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Powerball Number Checker

This online Powerball Number Checker allows you to check the tickets you’ve bought against the winning Powerball numbers for the past 365 days.

Before entering your numbers into the checker, click if you wish to include Power Play or not on the right of the screen.

Next, use your cursor to enter your five main numbers into the white circles in the checker. Moving down to the grey circles, click your Powerball number. Then when you are ready, just click the yellow “Check Powerball Numbers” button.

Prize claim periods vary between states, so check yours to avoid missing out on a prize.

How to Check your Powerball Numbers

This short video will help you understand and use the Powerball Number Checker.

A video explaining how to check your powerball numbers.

Use this Powerball number checker to automatically check your tickets against the latest winning Powerball numbers. The quick and easy way to find out if you’re a winner.

Powerball Number Checker

Use the Powerball Number Checker to find out quickly and easily if you have won a prize. You will be able to see how many numbers you matched in every draw for your chosen time period, as well as the value of any prizes you may have won.

To check your Powerball numbers, just follow the steps below:

  • Enter your numbers in the squares, finishing with the Powerball in the final box.
  • Adjust the Power Play slider if you want the Checker to show the value of prizes with the multiplier applied.
  • Select ‘Add Line’ to check another set of numbers.
  • Use the dropdown menu to check results for the past seven 30, or 180 days.
  • Filter for Wednesday draws, Saturday draws or all draws.
  • Select ‘Check’ once you are ready.

The Checker will list all the winning numbers for your selected draws and highlight the ones you matched. If you match at least the Powerball or three main numbers in any one draw, you will be shown the value of any prizes won. While selecting your numbers you can press ‘x’ to reset the Checker.

The Checker itself does not prove that you have won a prize, as you must have a valid ticket for the relevant draw to be able to claim any winnings. The claim period is also different depending on where you played. Go to the page on claiming prizes to learn how to collect your money.

Please double check your tickets carefully before disposing of them. While every effort is made to ensure the Powerball Results Checker is accurate, does not accept any liability for errors or omissions in the information provided or any loss resulting from any such error or omission.

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The Powerball Number Checker automatically checks your Powerball tickets against the latest winning numbers to see if you’re a winner. ]]>