ohio lottery ez play games

Ohio lottery ez play games

(A) Title and term. Ohio Lottery Commission game rule number nine hundred fifty-two, EZPLAY® “Twenty 20’s,” shall be conducted at such times and for such periods as the commission may determine. For the purpose of this rule, “sales cycle” shall mean any such period, including reprints, beginning on the date when ticket sales are commenced and continuing through the date established by the director as the date on which sales will cease.

(B) General design.

(1) Game rule number nine hundred fifty-two is generally known as an “instant lottery” and contains a “Jackpot” feature. A ticket for game rule nine hundred fifty-two is terminal generated.

(2) The holder of a valid ticket will consist of one “Game Play Area” and one “Prize Legend.” In the “Game Play Area,” there will be forty-five randomly selected numbers inside of bubbles, ranging from zero through twenty. To win a prize, the player will find the number twenty inside of the play area. The player will then compare the number of “20’s” found to the “Prize Legend” to determine the amount won. In order to win the full “Progressive Jackpot,” the player must reveal twenty “20’s.” The “Progressive Jackpot” starts at twenty-five thousand dollars. There is one chance to win per ticket.

(3) The only “prize levels,” which shall appear on a ticket in game rule number nine hundred fifty-two are: find zero, find fifteen, find sixteen, find seventeen, find eighteen, find nineteen, and find twenty.

(C) Price of tickets. The price of a ticket issued by the commission in game rule number nine hundred fifty-two shall be twenty dollars.

(D) Structure, nature and number of prize awards.

(1) There shall be two types of prizes in game rule number nine hundred fifty-two, one called a “regular prize award” and one called a “Progressive Jackpot” prize award.

(2) As used in this rule, “prize award” shall mean one of the following monetary figures: ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, two hundred fifty dollars, five hundred dollars and the “Progressive Jackpot.” Each ticket in game rule number nine hundred fifty-two shall be imprinted in such a way that prize awards from the set listed above may be won.

(3) The number of prize awards in any sales cycle of game rule number nine hundred fifty-two will depend upon the number of tickets sold during that cycle. However, distribution and availability for public purchase may be affected by, but not limited to, circumstances such as stolen, defective, missing, damaged, promotional, returned or reordered tickets. Tickets shall be printed in accordance with this rule using random techniques.

(a) Combinations winning each prize award are randomly distributed throughout all tickets printed in any given ticket issuance.

(4) For each line in column one of the appendix to this rule, the player having the prize value on that same line in column three shall win the prize award on the same line in column four; and in a pool of two hundred forty thousand tickets sold, mathematical reasoning suggests that the number of tickets having that prize value in column three should be as set forth on that same line in column five.

(E) Tickets sold. Chances of winning and the number of winning tickets are established at the start of the game number nine hundred fifty-two and at the time a ticket is purchased.

(F) Frequency of prize drawings.

(1) Random imprinting of prize awards on all tickets issued in game rule number nine hundred fifty-two shall be accomplished in a manner which complies with the commission’s rules and procedures.

(2) When a ticket issued in game rule number nine hundred fifty-two is sold or deemed sold in accordance with this rule, the holder shall be deemed to have drawn the prize values and play symbol on that ticket, which determine whether the holder is entitled to a prize award. A prize award shall be deemed announced on the date a ticket is purchased.

(G) Special claim, entry, receipt and validation procedures. The director shall establish special claim, entry, receipt and validation procedures, including procedures for validation by sales agents of tickets winning prize awards, which are to be paid by sales agents in accordance with commission rules. For purposes of game rule nine hundred fifty-two, the close date for a ticket that is sold shall be the date the ticket is purchased. Prize awards shall be claimed within one hundred eighty days of the date that a ticket is purchased.

(H) Validity of tickets.

(1) A mechanical error in printing prize awards, symbols, words or other numbers on a ticket shall not automatically invalidate that ticket. To the extent feasible, the director shall establish procedures by which the holder of any ticket on which information is incorrectly printed due to mechanical malfunction may be advised of correct information for the ticket. If it is not technically feasible to recover the information from a mechanically misprinted ticket, the director may declare the ticket void and the holder shall be entitled to a return of the ticket price or a replacement ticket of comparable price.

