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Pull Tab Lottery Machines

Made specifically for members clubs, these superb machines can generate weekly income for your club and there is no VAT to pay on income generated (Local authority small society lottery licence needed).

The 2 or 4 slot sturdy metal machines are provided and installed free of charge by ourselves – with only a nominal weekly service charge to pay. You buy your tickets from ourselves at low trade prices, there are a choice of designs and 25p, 50p, ВЈ1 ticket options. All machines have full ticket and cash auditing, internal cash boxes ,note acceptors and clear LED credit displays.

The profit from ticket sales, after payments to winners, is income to your club, with no government licence or permit required!!

Please call us today to introduce this ideal profit stream for your members club.

Pull Tab Lottery Machine Range

Club Lottery

Below are examples of pull tab lottery tickets available. We can over print club information on all tickets.

Pull Tab Lottery machines available from Brenland Leisure


Welcome to All-Star Gaming (ASG), a licensed charitable gaming distributor in Ohio. All-Star Gaming is a full service program that helps nonprofit organizations that hold a Type III Charitable Bingo License address the complexities of charitable gaming accounting and regulatory requirements in Ohio. Additionally, we provide a convenient service that locates businesses that wish to sell instant bingo tickets on behalf of local charities.

Our unique program is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations that want to benefit from charitable gaming, but do not necessarily have the resources to locate businesses to sell instant bingo tickets on their behalf and/or to manage the day to day accounting and treasury responsibilities required by the regulations.

Through our partnerships with the CPA Firm of JC & Company and a select group of members of the Ohio Coin Machine Association, a statewide organization that provides the vending equipment (i.e., pool tables, darts, jukeboxes, etc.) to many of the state’s hospitality businesses including, but not limit to, bars, taverns and restaurants, we are able to extend these partnerships to charities that may otherwise not have resources to benefit under charitable gaming laws. Nonprofit organizations that hold a Type III Charitable Bingo license and who wish to maximize fundraising opportunities will greatly benefit by ASG’s program.

Customers contract directly with JC & Company, and for a small monthly fee, they will handle the accounting and regulatory transactions that allow nonprofits to extend their fundraising efforts without adding additional volunteer resources. JC & Company ensures payment for product is made to ASG and the 6% reimbursement of expenses is paid to businesses on your organization’s behalf.

Get started now with All-Star Gaming by calling us today! Our ASG Sales Reps will walk you through the process and help identify locations in your area that are ready to fundraise on your behalf!

Learn more about JC & Company:


If you are interested in making money and helping a local charity, the All-Star Gaming program may be for you!

We’ll work with you to get licensed, locate and partner with a charity, train you and your staff how to make money for your business, your staff, and a local charity, all while bringing in new players and creating an exciting environment for all of your customers!

Working with the All-Star Gaming team will make your efforts to raise funds for your partnered charity much easier and more successful.

Why sell pull tabs?

• You make money!
• Players love playing pull tabs!
• Brings in new players/customers!
• Creates customer loyalty
• Prizes are paid ONLY at your location
• Prize money will be spent at your business
• Players love the interaction with your staff
• Pull tabs mean bigger tips for your wait staff
• Promotes a fun and exciting atmosphere
• Money stays local and benefits your selected 501 (c) (3) organizations
• Offers an alternative to lower-paying lottery games

How’s it work? Businesses request product from the website, available only to ASG customers. Payment is made via credit card on the website and the product is shipped directly to your business, free of charge!

FAQs for Businesses

How do I make money?

You are reimbursed for expenses up to 6% of the Gross Receipts of a game. Reimbursable expenses include such things as accounting services, rent, property taxes, and advertising, to name a few.

What does it cost me?

There are no fees to the location for selling pull tabs. You do pay the profit up front to the charity, by credit card. Prizes are paid out from what is collected from selling the pull tab tickets.

Do I need a license?

There is a license requirement that the charity obtains for you to sell at your location. You fill out a few forms, and the charity submits those with their own information and obtains the license for you to sell pull tabs on their behalf. ASG will walk you through every step of the process.

Is this legal?

Absolutely. Ohio HB 386, passed in the spring 2012, makes it legal to receive up to 6% of game gross receipts.

What’s in it for me?

All prizes must be redeemed the same day at the place the tickets were purchased. This means more money for your customers to spend in your location and bigger tips for your wait staff!

C an you really make money selling pull tabs?

Recently pas sed legislation (HB 386) allows businesses like yours to become licensed and sell instant bingo tickets (pull tabs) for local charities. For selling these tickets, you make up to 6% of the Gross Sales/Revenue. For example, sell 2 boxes per week and make up to $18,720 per year; sell 3 boxes per week and make up to $28,080 per year! That’s additional cash in your pocket or to reinvest in your establishment! Compare these numbers to lottery profits!

See a sampling of games and profits, below:

WELCOME CHARITIES Welcome to All-Star Gaming (ASG), a licensed charitable gaming distributor in Ohio. All-Star Gaming is a full service program that helps nonprofit organizations that hold a Type ]]>