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Win 4 New York (NY) Lottery Results & Game Details

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How to Play New York Win 4

Pick Your Numbers

You can use the Quick Pick option and the computer will automatically choose your numbers for you, or you can pick your own numbers by filling out a play slip and selecting a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999.

Buy Your Ticket

You can buy New York Win 4 tickets from authorized New York Lottery retailers.

New York Win 4 Drawing Schedule

Win 4 drawings are held two times a day, seven days a week. The first is at midday, approximately 12:20 PM, and in the evening at approximately 7:30 PM EST.

Draws close approximately 10 minutes before the drawings take place.

New York Win 4 Payout and Rules

New York Win 4 is similar to the many Pick 4 games you can find in other states. Once you’ve chosen your number combination, you have to select your wage type – straight, box, straight/box, combination, or pair.

Then, select your wager, either $0.50 or $1, and which of the 2 daily drawings you want to enter.

Instant Win

Match one or more of your chosen numbers with any of the Instant Win numbers and collect $1 immediately. You are still eligible for the nightly drawing.

Booster Ball

Boost your winnings by 5%, 10%, or 20% at no extra cost. On special Booster Ball days, a second drawing is held after each official draw to determine the booster amount.

New York Win 4 Payouts and Odds

Play Type Prize with $0.50 Wager Prize with $1 wager Odds of Winning
Straight $2,500 $5,000 1 in 10,000
4-Way $600 $1,200 1 in 2,500
6-Way $400 $80 1 in 1,667
12-Way $200 $400 1 in 833
24-Way $100 $200 1 in 417
Front Pair $25 $50 1 in 100
Back Pair $25 $50 1 in 100
Combination Prize with $2 Wager Prize with $4 Wager Odds of Winning
4-Way Combination $2,500 $5,000 1 in 2,500
Prize with $3 Wager Prize with $6 Wager
6-Way Combination $2,500 $5,000 1 in 1,667
Prize with $6 Wager Prize with $12 Wager
12-Way Combination $2,500 $5,000 1 in 833
24-Way Combination $2,500 $5,000 1 in 417
Straight/Box Prize with Exact Match Prize with Any Order Match Odds of Winning
4-Way $3,100 $600 1 in 2,500
6-Way $2,900 $400 1 in 1,667
12-Way $2,700 $200 1 in 833
24-Way $2,600 $100 1 in 417

New York Win 4 Prize Claiming

All New York Lottery winning tickets must be claimed within 1 year after the draw.

You can claim prizes up to $600 from any licensed lottery retailer. For prizes that go above this amount, you must visit any of the New York Lottery’s customer service centers or mail your claim to their office.

Finally, take note that New York Win 4 prizes are subject to state and federal taxes, so don’t expect to get all of the advertised prize.

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