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Pick 3 strategy chart

With Odds of To 1; Pick 3 is the starting point for any Lottery Player, but even with such low odds there is always room to improve on them. The following list is a run-down of Ten most important strategies to consider while playing Pick Unless you are a Straight shooter How many of us missed the P 3 number by One Digit? I would say: A LOT! If your state offer Pairs as a way of playing Pick 3 and if you keep missing that elusive Straight; give it a try.

Was good for Humphrey, and is good for Pick 3. Once a number hits, the Odds of the same number hitting again are 1 inespecially in the next 3 to 4 draws. Who said you can not learn from your Past Mirror States by definition are states that share a pool of numbers; and they pass the hits for those numbers back and forth.

For an example: will hit in state A and soon after will hit in state B Hardly; take a look at two days worth of results in ALL-States listings and you will see it happen.

Sounds boring? Nevertheless It is an effective way of getting the necessary information to tackle the Green Machine Weathr it is by reading articles like this onebrowsing the Lottery Forums; or even reading Books about the game; and the more you learn; the better your plays will be.

It happens all the time: You see a certain number on a License Plate, on a Building Goes without saying; but having a positive outlook when you play the lottery will help you to play better, think of more winners and score more hits. Key Concepts Top Ten Stratigies. Privacy Policy Disclaimer.

The following list is a run-down of Ten most important strategies to consider while playing Pick 3: 1. If your state offer Pairs as a way of playing Pick 3 and if you keep missing that elusive Straight; give it a try. Weathr it is by reading articles like this onebrowsing the Lottery Forums; or even reading Books about the game; and the more you learn; the better your plays will be.This is one of the most powerful strategies I have ever posted and I am giving it away here I posted a previous ABC strategy where I said that when a set of digits has not hit for a while from the ABor C group there is a good chance that a number will soon hit with all three digits from that missing group.

This means that if the digits 1, 2, and 3 have not hit in a while Athere is a good chance that an AAA number will hit soon. Examples of AAA numbers include,and However, I have a brand new strategy that works with greater frequency. This new and better strategy is based on the 3 main pairs for the A, B, and C digits.

This ABC Pairs strategy is based on pairs 2 digits not on all 3 digits. The A digits are so the A pairs are 12, 13, and NOTE: I am deliberately not using the double pairs in this system 11, 22, 33 to cut down on the numbers to play.

To cover every possibility for each pair you will have to play each pair with the 10 digits 0 thru 9. Therefore, this ABC Pairs system creates 30 numbers.

For pair 79, for example, you would play, This list of 30 numbers can be reduced to 28 numbers I will explain that below. Looking below you see that hit on the evening of November 17 and hit midday that day. I have written the A, B, or C pair next to each number having that pair.

Here is what I came up with: November 17, – B pair 46 – A pair 23 – B pair 56 – B pairs 45, 46, 56 – C pair 78 – C pair 89 – C pair 78 – C pair 89 – C pair 79 – A pair 13 – B pair 56 – B pair 46 – A pair 12 – A pair 12 – B pair 56 – B pair 56 – A pair 23 November 3, Now here is a good example of how one great discovery leads to another great discovery and of how one breakthrough leads to another breakthrough.

At any point in time, one set of pairs A, B, or C seems to dominate. This means that the pairs seem to hit in clusters. A practical implication of this is that if an A pair just hit, there is a good chance that another A pair number will follow. After a set of pairs has NOT hit for a while, pairs from that group will hit several times back to back.

I suggest you do the same thing for your state and test out these two theories based on the ABC Pairs Chain. Write out the last 30 or 40 results for your state and write the corresponding A, B, or C pairs next to each number that has it and then write out the chain in a piece of papar.

There are two ways to go about selecting what set of pairs you will play with this ABC Pairs system. One strategy is to play the current hottest set of pairs. The other is to play the most due; the one that has not hit in a while and is due to hit soon.Below is an example of a Pick 3 lottery pairs chart.

Its simply a way of mapping out the 55 different pairs for tracking. You are looking for the two pairs above each of the pairs that hit, AND the two pairs below each of the pairs that hit. Notice from the example below that when either the top or the bottom of the pair column ends, you just start up at the top or bottom depending on which way you are looking.

