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magayo Lotto is the most popular, highly effective and the best Mega Millions software in the world. The winning Jackpot lottery ticket of our magayo Lotto user is a clear testament to our proven and effective Lotto software!

Jackpot Lottery Winner

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Best Lottery Software for Mega Millions

Award-winning Mega Millions software with real Lotto winners

magayo Lotto software is probably the most advanced and most effective Mega Millions software in the market. Not only has magayo Lotto garnered numerous 5-star awards and accolades, more importantly, it has helped many users to win!

Update Mega Millions results with a single click

magayo Lotto supports Mega Millions, Powerball and many Lotto games and the draw results can be easily updated with a single click.

Powerful lottery software yet easy-to-use

magayo Lotto is packed with many advanced features. Yet, our Lotto software is intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use. You just need to select your game, update the latest draw results with a single click and let magayo Lotto analyze, recommend and generate your tickets to play.

Gain valuable insights into Mega Millions and reduce your odds

magayo Lotto software can identify the trends and patterns and intelligently recommend a smaller pool of balls to play. With lesser balls, your odds are reduced thereby increasing your chances of winning.

magayo Lotto further provides you with visibility to the trends and patterns in 3 time horizons and our Lotto software will also recommend the filters to use.

After analyzing, you can easily generate your tickets with the filters applied to narrow your play. magayo Lotto software will generate all possible tickets (full wheel) if the total combination is not more than 1,000 based on your selected balls. With key balls selection, you can also choose selected balls to be included in every ticket!

You can also select a wheeling system from over 650 lottery wheels to generate your Lotto tickets.

magayo Lotto is the best Mega Millions software supporting Mega Millions, Powerball and many Lotto games in the world.