with “BW – . ” are the black sigil on white or transparent backgrounds. The file names that begin with “Color – . ” are the colored sigil on a white or transparent background. The colored sigil will be the same color that you see in the listing images. Just remember that monitor settings and printer settings may change the colors somewhat.

The other file is a set of instructions in .pdf format on how to activate your sigil. Activation is required for it to actually work for you. It’s usually a very simple process and can be done in many different ways. In many cases, activation requires destroying a copy of the sigil, but you can print out another copy for display if you like.

Note that when your sigil is printed out, you might notice slight squiggles or uneven lines. That is part of the hand drawn process. I am not using vector software or premade shapes in any of the sigils I create. It’s all free-flowing pen (or finger) and tablet. The only exception to this is if the sigil calls for a perfect circle, line or rectangle – I’ll get Photoshop’s help with those. 😉

There is NO physical product being mailed to you. There are no drafts given or approvals asked for, and full payment is due in advance.

I am not a medical, financial, or legal professional. I do not condone the use of magick or sigil work as a replacement for medicine, psychiatry, financial, or legal pursuits. Although magick and sigil work can be used in conjunction with these other services, neither I nor anyone else can guarantee their effectiveness, just like a doctor or lawyer cannot guarantee the effectiveness of their services. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Nothing in this world is guaranteed but “death and taxes”. Having said that, while I believe sigils to be very effective, I will not guarantee their effectiveness for you. The activation process requires your own energy, commitment, belief, and patience.

And here’s the uncomfortable bit: Reselling anything you’ve purchased from me will not be tolerated. Not only does it harm my livelihood, but it also sucks the power right out of your sigil and it won’t work for you anymore. Google does have reverse image search and I know how to use it, so please don’t resell.

If you want to share the sigil for free, all I ask is that you please link back to my Etsy shop to credit me. Please don’t take credit yourself or even let people assume you created it. If you’d like to use your sigil on things like mugs or t-shirts for your own personal use, that’s fine too, just don’t sell them. Thanks. 🙂

Sigil Art – I am a Lottery jackpot winner. – Digital Art, Altar Décor, Inspiration, and Manifestation. Technical details below. About Sigils: Sigil working is an ancient magick that, when activated, sends a powerful message to your subconscious, the spirits, and the Universe to manifest what you

The 10 Best Lottery Spells For A Fast Jackpot Money Win

Try these best lottery spells that really work for you to win the jackpot

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Lottery Spells

Most of us dream of winning the lottery and getting a lot of money fast and easy. Some of us are lucky enough to win some free money here and there, but most of us do not win anything, especially not any big jackpots. A great way to change our own luck and to win that money that we dream of is to perform lottery spells. To be able to successfully cast these kinds of lottery spells, one must connect to the energy of money and believe that these spells will work, or else they will not be effective. These spells will help you do just that, but you have to listen to your intuition and be patient for results. It may even take a few months for your lottery spells to take effect, but some may act immediately.

After you have casted your lottery spells, your intuition may guide you to the place to buy your lottery ticket, the time to buy it, and which one to buy. You may feel very confident and joyous at this time, and more excited than usual to play the lottery. Here are 10 great lottery spells that you can perform at any level of magic.

1. Goddess of Luck Lottery Spell

This lottery spell involves the goddess of luck, “Madal.” By invoking this goddess, she will make sure that your luck increases exponentially in every way possible. Luck is how you win the lottery and other money for free.

Cast this lottery spell every day for a week, but no more than that. When it is just getting dark outside, go sit down beneath a tree cross-legged. Say the following chant for exactly one thousand times over about five minutes: “AEH MADAL MERU JEET HUJADO”. One way you can keep track of counting is to use rosary beads with exactly 1,000 beads. Not counting to this exact number may make this lottery spell not work. You may also light some good incense to help increase the power of this good luck spell. You will be pleased with the results and will see your luck improve greatly.

2. Honey Ball Lottery Spell

Here is a lottery spell that will permanently change your luck for the better, helping you win money immediately, including jackpots. The main ingredients that you need for this spell is money and bread. Perform this lottery spell every night for one week straight to make it the most effective.

Before you cast it, take a shower or bath so you are clean and it will help wash any negative energy off of you. Add some incense smell to what you will wear. Take the honey that you have and spread it out on some bread, then make 10 balls with that honey bread. Now take these bread balls outside and feed them to the animals out there. As you give each bread ball to an animal you should say, “DOULAT PEJU HAQHORE”. You must believe that this lottery spell will work for it to be effective. This is one of the best spells that you can do to permanently change your luck and win big money fast.

3. Lottery Spell to Dream Winning Numbers

If you want to hit the jackpot by winning the lottery, this is one of the best lottery spells that you can perform. This will enable you to dream of what the winning numbers will be so you can win money fast. Before casting this lottery spell, decide what game you want to play and don’t change it. You must have a clear intent for this spell to work and to dream the correct winning numbers. Perform this spell every night for 9 nights in a row.

Start casting this spell on a Thursday night for it to work correctly. When you are ready to go to bed, lie down and breathe deeply to relax. Try and clear your mind as you do when you meditate. When your mind is clear and you feel focused, think about that winning lottery ticket that you are going to buy. Visualize it with everything printed, including the numbers. While you are visualizing your ticket, say “RIGBERAH JOMIN THURBAZEH”, for exactly one hundred times. If you do this right before you go to sleep every night you will start to dream about numbers that will be on your lottery ticket. Be patient and wait until after the 9th night to play your numbers to hit the jackpot and win immediately. Make sure that you believe this lottery spell will work or else you may make it ineffective by not believing.

Try these best lottery spells that really work for you to win the jackpot