The BLUE represents the two pairs below the pair that hit. List out the pairs:. Lets start with the first pair: Look for another pair that has a 3 or 9 in it. You will find the 38 the 29 and the 69 pairs. To put these together you get, and Next is the 11 pair.

Looking for other pairs that have a 1 or 1 in it you will find 01 and Putting these together you get Next is the 57 pair. Looking for other pairs that have a 5 or 7 in it you will find 56 and Lastly is the 66 pair. Looking for pairs that have 6 or 6 in it you will find 56 and 69 pairs. You can filter by eliminating doubles and SUMs not between 11 and 17 which leavesand Do you think this Pick 3 Lottery system has Potential?

Rate it! Please feel free to leave a Comment. Together we can really sharpen these Pick 3 Systems! Is this coincidence? Do you win consistently with this workout? I notice none of your other numbers derived from this method, hit for the rest of January Are players supposed to keep the same numbers in day after day, or do we do this workout after each draw, playing different numbers after each winning draw?

Do not include the pairs made from the winning number you started with.

Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3 Lottery Strategies

I orginally posted this chart on my website — I would like to know how you got it without my permission and I dont believe you ordered my package.

I created this chart and it belongs to me. You will be reported. Why would someone get mad about using their ideal if it helps other people I guess you have to be selfish Nelson. Do you repeat 74 or since there are 2 of 74, you use only one of the 74? I backtracked and got zip using this.Pick 3 Mastery: Secrets Revealed!

Welcome to Pick 3 Mastery. My approach to the Pick 3 game is new and different so rest assured that many of the systems you will learn here will be new to you.

Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3 Lottery Strategies

Or it can be a system that you are already familiar with — with a slight twist to it. I have also brought into the Pick 3 arena concepts that have not been explored before in connection with this fascinating game of chance. My unique approach to Pick 3 will make you a winner. My systems are direct and straight forward. I give clear explanations of how to use each of them.

If you are ever in doubt about something, send me an email and I will be glad to clear things up for you. I don’t hide behind an email address and I am not here to make a quick buck. I have been studying Pick 3 for years and just like everybody else I have had my good days and bad days.

I went through periods where I won a great deal of money and periods where I just could not win no matter what I tried. Here is the practical definition: Pick 3 mastery is the practice of constantly improving your systems.

It probably sounds a little too philosophical or New Age for some people. Hitting constantly is the byproduct of something else. There is something else you have to do before you win. That something else is always improving your systems. That is something that you can actually control. You can not control which numbers will hit but you CAN control what you do.

You can control your own behavior. Constantly working on improving your systems is the essence of Pick 3 mastery. That is really the only thing you have to work on if you want to be a winner in the long term.

TOP Ten Strategies in Pick 3

In other words, mastery is possible – but it is not a static thing. It is not something you achieve one day and then forget about it.

That means that maintaining Pick 3 mastery is totally dependent on you always improving your systems. Let me say that again: The day you stop improving is the day that your ability to predict numbers declines. I will always place the hottest strategy I am currently working on at the top of the menu bar on the top left.

So when studying the strategies on this website I suggest starting from the top best strategies and work your way down secondary strategies and theories. You can achieve mastery of the game if you learn the strategies contained on this website. I am here to help you master the game. I am here to help you WIN!We are going over the basic fundamentals of games such as Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3. These basic foundations will help you become a better strategy player by helping you understand the core basics that you can apply to any lottery strategy.

At its most basic level games like Pick 3 are made up 3 balls or digits that come from numbers in most cases. An example would be: Typically, there are roughly possible lottery combinations.

ABC Pairs: A New Strategy

There are multiple ways within the total combinations to group numbers to help you identify patterns. Here are some of the ways to group potential numbers:.

Three unique digits in each column, as in the example It is called the 6-way because it can appear as, First you can play a BOX way in which one bet covers all possible combinations that the 6-way number generates.

So, if you chose straight when buying your ticket, you would only win if hits straight in most states. When two of the three digits are the same, but the third digit is different, this is a called a 3-Way or a Double Number.

For example, usingit could appear as, These types of numbers can be played as a Box where one bet covers all possible number combinations as aboveand Straight Where one bet covers an exact match. Box One bet covers all of the 3 possible ways the number can come up. Straight One bet covers an exact match for the one of the 3 possible combinations. The 3-way or double numbers typically hits about in every 10 draws. The last grouping option is probably the easiest to follow.

