man killed after winning lottery

Weeks after winning $1 million lottery, man dies of cancer

Donald Savastano, 51, died three weeks after winning a $1 million lottery.

Man dies weeks after hitting $1M lottery payday

— — Just a few days into the new year, Donald Savastano walked into a convenience store at a gas station in Sydney, New York, to buy a lottery ticket.

By the time he walked out, the self-employed carpenter had a winning ticket — one worth $1 million.

“This is going to change our lives, to tell you the truth,” Savastano said to the local media shortly after winning the ticket.

But just a little over three weeks later, Savastano died of cancer.

Savastano said had planned to use lottery winnings for retirement, to buy a new truck, and invest in the future, according to ABC station WCVB. Among his other priorities, Savastano, who couldn’t afford life insurance before the winnings and hadn’t been feeling well, wanted to visit a doctor, the station reported.

That’s when they told him he had Stage 4 lung and brain cancer.

Savastano died on Jan. 26. He was 51 years old.

According to his obituary, Savastano was born in Queens, New York, and raised in nearby Long Island. After moving to Sydney, Savastano learned carpentry from his dad and pursued it as a career.

After working for commercial companies, he decided to go into business for himself.

Savastano is survived by his girlfriend of 12 years, Julie Wheeler; his mother, Annette Savastano Dart; and his brothers, John, Charles, Louis and Doug.

The family declined to comment to ABC News.

But according to his obituary, they said he was always there for people.

“He always tried to reach out and help those he could by teaching them the right way to do things,” it read.

Donald Savastano, 51, died three weeks after winning a $1 million lottery.

Jury finds Cleveland man not guilty of killing a lottery winner

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A jury found Michael Ward not guilty of murdering a man who had recently won the lottery.

Ward was on trial for the murder of Isaac Carson Jr. on June 4, 2018.

The family of Ward Jr. spoke to 19 News after the decision. Ward Jr.’s mother said, “I’m feeling blessed. It’s been a long two years. We knew that my son was innocent.”

Carson, a barber and father of two, had recently won a $50,000 lottery ticket when he was shot to death

The deadly shooting happened in the parking lot of Lady Luck’s Pub near Nottingham Road and Nyack Court in Cleveland.

Ward took the stand in his own defense Friday before the jury got the case.

Ward told the jury he and two others met Carson at Lady Luck’s Pub to purchase marijuana.

According to Ward, he got into the front seat of Carson’s van and a second person he arrived with jumped into the back seat of the van.

Ward said the second person shot Carson.

After Ward and the second person got out of the van, Ward said the second person ran back and shot Carson again.

Ward said all three of them then drove away, leaving Carson for dead.

Ward was the the only person charged in connection with Carson’s murder.

19 News spoke to Victoria Moore, mother of Isaac Carson, before the jury’s ruling. She said “We always believed that there was more than one. We definitely believed that. And that it was a set-up.” said Moore.

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Sherrie Miday presided over Ward’s trial which began on Oct. 7.

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Issac Carson Jr. was murdered on June 4, 2018. ]]>