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Lucky life tools

We’re still working on updating our listings, but you can now buy our 2021 editions at our Etsy shop.

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2021 Planners are here!

***BLACK FRIDAY SALE*** Save 20% OFF of LUCKY Life Planner 2021 by entering code LLTBF2021 at checkout.

Life Planner

An innovative planner that helps you use time well, achieve your big goals, and live a full, bold, and inspired life.

  • Set your goals: Define long-term, yearly, and monthly goals, prioritize, create goal/project timelines, and measure your progress.
  • Get things done: Plan your time in detail while keeping in focus your top priorities. Track your routines and build new habits.
  • Balance your life: Throughout the year, the LUCKY Life Planner encourages you to look at the bigger picture of your life, and keep checking in with yourself about what you want to focus your attention on next.
  • Thrive: Handle common life challenges with cool tools such as the Habit builder, Decision maker, Mood booster, Creativity booster, Prioritizer, and many more.
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Monthly Planner

Ideal companion to the Life Planner, or for those of us with less detailed hourly schedule, this slim planner allows you to:

  • Take it anywhere: It’s ultra-thin and ultra-light and it’s easy to carry, yet it features 100gsm thick paper that won’t let pens or highlighters bleed through.
  • Set your goals: Define your goals within each area of your life; create a detailed plan for your top goal, and spread your steps and milestones across a 12-month timeline (split in quarters).
  • Plan your month top-down: The unique monthly layout provides space for your top goals and priorities, with ample space for tasks and notes. It also nudges you to balance your life by keeping in sight the big picture of your life.
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Daily Wellness Journal

A guided journal and diary that helps supercharge your day with mindfulness and positivity.

  • Morning routine: Infuse your morning with positivity by focusing on things you’re grateful for and excited about.
  • Evening routine: Take stock of your wins for the day, lessons learned, and your life balance.
  • Wellness Tracker: Track your well-being and your health habits every day.
  • Schedule: List your tasks & make a detailed plan for your day.
  • Free space: Ample space for notes and journaling every day.
  • Question of the day: A new empowering question every day to keep yourself in a positive state of mind.
  • Analyzers: Printable tools that help you analyze important data collected through your journal & gain insights.
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FREE Life Tools

These free PDF printable tools will help you plan and reflect on your life. Sign up (quick and FREE) to download.

Planners, journals, and printable tools that help you achieve your goals and live a more balanced life.

Lucky life tools

The LUCKY Life Planner is packed with the tools you need to manage your time effectively, track your progress, and prioritize your actions and attention wisely. It takes you through an in-depth & powerful process:


  • Life Map
  • Goals List
  • Goal Strategies
  • Goal Worksheets – compact
  • Goal Worksheets – extended
  • Prioritizer
  • 1-year Goals/Projects Timeline


  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly agenda pages (weeks start Monday) – Undated
  • Reviews: Weekly, Quarterly, Annual
  • Weekly Habit / Routines tracker
  • Daily tracker
  • Monthly & Weekly Focus areas
  • Monthly & Weekly Task Lists
  • Monthly Timelines
  • Monthly Goals/Priorities areas


  • Self-inventory
  • Life satisfaction
  • Decision maker
  • Habit builder/breaker
  • Belief changer
  • Mood booster & Creativity booster
  • Financial Accounts Tracker
  • Income/Spending Plan
  • Lists & Notes (grid/squared)

Achievement without fulfillment is failure.

Life is a layered experience for all of us – involving a variety of personal, social, and professional aspects. And we only have once chance at it. LUCKY Life Planner keeps all important Life Areas in sight while you focus on your top priorities, so you can live a fuller, more satisfying life.


Question: What’s better – to be narrowly focused on your Top Goals, or to spread your attention and strive for Life Balance? Answer: Both!

If you focus on one goal and neglect everything else, you’ll likely watch the rest of your life fall apart. You’ll be vulnerable to burnout – which not only causes lack of productivity, but also inability to derive joy from any achievements. But. if you try balancing between all areas – all the time – and in equal measure. you’ll likely watch yourself drown in overwhelm and mediocre results.

So, what’s our recipe? Simple: 1) Determine the current importance of each goal / life area in relation to all others, 2) Focus on each in proportion to its relative importance to the others, and 3) Reassess the order of priority on a regular basis, and adjust your approach.

LUCKY Life Planner provides the prioritization tools you need to achieve both balance and focus at the same time.

Life Planner & Goal Setting Agenda, by Lucky Life Tools (Black – UNDATED) ]]>