(2) In addition to, but not in limitation of, all other power and authority conferred on the director by the commission’s rules, the director may declare a ticket in game rule number nine hundred fifty-two void if it is stolen, not sold or deemed not sold in accordance with commission rules; if it is illegible, mutilated, altered, counterfeit, reconstituted, miscut, defective, printed or produced in error or incomplete; or if the ticket fails any of the validation tests or procedures established by the director. The commission’s liability and responsibility for a ticket declared void, if any, is limited to refund of the retail sales price of the ticket or issuance of a replacement ticket of comparable price.

(3) A ticket may not be canceled once the ticket is printed by the lottery terminal even if such ticket is printed in error.

(I) Director’s conduct of game rule number nine hundred fifty-two.

(1) The director shall conduct game rule number nine hundred fifty-two and any promotions associated therewith in a manner consistent with the Lottery Act and the rules of the commission including, without limitation, this rule and the regulations of the director. As deemed necessary or advisable, the director shall adopt management regulations, orders or directives to implement and operate this lottery game and any promotions associated therewith. The director shall inform the public of the provisions of this rule and the procedures established pursuant hereto, which affect the play of game rule number nine hundred fifty-two. The director reserves the right to declare any game as unavailable for sale at any time to maintain game integrity and accountability.

(2) Names and definitions of elements of game rule number nine hundred fifty-two used in this rule are to be considered generic terms used solely for purposes of this rule. In actual operation, game rule number nine hundred fifty-two and these elements may be given names or titles chosen by the commission.

Ohio lottery ez play games (A) Title and term. Ohio Lottery Commission game rule number nine hundred fifty-two, EZPLAY® “Twenty 20’s,” shall be conducted at such times and for such periods as the

Ohio Lottery 17+

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The official app of the Ohio Lottery. This app provides the information Ohio Lottery players want most, including:
– Current and past winning numbers for all draw games
– Jackpot amounts
– Ticket Scanning
– MyLotto Rewards
– Random number generator
– Info on Scratch Off games
– KENO drawings on-demand
– Retailer locator
– ePlaySlip
– Contact info and more

Lottery players are subject to Ohio laws and Commission regulations. Please play responsibly.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

What’s New

What’s New in Version 7.1.0:
– EZPLAY Countdown Series Games discontinued.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

Bogus rewards program

It only allows you to enter a limited amount of tickets for points a month. I feel if you’ve spent the money to buy the tickets why would you not be allowed to enter as many tickets as humanly possible. Not to mention anything remotely valuable in the rewards catalog starts at 10,000 points, so they limit you to 1000 points a month, it’ll take almost a year to get to obtain enough points to get yourself a $50-$60 item. So that’s about $50 back on $2500 spent. Good looking out for your customers Ohio Lottty!

It’s my favorite app!!

I use it all the time. I love that the mobile cashing is now and option and I’m excited to start using it. If I had a wishlist, I would most definitely want to purchase my tickets through the app. I am confined to my house during covid-19 and have very very limited access to an authorized lotto printer. The town is shut down and very limited hours if they are open. If I link my info to the account to cash in my tickets,wouldn’t it make sense to let me purchase them through the app too? Just a thought!! I love the app either way! Thanks for having it!

Poorly Written App

This app is poorly written and confusing. It appears to say one thing but mean another with the whole Ticket Cashing Option. ONLY tickets of $50 up to $5,000 can be cashed. Since the majority of prizes given out by the Ohio Lottery fall well below this threshold, not many customers will be able to utilize this option. An option to accumulate more than $50 and utilize the option. Whoever writes the instructions and promo was NOT clear on this “option”. Again, a very THIRD RATE APP and poorly written and executed instructions. When you call in, the Ohio Lottery Representatives are smug, sarcastic and very off putting. Another TYPICALLY RUN STATE AGENCY. If they had to make it in the real world this would FAIL MISERABLY.

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