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Print ‘n Play offers you a chance to win great cash prizes instantly…no numbers to pick, no playslip to fill out, and no waiting for a draw.

Bingo Millions Mini

Achieve a COVERALL in 47 ball calls or less and you
WIN over $100,000!

Achieve a COVERALL between 48 & 54 and you
WIN up to $10,000!

Play Today and You Could

Achieve a Coverall in 47 ball calls or less and win the $100,000 Grand Prize or achieve your Coverall in 48 through 54 ball calls and win other big prizes.

1. Players must be 21 years of age to gamble at the participating location and must show valid proof of age to participate.
2. Bingo Millions ® and Bingo Millions Mini ® Games are progressive bingo coverall games that award players one of two linked progressive jackpot amounts (dependent upon the amount wagered), a Grand Prize jackpot of $1 million or $100,000 (dependent upon the card the player wins on), for achieving a coverall pattern in the first 47 ball calls or less, drawn from a pool of 75 balls. The Game wagers and pay schedule for the Games are printed on the reverse of this card. All verified prizes are paid in one lump sum.
3. For Bingo Millions Combo cards, which feature Bingo Millions and Bingo Millions Mini card faces, the card face appearing at the top of the card (which is black in color) will be designated and eligible for the Bingo Millions prizes and all other card faces (which are pink in color) will be designated and eligible for the Bingo Millions Mini prizes. In electronics the Bingo Millions card will be black in color and Bingo Millions Mini cards will be pink in color in order to distinguish them from the regular cards which are Blue, Red, Green, and Orchid in color.
4. Bingo Millions Combo cards are eligible to win consolation prizes for Games 11 and 12 and will be paid as a Blue card. The coverall begins on Game 13 and any winners playing on the Bingo Millions or Bingo Millions Mini Card will be eligible for the prize associated with the winning number in addition to the consolation prize. Any Ace Ball, Bounty Ball, or any other Promotion Jackpot that requires validation does NOT qualify and is NOT eligible on this game.
5. When a Bingo Millions progressive jackpot is won, the meter for that jackpot is reset to the starting amount of $1 million or $100,000, respectively. In the event of multiple Grand Prize winners on the same ball draw during a single Game event, the Grand Prize amount (including the accrued amount of the progressive portion of the Grand Prize amount at the time of the win) will be split equally among the winners. In the event there are multiple winners of any other Game prize on the same ball draw during a single Game event, the applicable Game prize amount will be paid in full to each winner on a “no-split” basis. In the event that duplicate cards or faces are sold for the same Game, all duplicates will be treated as a single card or face with any prizes paid on a split basis.
6. If a Bingo Millions Game winner is called, the Bingo Millions Game ends, but the Bingo Millions Mini Game continues. If a Bingo Millions Mini Game winner is called, the Bingo Millions Mini Game ends, but the Bingo Millions Game continues. All Grand Prize wins are subject to verification and are not declared official until verified by Gaming Arts and its representative(s). Once a winner has been verified by the Bingo Staff, the actual number of balls must be counted to insure there was not a miscount by the computer system. In the event a claimed win cannot be verified it will not be eligible for any prize.
7. A player who achieves a winning pattern is responsible for calling out “Bingo” loud enough and clear enough to alert the bingo caller. If a player calls “Bingo” and the caller does not respond, it is the player’s responsibility to yell “Bingo” again until heard by the caller.
8. The bingo game caller must hear and recognize bingo(s) before they will be honored. Unless the bingo caller hears the bingo, the Game will continue and all valid bingo(s) will be verified on the next bingo number that is called.
9. Once the bingo caller closes the Game or calls the next ball, no other bingo will be honored.
10. A bingo ball number must be called. The bingo ball on the display monitor is not part of the official Game until called.
11. All wins are subject to verification. In the event a win cannot be verified it will not be eligible for any prize. Grand Prize jackpot payouts are subject to reasonable verification periods, which may take up to five (5) business days after GA is notified of the Grand Prize win. Verified Grand Prize jackpot winners will be paid the Grand Prize jackpot on or before the end of the fifth (5th) business day following GA’s receipt of notification of the Grand Prize jackpot win.
12. By participating in these Games, the player acknowledges and agrees that, in order to receive any Game prize, he or she must provide a valid government issued form of identification and their social security number (except foreign national players). Winners are responsible for any and all taxes.
13. By participating in these Games, the player acknowledges and agrees that, in order to receive any Game prize, he or she must sign an affidavit attesting to their compliance with these Official Game Rules and must sign a Game Prize/Liability release form. Winners will be asked to provide the participating location, Gaming Arts, LLC. and any of their affiliated companies with permission to use the participant’s name, image, likeness, etc. for promotions/advertising purposes without further consideration.
14. Splitting packs is not permitted. Each player must have their own valid buy-in receipt from the cashier and must play their own card faces in order to win a Game prize. Players must check their buy-in receipt before leaving the admission counter to ensure it is correct. In order to claim and receive Game prizes, players must submit their buy-in receipt for the Game (unless the winning card was purchased from a fioor sales person).
15. If a claimed bingo cannot be verified due to the winning card being obscured, altered, or mutilated in anyway the bingo will be disqualified.
16. Any equipment malfunction or any other circumstance that alters the fair draw odds will void the Game results.
17. All house rules of the participating location that do not confiict with these rules are applicable to this Game.
18. By participating in this Game, the player acknowledges and agrees that these rules are binding and that all interpretations and decisions made by the Golden Entertainment Management Team and/or Gaming Arts, LLC are fair to all parties and are final. In the event of a dispute, all decisions of the Nevada Gaming Control Board are final.
19. Employees and agents of the Golden Entertainment Bingo Department, Gaming Arts, LLC, or any promotional companies involved with the Game, and immediate family members of the same, shall be ineligible to participate in the Game and shall be ineligible for any prizes covered herein.
20. Management reserves all rights to cancel or change this promotion at any time without notice.

© 2019, Gaming Arts, LLC. All rights reserved. Bingo Millions and Bingo Millions Mini are patent pending.

Bingo Millions Mini at Arizona Charlie’s Casino ]]>