maryland lottery scratch off codes

Maryland Scratch Off Lottery Codes

Prize Code Other Code Combinations
$1.00 ONE

Notes: Maryland does not put the codes on all tickets.

Warning: The Lottery does not encourage players to rely solely on these codes when determining the value of a ticket. Please play responsibly.


Does anyone have any information about the codes for Maryland?

I know some of them:

$1.00 = one
$2.00 = two
$3.00 = thr
$4.00 = for
$5.00 = fiv
$10.00 = ten
$100.00 = hun
$1000.00 = tho

Trying to figure the others myself

Thanks so much for all the codes!

FTN= $15
TWF = $25
THY= $30
FTY = $40
They get tricky over $500.00
FHN, FHD can be $500.00
Had $10000.00 Code was FHW
had $5,000.00 CODE was IEU
I have noticed it depends on the game and if you won more than one number like 3 of 5 winning numbers in the lucky numbers then the codes do not work. Usually pretty simple on 100.00 or smaller

I’ve removed the code for $1000 because it may not be the same every time.

Thanks – I’ve updated the page with all the codes up to $500.

Thanks… I’ve updated the page.

Are you saying that FIF is not $50?
I think you missed a letter in your code for $8.

No FIF is a $50 code, but I won $50 on a ten dollar ticket with the code FTF

I added FTF to the list, but I kept the “FIF”.

So, it seems that there are multiple codes for $50.

TGT on $5 Amazing 8’s Scratch off for $28.00

Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

Np, I will definetly update anytime I find out a new one. 🙂 (tricky lil codes lol)

my 150 ticket was TVT

my 150 ticket was TVT

I’ve added it to the page, but it doesn’t sound right.

I have had FTE on tickets before that were NOT winners so it does not always mean $50…

does anyone else think that codes r specific 2 the scrathch off

Just won $50 on a Price Is Right scratch off. Code is EEE. Very strange as I have never seen it and cannot find reference to it!

Can anyone else confirm this?

I have a $60 winner on 40 rubies. The code is FEN

Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

I had VTT and not a winner.

I have removed the code from the page.

i got a 30 dollar red line bingo winner and the letters are EFN….

Can anyone else verify this information? That doesn’t sound right.

Can anyone else verify this information? That doesn’t sound right.

I’ve also had ETF or a combination of the three letters and it has not been a winner

I just won 50$ on a Price is Right scratch off also, Code is VWE. Never seen this code with a 50 before.

FHD for scratch off… thought it was $500 but ive checked and checked and it isnt… Lucky 7s game book! Maybe I should take it to the store & have it checked,.

FWN, NWF, WFN, = $75?

Is that a question?

I just won what looks life $50 on red white & blue but the code is FVN ?

FEW on a $10 Bingo is $50

EET is $100 King Size Bingo

TNT for platinum crossword is $30. (5 black words )

I had a FTF which the lottery scratch off codes says $50.00 but went to two stores and neither was a winner.. Now that was strange

Had WEV on $10 Bingo won $50 but when it I got it on $5 Bingo no winner some codes are game specific

FND is for $500 on $20 tickets. Generally tickets that have prizes of $30 or more that are not won on tickets that cost $20 each have random letters for the prize code.

Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

EEW $50 Big Cash($5)ticket

EEF is $75 on Red Hot Riches

EIV is $35 Supper Slot

FFF is $50 on $100,000 Richer (cost $10)

Code for a $200 winner on a $10 Twisted Bingo is NFW or any combinations of those letters

Code for a $100 winner on a $10 Twisted Bingo is NNE or any combinations of those letters

Won $50 on Deluxe Cash Crossword with code VWV.

HRR is fifty on snowman bingo

I had EEE on a scratch off and I won $100.00. So I think it depends on the scratch off.

I just Wone on Big Play Crossword.I wone 50$ an the Code on the Scratch off was E W W

I won $50 on the big play crossword & the code was ETE.

$5 bingo … TNT = $50

I won 50 on money vault the code was teh

$100 NFF Twisted Bingo

Svn $7.00 on Lucky7

Thanks – I have updated the page.

FEW was $75.00 on bling of bingo.

With the exception of the codes for amounts $20 and less, which are TEN, FTN and TWN or any combination of those letters, the $10 Blingo Bingo cards DO Not follow any code pattern. I’ve had several $50, $75 and $100 winning cards and the same codes that were on those winning cards were on twice as many losing cards, which at first I was certain that I had won and even argued due to the codes. I did take those cards to the lottery office to verify them. So DO NOT just go by the codes, and don’t toss them either just because you think it’s not a winning code.

I got a new $3 World Championship POKER with HNF which stands for $500 but the scratchoff is not a winner

Has anyone noticed that some newer games don’t have codes at all? The $20 Hit It Big game doesn’t seem to have them.

VET is $50 on $5 Bingo Times 10

Yeah it looks like they’re doing away with the three letter codes. They’re just going to have the QR codes. But the MD lottery app (at least on Android) finally has QR code scanning. Only non winning scratch offs are accepted for points for prizes so if you scan it and get an error, you might have a winner.

My friend had a 5000$ winner and it didn’t actually have any letters at all and I had a 10,000$ winner and it didn’t have any letters either. I think the big winners 5 thousand and above don’t show letters

Maryland Scratch Off Lottery Codes Prize Code Other Code Combinations $1.00 ONE Notes: Maryland does not put the codes on all tickets. Warning: The Lottery does not

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Where did it go?

This app worked fine for a long time for me. Then in past 6 months things changed. When I would go to scan a ticket to enter points it would power my phone completely down. I have a iPhone 11Pro Max. It would all the way to the where the Apple screen shows like it updating. And that would happen every single use. Like every 6 or more tickets or so. Now the app doesn’t function at all. I’ve tried to delete and read-install it. The only that appears is the reddish banner& the menu options if you hit the 3 lines on the left. Other than that the screen is completely white and will not load anything. I have so many tickets that I’m afraid they are going to expire because of this. And the blank screen has been happening for months now. Please correct. I loved this app before and would like to love it again.

So far so good

I come from New York and bought some tickets on a drive through Maryland and saw on the tickets you can use this app. I was hesitant due to the bad review but tried just in case they updated it or in case of user error. It worked perfectly to scan the tickets. When you scam there it a “t” like line that comes on screen you just need to make sure that the little scanner box on the bottom is clear and right at the center of the “t” and bam you get a fast read and response. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. So it did what it was suppose to do for me anyway. I didn’t get anymore involved with it yet. But I wanted to leave a recent review for anyone wanting to scan to know that this works perfectly fine and to give it another try. And also that is it really cool you can scan from your phone in Maryland cause in NY you can’t do that you have to scan at a lotto store. 😀

Locked out for too many incorrect attempts

Locked me out for 24 hours because it said I entered too many incorrect codes using the scanner, it said next time it will lock me out permanently. What the crap is that? The scanner never reads the Mega Bucks scratch off tickets, it did once but that was after 8 or so new tickets and it finally reads one. It’s a great app for adding points for rewards but only 1 star for me unless this is fixed. It doesn’t read scratch off tickets very well or maybe it’s the Mega Bucks tickets that only have the problem? I won’t give it a better rating unless they fix this. Seems the only tickets it has the easiest time reading and a 100% success rate are the mega millions, powerball and cash4life. Mega Bucks scratch offs are a risk and you’ll get perma banned because of this half broken app because of course it’s your fault and not the app, right?

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