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Oregon State and Nike Unveil New Look for the Beavers

Senior Analyst II March 5, 2013 Comments Comment Bubble Icon

The Oregon State Beavers have unveiled a new-look logo and uniform for the season ahead, with all sports getting the re-branding—or “rebeav”—for 2013.

The unveiling took place at a huge event at the Alumni Center on Monday night, as a swarm of students and fans turned up to see the new design.

Oregon State University @ OregonState

RT @Suzanne_Flores: At the unveiling of the new athletic logo w/lots of excited Beaver fans. . These fans! –>

New Oregon State logo:

Head coach Mike Riley then tweeted out different shots of the new uniform.

These look great! #GoBeavs

Another shot of the black uniforms, so strong! #GoBeavs

Oregon State joined the Oregon Ducks as schools that have worked closely with Nike in designing their new uniforms. They’d had the same uniforms and logo since the mid-1990s.

An official press release from the sporting superpower (Nike, that is) said that the new design “introduces a new brand and identity system that sets the visual direction for Beaver Athletics for years to come and modernizes one of the most recognizable brands in all of intercollegiate athletics.”

The release goes on to say that the school and Nike had worked for nearly two years on the new design, and that all 17 of OSU’s intercollegiate sports teams will adopt the change:

“Oregon State Athletics has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last 15 years and our new brand identity is another sign that the Beavers continue to confidently move forward,” said Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis. “The ultimate goal for the rebrand is to attract high-caliber student-athletes to a contemporary brand, while respecting our heritage.”

The new Beaver logo features clean, contemporary lines and a modern, confident and timeless graphic structure. The logo accurately reflects the essence of Oregon State Athletics – Heritage, Strength, Victory, United, Innovation, Tenacity, Dedication and Integrity. Through these brand identity updates, Oregon State creates separation and distinction in the marketplace while respecting the past and representing the future.

Nike also unveiled several different photos and shots of the new uniforms and design, which can be seen via its website.

Overall, it’s hard not to like the new design, which has a distinctly professional feeling to it that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The secrecy and planning that has gone into the new look is definitely worth it so far, and now just needs to be backed up on the field by the Beavers.

Oregon State will debut its new look on August 31.

What do you make of the new look? Like or dislike?

The Oregon State Beavers have unveiled a new-look logo and uniform for the season ahead, with all sports getting the re-branding—or "rebeav"—for 2013…