please please win meow meow meow

VIDEO: Portlandia Has Some Fun With Timbers Army

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If you’ve ever seen IFC’s Portlandia, their sketch about the Timbers Army shouldn’t come as a huge shock. It’s really not about the Timbers Army, per se, or even about the kind of people that inhabit their section. Rather, it’s about some rather clueless people who are trying a little too hard.

It’s funny, no question, but if you’re hoping to see a big send up of the soccer, supporters or the Timbers, you’ll be sorely disappointed. That said, it does generate a cheer that I really hope to hear at a Timbers game this year: “Please, please win. Meow, meow, meow.” Just watch for yourself.

The sketch comedy show Portlandia spoofs Timbers Army. Well, not really.

Please please win meow meow meow


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