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Brooklyn Rock Lottery

Knitting Factory Brooklyn
361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Alba Ponce de Leon // Resistance Revival Chorus / Alba + The Mighty Lions
Andrew Wolfson // Active Bird Community
Brandon Asraf // Brick + Mortar
Bridget Kibbey
Donnie Doolittle // Dreamy D
Ian Devaney // Nation of Language
Josh Karpeh // Cautious Clay
Justin Frye // PC Worship
Kirk Schoenherr // Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker / Casual Male
Lani Combier-Kapel // Weeping Icon
Luke Koz
// Russian Baths
Madison Velding-Vandam // Bodega / The Wants
Maia Friedman // Dirty Projectors / Uni Ika Ai
Martin O’Sullivan // Haram
Matt ‘Maffyu’ Byas // Phony Ppl
Matt Torrey // Jets To Brazil / Brooklyn Wind Symphony
Peter Baldwin // Bedstudy
Sam Kulik // Carate Urio Orchestra / Western Enisphere / Bash The Trash
Sean Hutchinson // Bleachers
Sebastian Thomson // Baroness
Will Hanza // Escaper

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“The day I register on this site, I had just given a speech about student loan debt. I told the audience how wonderful it would be to win the lottery to wipe all of my debt out at once, and now here I am,” Subha said. “It’s incredible.”

Subha said “I Register it on a Monday and there over the next couple days.”

Subha said she plans to use her winnings to fulfill her speech’s prophecy of paying off her debt, as well as take a cruise vacation and invest.”

The Rock Johnson Foundation is a organization, who give prizes to different people/ person according to the lottery result. Register Now to the tickets. ]]>