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Place Type : Car Repair, Store
Address : 100 Sykes Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA
Coordinate : 36.8391064, -76.0079455
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Phone : +1 757-417-0380
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Rating : 4.20
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Google User (20/11/2017 04:38)
A regular there. Cars are easy to find and the yard is kept up very nice. The employees are always ready to help.

Google User (15/11/2017 04:42)
I’m always in this place and I have had no problems with the people that work there and they all have great customer service skills. I love going into the yard and getting the parts I need. THANKS PICK-N-PULL

Google User (09/11/2017 05:23)
Bazinga. prices are so cheap I almost feel like I’m stealing the parts but I have a receipt. Very detailed interface with row 52 if you’re looking for specifics such as tril level or engine.

Google User (30/10/2017 12:02)
Okay had a lady that was going to sell me a car for 750 bucks actually it was a little SUV okay so she goes to get it inspected for me and it fails for $2,700 worth of stuff calipers rotors brakes rack and pinion Tire windshield light bulbs windshield wiper blades crazy amount of stuff the lady calls me back and tells me I can have the car for free since it needs so much work if I just want to fix it . Here’s where the actual review comes in I spent $90 and about 45 minutes at Pick-n-Pull and got all the parts I needed to pass inspection now I am mechanically inclined and I’m pretty fast with my tools but anybody can strip parts off it’s normally putting them on that’s hard so with that said$2,700 worth of repairs for 90 bucks this place will always have five stars from me the only weird part about it is you have to pay $2 just to get in the yard and that’s to even see if they have what you’re looking for but their stock and amount of junk cars they have and the condition of the cars they have are all awesome and great

Google User (18/09/2017 09:41)
Buy parts here when needed if they have what i need. Cheaper way to get parts and its a clean yard. Prices cheap but they get you on the back side with environmental fees and core charges. Not great deal on common parts but you can really make out on in demand or rare parts. if you find them there.

Google User (09/09/2017 01:16)
My first time visit! Very I teresting and what great way to sell used auto parts. Just like thesign reads, “Pick and Pull”. The really great part is they this gentleman at the desk who will help you determine what you need and if they have that product on their lot. Not only is this gentleman a very nice person, he’s using a great computer program that identifies all the parts of any vehicle and if they have it. Great time saver wouldn’t you say? “Yes”. Thanks ‘Pick and Pull’!! See ya next trip!

Google User (21/08/2017 00:20)
For such a small lot there seems to be an abundance of vehicle makes and models for all your needs. Best price on head and tail lamp period! Highly recommend to all do-it-yourself mechanics.

Google User (21/07/2017 01:54)
I have been to a lot of junkyard in my day. This place is so well oiled, I am afraid to put it in that category. They have the cleanest most organized facility I have ever been to. And the helpfulness of their people is without reproach. Becky always seems to have a good answer for my questions and Candace always points me in the right direction.

Google User (12/07/2017 05:11)
This place is amazing. The staff for the most part are knowledgeable on all type of cars. Cheap entry fee of $2. Don’t forget to bring your own tools and check their online inventory before showing up.

Google User (27/11/2016 11:53)
Check this place out first before you purchase a part anywhere else. Unless you ball’n.. then do ya’ thang.

Google User (27/11/2016 09:22)
Love it, I always find parts that I need there at very good price! Four stars just because I have to pay $2 to get in. Not a big deal when I find parts. I just think they should reimburse customers their $2 if they don’t find what they’re looking for.

Google User (02/11/2016 01:55)
As far as self service junkyards go Pick-n-Pull (formally known as U-Wrench-It) is definitely one of the better ones. Up front pricing, a decent selection of parts, and very knowledgeable employees make it my go to yard. Plus the online inventory makes it easy to figure out if they have a specific vehicle before you head out so you can cut down on unproductive trips. I have been coming here for many many years and I plan on continuing to come here for a long time.

Google User (04/10/2016 16:28)
This junkyard is well organized easy to find affordable used car parts, the price is almost 70% less then the regular prices.

Google User (09/09/2016 20:40)
Great place but they do not have all of what you need. Their website is false advertisement. Their website say one thing when you get there they said another price wise

100 Sykes Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA | Car Repair, Store

U Pull It Used Auto Parts

Northern Virginia Auto Recycling, LLC is conveniently located just a few miles south of Washington D.C. Just minutes off of I-95, we offer our customers the ability to locate and pull their own automotive parts in an effort to keep their vehicle repair cost down to a fraction of buying new parts.

On top of our ever increasing inventory of vehicles, we have implemented state-of-the-art software t hat enables us search for alternative solutions should your part not be available. We look forward to saving you money!

Start Looking for Parts Now

  • ACURA 12
  • AUDI 3
  • BMW 6
  • BUICK 2
  • DODGE 28
  • FORD 54
  • GMC 2
  • HONDA 70
  • ISUZU 4
  • JAGUAR 2
  • JEEP 20
  • KIA 6
  • LEXUS 9
  • MAZDA 10
  • SAAB 2
  • SATURN 8
  • SCION 4
  • SUBARU 8
  • TOYOTA 41
  • VOLVO 14

Recycle Your Car Today – Get Cash For Your Unwanted Car

If your vehicle is beyond repair or the cost of repairing the vehicle is too high, Northern Virginia Auto Recycling would be happy to buy your vehicle.

Call 571-348-0095 or click here for more information.

Pull Your Parts Like A Pro

Please be aware customers must be 18 or older to enter yard.

Offer customers the ability to locate and pull their own automotive parts. Keep repair cost down to fraction of buying new parts.