quick pick food mart

Quick Pick Food Mart

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Quick Pick Food Mart” of Atlanta, GA 30349 operates primarily in SIC Code 5411 – Grocery Stores and NAICS Code 445120 – Convenience Stores. Quick Pick Food Mart is a small-sized business with low revenue, that is well-established in its industry.

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Quick Pick Food Mart located in Atlanta, GA 30349 operates in SIC Code 5411 and NAICS Code 445120

Quick Pick Food Mart WIC Store WI

You are viewing the details for Quick Pick Food Mart, a WIC approved store in Milwaukee, WI. On this page we try to provide the store phone number, hours of operation and address for this location. If you do decide to shop at this store, we recommend you call them prior to going to verify they still accept Wisconsin WIC benefits as their status can change from time to time. Below we list some tips to help your shopping experience. Also, make sure you save your receipts to show proof of your purchases and to view your latest WIC balance.

Before headng out, make sure you plan out your trip with a few tips below:

  • Don’t use before the “Not Good Before” or after the “Not Good After” date
  • Set an alarm on your cell one week before the “Last Day to Use” on your checks
  • Buy foods printed on WIC check or listed on the CA WIC approved food list
  • Tell the store clerk you are using WIC benefits
  • Show the clerk your WIC ID card
  • For paper WIC checks, make sure the clerk enters correct price on check
  • Do not sign the WIC check until the cashier has written the total on it
  • Option to combine foods from Whole Grains category (bread, rice, & tortillas)
  • You can do the same with combining ounces of juice
  • Use coupons, discounts, sales and promotions to save money
  • Have cash and small bills available to speed up your checkout
  • Use cooler to keep meats, milk, cheese and other items cold during your trip

To reduce the hassles at the register, make sure to bring your Wisconsin WIC ID to the store when you shop. If you have an alternate shopper setup, make sure your proxies sign the WIC ID before they get to the store. At checkout, separate your WIC foods from the rest of your grocery items in your cart to make it easier for the cashier to identify WIC foods.

If the cashier has a negative attitude, first stay calm and ask questions to learn more about the cashier’s concerns. If the cashier can’t or won’t address the issue, ask to talk to the store manager, or go the service desk and call the WI WIC office.

  • WIC Store Address

Quick Pick Food Mart
2336 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53233

WIC Store Phone Number

It appears we currently do not have the phone number for this WI WIC approved store.

View the contact details for the WIC store Quick Pick Food Mart located at 2336 W Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee 53233. ]]>