pick 6 payout

New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto Prizes

New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto costs just $1 to play but offers some truly magnificent jackpots, providing extremely good value for money for players around the world. For every $1 wagered on the game, 50 cents is returned to the prize fund, allowing the top prize to soar with a run of rollovers.

New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto Prize Tiers and Odds of Winning

Players have four chances to win with the New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto, starting with a set $3 award for matching three of the six balls drawn. The other prizes fluctuate in value depending on how many players also win in that prize tier and how many tickets have been sold for that draw. The jackpot begins at $2 million and will always rise by at least $100,000 in the event of a rollover, although it often grows by even more! It continues to build until a player matches all six numbers.

Prize Tier Odds of Winning Prize*
Match 6 – Jackpot 1 in 13,983,816 Jackpot (Minimum $2 Million)
Match 5 1 in 54,201 $2,700
Match 4 1 in 1,032 $56
Match 3 1 in 57 $3

*Prizes are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis (prize value fluctuates depending on the numbers of winners and tickets sold) with the exception of the Match 3 tier, which has a fixed prize value of $3.

To find out if your ticket has won you one of the fantastic prizes available in the game, check out the New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto Numbers page.

Learn more about the New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto prizes and the odds of winning. Find out what you need to match in order to win a prize.

Pick 6 payout

May 25, 2014
Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Florida – The largest pick 6 in history paid out today in Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow pick 6. This 20 cent wager requires you to pick all 6 winners and be the sole winner to collect the jackpot. It was hit by a man named Dan Borislow who invented the famous Magic Jack device for making phone calls. The record payout was $6,678,939 for the 20 cent winning combination, however Borislov says he invested around $15,000 in all to win the jackpot.

April 1st, 2012
Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Florida –
This was no April fools joke , as one winner took down a massive pick 6 pool this afternoon at Gulfstream Park. The winning sequence, which started in the sixth race, was Kristina’s Slew ($26.60), Smokin Ali ($153.30), Livingston Street ($7.40), Running Wildcat ($13.20), Miss Montreal ($7.80), and Master Achievement ($18). The winning numbers were 9,3,2,2,3,1. The winning ticket returned a whopping $791,364 and get this, that was for a dime. That’s right, the Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream park can be bet for 10 cents and there was only one winning ticket. The ticket was purchased by a lucky patron in Las Vegas, his total ticket cost $2.40. But the winning combination paid out for a cool dime. May 07, 2008
Churchill Downs, Kentucky – A victory by a 49-1 longshot in Churchill Downs’ 9th race on Wednesday made a single bettor an instant millionaire with the second-largest Pick 6 payout in track history. But the prospect of another mammoth win remained in play as the track’s new Super Hi-5 wager was not hit and a record carryover pool of $866,712 will be available for the wager on the final race on Thursday’s nine-race card.

A win in Wednesday’s finale by Lucille Davis’s Future Prospect, who paid $100.80 to win as the second longest shot in a field of 11 claiming horses, allowed the entire Pick 6 pool of $1,127,774.60 to go to an unidentified bettor who wagered through the Nevada betting hub. The winning Pick 6 ticket consisted of numbers 5-6-1-5-1-6. Consolation payouts on tickets that contained five winners returned $3,065.60.

A one-day carryover pool of $410,599 that was created when no one hit the Pick 6 on Saturday’s Kentucky Derby Day racing program fueled Wednesday’s Pick 6 betting. The Pick 6 is a $2 minimum wager that requires fans to correctly select the winners of six consecutive races.

Wednesday’s wager included races 4-9 and the winning horses were: 4th – #5 Adhrhythm ($18.40), 5th – #6 Segal ($4.20), 6th – #1 Trainee ($8.80), 7th – #5 Appellate ($29), 8th – #1 Sprung ($6.40), 9th – #6 Future Prospect ($100.80) .

Sept 2, 2010
Saratoga Race Course, New York
– Four winning tickets correctly selected the winners of each of the Pick 6 races Sept. 2 at Saratoga Race Course and were rewarded handsomely with payouts of $377,883 .

The Sept. 2 handle of $1,925,068 was the largest single-day Pick 6 handle at Saratoga going back to 2000, and is believed to be one of the largest in the track’s history. The total pool of $2,368,342, including the carryover of $443,274, was the largest since Sept. 4, 2009, when there was a total Pick 6 pool of $2,479,992. The Sept. 2 total pool was the second-largest Saratoga Pick 6 total going back to 2000.

July 3rd, 2007
Hollywood Park, California
— Thanks to a four-day carryover of more than $3.2 million, Hollywood Park shattered the North American record for a total pick-six pool Monday.

A total of $7,596,347 was bet into the pick six Monday, making the total pool $10,870,852.60, surpassing the record of $7,303,848 set March 3, 2004 at Santa Anita. That figure was reached after the Arcadia, Calif., track had a three-day carryover of $1,413,136.

The amount bet Monday also was a single-day record for pick-six wagering, bettering the $6,494,193 set on Breeders’ Cup Day in 1998 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky.

When all was said and done, there were 13 winning tickets, worth $576,064.40 for each $2 bet. There were 807 consolations for selecting five of six winners, worth $2,240.40 each.

Pick 6 payout May 25, 2014 Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Florida – The largest pick 6 in history paid out today in Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow pick 6. This 20 cent wager requires you to pick all 6 ]]>