This is when all three of the digits are the same, for example, When playing this number, it only makes sense in most casesto play it straight because you would have the highest payout. There are multiple ways to categorize or group Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3 numbers including but not limited to the following below:. The base sum is the last digit in a set of numbers. If there is only one digit in the sum then that digit equals the base sum.These basics will help you go over the types of patterns, groupings, payouts, and odds of 3 digit lottery games.

This is a easy workout to do and track. It typically produces about a weeks for worth of lottery numbers to choose from. Typically, you would use past winning numbers and hot numbers in the pyramid. It utilizes the numbers to help you generate numbers to play.

Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3 Lottery Strategies. Lottery strategies that are used to help you find and identify patterns in your Pick 3, Cash 3, Play 3 games. Implement these lotto methods and use them to improve your lottery game. Pick better numbers and win more money! Alphabet Pyramid Free This is a simple lottery strategy to use for multiple states and games. Tic-Tac-Toe Method This is a lottery strategy where you put your numbers into columns and rows that resemble a tic tac toe grid.

Typically, you would use past winning numbers and hot numbers with this strategy. Last Two of The Month Last two of the month is a simple lottery strategy that utilizes that last two winning numbers of the month.

Pyramid Strategy The Pyramid strategy is where you stack numbers on top of each other in the form of a pyramid. Back to Course List.

Not a Member? Create Account.It takes skill and determination, but it works. If you want to win at Pick-3 this is how to go about it. If you are any kind of a Pick-3 player, you’ve bought systems and software that promised to make you a winner and while you may have had some wins, you lost money long term until you either figured out how to make the system work or stopped using it.

We’ve all bought these systems and software, and likely we’ll buy them again as each new ad inspires confidence they’ve finally broken the code or cracked the formula, whatever nonsense they’ve dreamed up to make us take the bait.

Even so, when you are working with these systems trying to make them preform as advertised, you should know how to really go about winning Pick-3, what it takes and how to win big. The secret is Positional Tracking and Positional Wheeling! Sounds hard right? Takes some skill and discipline to knuckle down and study the numbers instead of making them do the Hokey-Pokey in some system make work.

The trick is, we don’t do all the bogus system nonsense of counting and converting, stacking and reversing, we only look at the skipping to hit patterns to see what digits are now ready to hit again.

It is really a simple thing to write down the side of graph paper three times and each time a digit has hit we mark it on the chart with the day’s date at the top, double the boxes if there is a midday and evening draw, ignore the midday in states where it is computer generated.

You can use graph paper, or if the boxes are too small office supply stores sell a large pad called All Purpose Planner, just the thing to track the draws and spread several pages out for a long term look. As each digit hits, mark it with an X. We don’t even want to think in terms of numbers at this time, we are watching for patterns due to hit. You’ll want to have at least three of these charts to refer back to while picking your digits from the forth chart.

This is a gut feel thing, look at how the lines of X’s have been doing and try to get a feeling for the lines likely to hit next. It’s all right to be wrong some of the time because we will be playing for straight wins only, so we expect to recover small losses easily. If you do win right away, don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out what you did right so you can do it again.

Don’t waste a lot of your winnings trying to buy the next win by playing too many numbers in each position. Play when patterns present themselves to you as potential winners. Tip: Only play on days you see a clear pattern and put a little extra on the number s you think most likely. Positional Wheeling Positional Wheeling is very flexible.

Once you understand how it’s done you can make the wheels in your head, though paper is recommended. First let’s talk a bit about the power of Positional Wheeling. Traditional Pick-3 wheeling is box play.

It costs more to wheel fewer digits, playing for a smaller prize, exactly how the state lottery would like you to play. Positional Wheeling targets Straight wins. It costs less to wheel more digits, playing for the big prize. Not exactly how the state lottery wants the game to be played, but the only way to win big at Pick In simplest form, say you like 2 in the first position, 3 in the second and 5 in the third.

We play straight. What if you like 2 and 7 in the first position, 3 in the second and 5 in the third.


Let’s say you like digits 2 and 7 as the most likely to be drawn next in the first position. We have 2 digits in the first positions, 2 digits in the second positions and 2 digits in the third position. Like this.

Category: Pick 3 strategy chart Pick 3 strategy chart With Odds of To 1; Pick 3 is the starting point for any Lottery Player, but even with such low odds there is always room to improve on