play dumb games win dumb prizes

Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes: Meaning, History, And Examples

Taseer Ahmad
Oct 1, 2020 · 5 min read

Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes. This phrase is often used when you knowingly do something illegal, unlawful, or stupid, you have to bear the consequences. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

There are many ways you can apply this. Even you may have experience d a situation when you tried to do something the wrong way and it actually backfired. While sometimes, it makes sense to cut corners and get on with a seemingly difficult task illegally. However, you can run into a whole slew of new problems. Because once you enter this stupid game, everyone’s playing foul. And they justify the action by saying:

“When everyone else is doing, why shouldn’t I?” You better not play stupid games.

Examples of Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

I’ll share with you a personal story of mine. When I was in school, I used to surf the internet a lot. I’d mostly search to download paid tools for free. When you’re a kid and have no source of income, that’s what you do. At least, that was me. At the time, we had Intel Pentium 1 PC that would freeze most of the time. One day, I download an “original” Photoshop software for free. It was a cracked version with its keygen tool. I was so happy. I had yet to install it. When I tried to open the file, it didn’t open. I tried again. This time it loaded some weird script. And done.

After several days of trying to figure out what happened and solving the problem, I finally reinstalled Windows XP. All my data was gone. Games, videos, tools, software, and dozens of files. Nothing remained. A deadly computer virus had attacked my system because I downloaded a cracked software, which was hiding virus.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Do you see what I mean? Had I bought a genuine copy of the software, I wouldn’t have been ripped off. It was such a stupid prize for a stupid game that I played.

Another. This one is not mine, but definitely worth it.

A friend of mine told me a story about how he was robbed. On his way back home from work, he was waved down by a person on the national highway. The hitchhiker said that a snatch thief stole his vehicle and now he was all by himself trying to get to the station and put things together to file a police report. Fair enough. My friend gave him a lift. They talked a little on the way. My friend sympathized with him before the next station came and he stepped out of the car. My friend reached home, changed his dress, and went to lunch.

After eating to his fill, he realized that his wallet was gone. Rummaged in his car’s glove box, under the seats, and in his pocket. Nowhere to be found. The person had pickpocketed him.

I have since stopped giving lifts to people on a deserted highway. You never know. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

In the above example, the victim was actually innocent and trying to help the person, instead of playing a stupid game. But falling for something you can otherwise avoid is also part of a stupid game. And the prize can be stupid as hell.

History of “Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes” Phrase

I tried to look up “Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes” in Google Ingram Viewer, an online search tool that charts the frequency/popularity of any given phrase. However, the full phrase returned no chart. So I searched only for “play stupid games.” The chart shows that this phrase has been around since 1894. But I don’t know if this has anything to do with the full phrase.

To test my hypothesis, I looked up “play stupid games” in Google.

Here’s a screenshot of that.

And voila! Search results returned the full phrase, “play stupid games win stupid prizes.” This shows that people mean the full phrase when you look for “play stupid games.” So the phrase may have been around since 1894. I was right.

I’ll give you another source of the phrase’s history. A secondary one. Actually. When asked about where did “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” came from, a guy replied on Reddit:

This shows that the phrase had also been used in the 80s and 90s. Would need to dig deeper into Tom Clancy novels and see if it’s there. But I haven’t read his work so I don’t know.

Lessons You Can Learn from “Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes”

  1. If you spend time doing illegal activities, you’ll have to suffer, one way or the other.
  2. If you do your professional job in a leisurely manner — as a pastime or a hobby — you’re not going to benefit fully.
  3. A traditional corporate job, as opposed to aninternet based business , might be thought of as a stupid game. Play it for 40 years and in the end, you get a stupid state pension, which’s not even worth it.

For some, the last one may not be a stupid game, and its accompanied a stupid prize, but you get the idea.

Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes Gift Ideas

If you’ve reached this far, I appreciate your time. Perhaps, the phrase clicks with you. You have heard it from your friends or relatives. Or maybe you know someone who needs this advice that if they play stupid games, they will win stupid prizes.

How about getting yourself or your friends and relatives a gift that says “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes?”

Here are a few ideas:

1. Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes T-Shirt

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3. Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes 2×3 Patch

4. Other Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

Alright, that’s it. If you want to add something to Play Stupid Game Win Stupid Prizes, please comment below.

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Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes. This phrase is often used when you knowingly do something illegal, unlawful, or stupid, you have to bear the consequences. Play stupid games win stupid prizes…


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Have you ever heard the term “play stupid games win stupid prizes”. It’s a dumb saying but I find it very true and very funny. . . Here is a stupid game…