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Most Frequent Winning Keno Numbers

1. What Are Keno Spots and Catches?

“Catching” the numbers at keno is what any gambler wants; actually to “catch” a number mean to correctly guess that number and already have it marked on your keno ticket. A player’s winning is determined by the number of “catches” he made in the game; the maximum number is 20 “catches”, which never happened before. A jackpot is touched when you achieved 15 “catches”. The “spots” are the number marked on the tickets, a gambler is playing on. The number of “catches” and “spots” are related; for example, when you have 10 spots and 6 catches, means you bought 10 numbers and 6 of them were a winner, being picked by the keno draw.

2. The Most Drawn Numbers in Keno

These are the 5 hot numbers (often drawn): 23, 34, 72, 1 and 4. Most frequent state draws numbers to the numbers that have come out quite often in the last 50 draw are 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78. As much drawn numbers a gambler has his tickets, as much he will collect. The maximum of drawing numbers is 20, but actually, no one hit 10 out of 20 numbers ever (and is not possible). Even to guess 15 numbers is really hard, as much as for guessing 14 numbers the odds are 1:390 million. The frequency of numbers extraction must be observed, noted and then played to ensure bigger changes to the gambler.

3. Hot Spots

According to statistics shows the last 50 draw number that came most often was 66, 20 times extracted. The second, drawn 18 times, are numbers 61, 67 and 74, shows the statistics. Most frequent state draws numbers to the numbers that have come out quite often in the last 50 draw are 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78. However, according to the source, were drawn 17 times. According to statistics opposite the numbers of players considered “cold”, the “champion” is number 12. It was extracted only five times. Other two numbers are “cold”, 23 and 7, extracted seven times.

4. Cold and Late Numbers

Under this system, the “hot” numbers are considered those that have the highest frequency of occurrence (were extracted at least once every five contests), and the “cold’ numbers are those that have the lowest frequency of occurrence (were removed from the box at most once every 15 draws). Also, there are other types of numbers, like “late”, which is a number having a big potential to be picked, but not yet picked and “ due” number, which mean it is a “must to pick” number in the next future.

5. Staring into the Abyss

The game of keno is based on a high dose of unpredictability, as it is the result of an RNG; random numbers are hard to be predicted, especially they’re the result of computer choice. Anyway, there is a big difference between statistics and computer patterns, as the numbers are supposed not to be extracted in the same order or the same. Even that some numbers are picked often than others that don’t mean it is a regular pattern.

6. The Truth behind Lucky Numbers

In a keno game, there is only one truth: the biggest prize is won with the highest number of picked numbers. In this case, a total of 20 numbers (which have been established that is impossible). From 6 to 10 picked numbers, any player has the opportunity to win at keno; up to 15 numbers can hit the jackpot. All keno gamblers (bingo and lottery too) have their own “lucky” numbers, on which they often play. But, in keno, even it is a game of pure luck; some strategy could work better than playing on “lucky” numbers. There is, anyway, no restriction on playing with your favorite numbers, although it will better for your pocket to choose a safe strategy.

7. Chinese Lucky Numbers

Originated in the China the keno game becomes famous in the SUA in the 19th century; it spread into the world, lately. Chinese people have a great consideration of luck that is why they choose to associate some numbers with mystical connotation. Keno game has some “special” numbers in the Chinese conception, so here are their meanings: Number 6 represents the wealth and is the number of businesses in China; Number 8 has a great magical connotation and power, being the number of prosperity and wealth; Number 9 it is the number of the Chinese Emperor, having also spiritual connotations (harmony and cultural meanings).

“Catching” the numbers at keno is what any gambler wants; actually to “catch” a number mean to correctly guess that number and already have it marked on your keno ticket. A player’s winning is determined by the number of “catches” he made in…

Most common winning numbers in Keno

The game of keno requires luck and only luck, but it can’t hurt to know what the hot numbers are – the most commonly drawn spots. We take a look at the most common winning keno numbers, whether or not they make a difference when picking numbers, and detail why you should opt for online keno over land-based keno.

Best online casinos with real money keno

Best online keno casinos for hot numbers

Playing keno at your local pub or RSL is vastly different in pacing and involvement than online keno. Not only do you need a form and a sharp pencil, but you also have to play at the pace of the keno on the screen, and then wait for your form to be scanned by the attendant when playing at land-based venues.

When you go online, you decide the pace of the game. You can fill out the form with a simple click of the mouse or tap of the finger – with keno available for smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop devices.

Provided you play at reputable sites like the ones recommended in our casino table above, online keno gaming software is as fair as the game you see at the pub or RSL – but Internet titles actually have a better house edge. Land-based keno sees a house edge of anywhere from 20 to 35%, while online variants have a house edge of around six percentage, depending on the rules.

How to play keno online

The best sites to find a keno variant or two are listed in our casino table above. Mucho Vegas is our top-rated casino site for players from Russia, which has some excellent welcome bonuses available for new players along with hundreds of real money casino games to choose from, with no downloads required.

Playing keno online is quite similar to playing it at your local pub or RSL, but easier. Simply click on any of our casino links to be taken to a secure site, sign up or login, and then click on your preferred keno title generally located under the ‘Other Games’ or ‘Bingo and Keno’ category.

Once the keno variant has loaded you will see the usual 80 ‘spots’ (numbers), provided it is a standard variant (unique online variations of keno may have more or less spots). You are then required to pick a minimum of one spot by clicking, or tapping if on a mobile device, and generally up to a maximum of 10 to 15 spots.

You are then required to click ‘Play’ and the numbers will land on their spots, and you will be paid in accordance to how many numbers you’ve picked and how many you picked correctly (also known as catches).

Most common numbers in keno

Every number or spot in a game of keno has the exact same chance of being drawn, but sometimes it can be fun to rely on popular keno strategy, even if it doesn’t help us at all.

There is statistical software available on the Internet which takes data from keno games around the world to determine the most drawn numbers over a certain number of games.

For example, the Michigan Lottery in the US offer a hot and cold number generator based on the results of the last 10 to 100 games of keno played. We tested it out and based on the last 10 games, at the time of writing, the number 74 was drawn 80% of the time, while 80, 67, 58, 41, 36, 19, and 10 were all drawn 50% of the time, and finally 68 and 65 were drawn 40% of the time.

These are all considered to be hot numbers and players would then take this information to pick their next numbers in the Michigan Keno.

If you wanted to do this online, you would simply play a number of games and take note of the results each time. Then after 10 or so games if a number occurred more than 40% of the time, this number would be considered a hot number.

Cold numbers

As we mentioned in the Michigan Keno example, there are also cold number generators. These determine, statistically, the numbers that have been drawn the least amount of times over a certain number of games.

For example, the last 10 games in the Michigan Keno saw 39 and 4 drawn 0% of the time, while 4, 6, 25, 38, 44, 53, 60, and 63 were all drawn 10% of the time.

This means players would take these numbers into consideration and avoid adding them to their selection for future games.

Keno strategy

Overall, hot and cold numbers actually make no difference to the next outcome of a keno game, as each number has the same chance of being drawn, irrespective of whether it has been drawn a certain percentage in the previous amount of games.

The number you pick isn’t important at all, provided you play at reputable sites such as the many listed above, as they offer fair keno software variants which haven’t been rigged and therefore each spot has the same odds of being drawn.

So have fun picking your numbers, and if you want to pick them based on special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and lucky numbers, you should as they have the same chance as those ‘hot numbers’ we detailed above. This way when you do win with these type of numbers, it will be a lot more special.

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The game of Keno requires luck to be successful, but are there some numbers that come up more than others? Find out here.