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Maharashtra Lottery

In this article, we will provide all the information you need about the Maharashtra State Lottery. The following three questions will be answered:

  • How does the Maharashtra state lottery work?
  • Where can I find Maharashtra lottery results and lottery tickets?
  • What are the benefits and the drawbacks of the Maharashtra state lottery?

The Maharashtra State Lottery

Maharashtra is a state in the western and central parts of India. The Maharashtra state is the second most populated state in the country with a population of about 113 million people.

Maharashtra is one of the states in India that holds a government-run lottery. The Maharashtra lottery is a very popular daily event which is pursued under the rules and regulations stated by the federal government.

Similar to the other government-run lotteries the Maharashtra State Lottery is following the Kerala state lottery model. The State Kerala lottery was founded in 1967 as all private lotteries were banned. Instead, the government of Kerala instituted a lottery that would guarantee a righteous and trustworthy gambling organizer. This model stated a good example followed by many other states such as Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Rajya Lottery Mechanics

The Rajya Maharashtra Lottery provides an opportunity for the citizens to participate in a game of large prize amounts at a low cost. Participation in the lottery is also a contribution to the state’s social welfare as the revenue generated from the lottery is committed to financial support to underprivileged people.

A lottery ticket price normally ranges from about 30 to 50 rupees

The Rajya Maharashtra Lottery is running daily draws every day of the week and in addition to that, they also conduct Bumper draws and the Vaibhavlaxmi lottery where prize money is higher. A lottery ticket price normally ranges from about 30 to 50 rupees but is slightly more expensive when playing the Bumper lotteries.

The Maharashtra lottery results are presented online on the official Maharashtra state government website. The draws are conducted every day at 4.00 PM (IST). Lottery tickets can be bought online or at any of the authorized resellers around the state.

Maharashtra Vaibhavlaxmi Lottery

Besides the daily lottery, the Maharashtra state lotteries also conduct the Vaibhavlaxmi lottery every Friday. The first prize of the Vaibhavlaxmi lottery is 7 lakhs rupees and the second prize is 2000 rupees.

Maharashtra Bumper Lotteries

Bumper Lotteries are held in connection to the big Indian holidays throughout the year. The Maharashtra New Year Bumper Lottery is one of the most attained lotteries of the year and the first prize in the 2020 new year bumper draw was Rs 50 Lakh.

The ticket price to participate in a Bumper Lottery is a bit more pricy than an average everyday lottery ticket – but the prize money is usually much higher.

Benefits and drawbacks of the Maharashtra Lottery

The lottery is a good example of government-run gambling. Most people can afford to participate in a fun game with the chance of winning a lot of money. The lottery is easily accessible and does not require any online registration as the tickets are sold by numerous resellers.

The most outstanding benefit of the Maharashtra state lottery might be the fact that the profit generated from the lottery is reinvested in areas such as health and education facilities, women and child welfare, and the state’s infrastructure.

The drawback of the government-run lotteries in India is the high house edges. For you as a gambler, the chances of winning are remarkably low in comparison to other gambling such as online casinos or sports betting.

The Maharashtra lottery has a house edge of about 50%. This means that you, mathematically, are expected to lose 50% on every single bet. In other gambling such as, for instance, casino games the house edge can be down to 1-5%, which is quite substantially better odds for you as a gambler.

If you are looking to make the most possible profit from your gambling investment the online betting sites are offering much more beneficial house edges. No homegrown bookmakers or casinos are allowed in the state of Maharashtra or any other state in India, but the offshore online betting platforms are offering a complete gambling experience accessible for all of the Indian people.

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