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Current Raffle

Holly Jolly Raffle 2020

$100,000 TOP PRIZE and 1,565 other prizes! Over 500 more prizes than last year!

Limited time. Limited quantity.

View the results of Wisconsin Lottery’s $5 Holly Jolly Raffle 2020 , a limited-time raffle game.

Only 125,000 tickets available.
Top prize $100,000 !
Sales started October 23, 2020 . Drawing held December 7, 2020 .

How to Play

  • Each play is $5 and prints on a separate ticket.
  • A six-digit number is printed on each ticket.
  • Tickets are sold in numerical order starting with 000001.
  • When you receive your raffle ticket, sign the back .
  • Once all 125,000 tickets are sold, no more tickets will be available for purchase.
  • Number of prizes, prize amounts, and draw date will not change regardless of the number of tickets sold.
  • Tickets must be purchased before December 7, 2020.
  • The drawing will be held on December 7, 2020. Winning numbers will be available the evening of December 7, 2020.
  • Tickets can be redeemed after the drawing.

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How to Win

  • If the six-digit number exactly matches one of the winning numbers drawn, in exact order, the ticket wins the corresponding prize.
  • Winning numbers will be available at and Lottery retailers on the evening of December 7, 2020.
Prize Winners Odds
$100,000 1 1:125,000
$1,000 65 1:1,924
$100 1,500 1:84

Prizes = 50.4% of sales. Odds based on 125,000 tickets sold. Prizes not claimed within 180 days after drawing are forfeited.


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Holly Jolly Raffle

Winning number 21621

May Madness Raffle

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The Wisconsin Lottery offers Raffles several times a year.

Louisiana Lottery Powerball Holiday Bonus Results (Dec. 10, 2018)

The winning numbers are displayed below.

$25,000 Winner (1)

$10,000 Winner (1)

$500 Winners (50)

0511391 0522220 0522451 0524680 0535819
0536863 0538457 0539439 0539712 0542753
0552969 0555550 0557219 0558519 0559768
0560396 0560930 0576082 0584127 0592225
0596056 0604256 0606627 0609363 0610653
0614733 0616543 0617677 0620291 0621177
0628973 0629961 0631272 0631902 0635635
0636125 0641627 0643293 0644853 0647902
0650925 0658565 0660761 0663161 0663469
0668294 0677928 0683203 0689267 0690484

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