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Prize Bingo

Every Tuesday from 11:00am until 1:30pm

Our new Stay and Play weekly group starts on Saturday September 8th at Little Green Dragons Nursery within Brownhills Community Centre.

Sessions run from 10:00 am to 11:30 am for parents and children under 4. We offer lots of games and toys to play with and all of the activities are led by a qualified nursery teacher.

Sessions cost ВЈ2.00 per child and includes a piece of fruit and a drink.
For further details contact the community office on 01543 452 119 or visit our website at

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Brownhills Community Centre
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Enjoy a coffee and a chat with the chance to win

Prize bingo

Top Prize: $100,000

Ticket Price: $5.00

Start Date: 9/27/10

End Date: 2/27/12

Last Date to Claim Prizes: 2/27/13

Here’s How to Play

This is a three part vertically oriented game. The first part is the Caller’s Card, which contains twenty-four (24) BINGO NUMBERS and six (6) BONUS NUMBERS covered by an opaque scratch-off material. The second part consists of six (6) Bingo Cards each containing twenty-three (23) numbers plus two (2) free spaces on a 5 X 5 grid covered by transparent scratch-off material. Players win by matching the numbers on the six (6) Bingo Cards to the numbers on the Caller’s Card. If they find a diagonal, vertical or horizontal straight line, four corners of the grid, or an X on any of the six (6) Bingo Cards, they win a prize according to the legend of the respective playing grid. The third part consists of the MULTI-PRIZE CARD, which contains twelve (12) numbers plus three (3) FREE spaces. Match all numbers in a horizontal row to the numbers on the Caller’s Card to determine your prize multiplier. Multiply total prize won on Cards 1 through 6 by the corresponding number in that Multi-Prize Card row to determine your total winning prize. The six (6) Bingo Cards will be printed in two (2) different display colors. A transparent tinted scratch-off material will be laid over the top of each of the six (6) Bingo Cards after the variable imaging, clearly allowing the imaged number to show through. The tint will create still another color change on each of the cards. When any of the numbers are scratched, the transparent tinted material will be removed revealing the previous display color. Players can win up to six (6) times on a ticket but only one (1) prize may be claimed on each of Cards 1 through 6.

More Than $13 Million in Prizes!

Approximately 4.2 million MULTI-PRIZE BINGO tickets are initially planned in this game. The New Jersey Lottery reserves the right to subsequently increase this quantity of tickets. Should additional tickets be introduced, prize levels and frequency of winning will be consistent with the following disclosures:

In the MULTI-PRIZE BINGO Instant Game, New Jersey allocates approximately 65% of the gross receipts to prizes. On the average, better than 1 ticket in 5 wins a prize. In a game of 4,200,000 tickets there are 448,000 prizes of $5; 266,000 prizes of $10; 124,964 prizes of $20; 35,000 prizes of $25; 47,040 prizes of $50; 5,264 prizes of $100; 1,680 prizes of $150; 994 prizes of $500; 308 prizes of $1,000; 112 prizes of $5,000; 8 prizes of $10,000 and 8 prizes of $100,000. Odds and number of winners may vary based on sales, distribution and claims.

Prize bingo Top Prize: $100,000 Ticket Price: $5.00 Start Date: 9/27/10 End Date: 2/27/12 Last Date to Claim Prizes: 2/27/13 Here’s How to Play This is a three part ]]>