montana draw results 2020

Montana draw results 2020

New for 2020, Montana’s application deadline has changed. Normally the application deadline for special draw deer/elk and nonresident combination licenses was March 15, but for the 2020 season, you now have an extra two weeks (17 days) to submit your application! The new application deadline is April 1.

This new application deadline impacts both residents and nonresidents.

In Summary

  • 2020 special draw permit (deer and elk) application deadline = April 1
  • 2020 nonresident combination license (Big Game Combo, Elk Combo, Deer Combo) application deadline = April 1

Montana has also listed an approximate draw result date of April 20. So even with the application deadline pushed back, they will still have their draw results released when they typically announce them each year.

To kick start your 2020 research, be sure to check out all of your Montana options on Filtering 2.0 and our Draw Odds page. Also, be on the lookout for our 2020 Montana deer and elk application strategy article. Best of luck in the draws!

Montana's 2020 deer and elk application deadline has changed. Hunter's now have an additional two weeks to submit their applications.


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Anyone in Helena see the beautiful double rainbow this morning?! 🌈 Photo by Art Compton

Montana Wild – FWP

Anyone in Helena see the beautiful double rainbow this morning?! 🌈 Photo of our resident Rough-Legged Hawk by Art Compton

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

FWP and partners release bighorn sheep in Little Belt Mountains

50 sheep translocated from herd in Missouri River Breaks. FWP and partnering organizations and agencies captured and translocated bighorn sheep … Ещё this month to an area of the Little Belt Mountains about 65 miles southeast of Great Falls.

Bighorn sheep, whose populations were once vast across the West, were extirpated from the Little Belts by the early 20th century. In the past 10 years, a few bighorn sheep have naturally returned to the mountain range, and although FWP biologists have documented lamb production there since 2015, they have been unable to verify more than six sheep at one time in the entire range.

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