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Kingdom Hearts III — Guide and Walkthrough

Guide and Walkthrough by ElectroSpecter

Version: 3.01 | Updated: 05/30/2020
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough
    1. Opening
    2. Olympus
    3. Twilight Town
    4. Olympus Wrap-Up
    5. Toy Box
    6. Kingdom of Corona
    7. Monstropolis
    8. 100 Acre Wood
    9. Arendelle
    10. The Caribbean
    11. San Fransokyo
    12. The Keyblade Graveyard
    13. Post-Game
  3. Re Mind DLC
    1. Premium Menus
    2. Re Mind
  4. Side Quests and Mini Games
  5. Moogle Shop
  6. Moogle Workshop
  7. Cooking and Ingredients
  8. Lucky Emblems
  9. Treasures
  10. Gummi Ship
  11. Gummiphone
  12. Bestiary
  13. Stats & Abilities
  14. Items and Equipment
  15. Trophies / Achievements
  16. Version History
  17. Acknowledgements and Closing

Lucky Emblems

Lucky Emblems are the Mickey heads you’ll find scattered around the various worlds (very basic silhouettes, just three circles), either etched into various surfaces or formed by the interaction of environmental elements. While you can start finding them as early as Olympus, you won’t be able to “collect” them until you can take pictures of them with the Gummiphone, an ability that you will gain after reaching Twilight Town. While some are fairly obvious and out in the open, many are cleverly hidden. There are 90 total emblems in the game, and you’ll gain prizes occasionally for finding enough of them.

The first subsection lists the rewards you can obtain from the emblems, as well as how many you need to photograph for each. The other subsection is basically a comprehensive atlas of the game’s worlds with maps and screenshots.

NOTE: The emblem numbering I use matches order they appear in the Gummiphone.

  1. Rewards
  2. Locations
    1. Olympus
    2. Twilight Town
    3. Toy Box
    4. Kingdom of Corona
    5. Monstropolis
    6. Arendelle
    7. The Caribbean
    8. San Fransokyo
    9. Hundred Acre Wood
1) Rewards

Completion stamp for the Lucky Emblems Gummiphone section
Hidden Kings trophy / achievement
Secret ending (if playing on Beginner Mode)
Proof of Promises (after beating the game)

2) Locations
i) Olympus

Etched into the wall.

On the wall amidst the rubble.

Etched into the steps. You’ll have to stand far enough away for the emblem to form.

Etched into the wall between some planters.

On the side of a pillar.

After lowering the water level by killing the Water Cores, you will find this emblem on the wall behind where the waterfall was previously.

A large rock formation on the top of a large rock spire. Take the picture from the high point to the west.

Made of vines hanging off a tree.

Etched into the wall on the side of the steps.

Etched into the wall.

On the side of the anvil in the middle of the area.

Formed by clouds in the distance to the southeast.

ii) Twilight Town

On the wall. This is part of the Lucky Emblem tutorial, so it’s pretty tough to miss!

On the roof of the Tram that runs around the neighborhood (note that this is not shown on the area map since the Tram moves around).

On one of the chimneys atop the Moogle Shop.

A smudge that can be seen on the projector screen in between movies.

Formed by the dinner plates on the roof. Take the photo from the building to the north.

Etched into the wooden bulkhead door.

Free run up the wall and you’ll see this etched into the wall higher up.

On the south-facing side of the hill, formed by sunbeams.

South-facing side of the western outer wall.

iii) Toy Box

About halfway up the shelves, eastern wall.

Etched into the corner of the garage roof.

Formed by the leaves on the walkway. Stand on the front steps to get the alignment correct.

Back of the minivan.

Formed by the rolls of tape hanging on the wall.

Etched onto the round platform where the toys are displayed. Use a Gigas mech to blast apart the display to reveal it.

Use the updraft to land on the lower path that heads east. Turn immediately around to see this emblem.

Jump over the 3F balcony to land on the UFO. The emblem is on a hatch.

Formed by the disco balls. Stand on the Julia display to the north to get the correct angle.

Base of the robot display.

Formed by the logo and stickers on the boxes.

iv) Kingdom of Corona

Stand on the top of the tower and look southeast to see the emblem near the waterfall.

Formed by a discoloration on the wall.

On the side of a barrel in the mines.

On the end of a stone railing near the entrance to The Kingdom.

Etched into the side of the archway that leads to the area with the dancing mini game.

Etched into the large wooden door.

Part of the stone door frame at the base of the tower.

Formed by the barrels and pallet against the wall. You’ll have to stand far back enough to get the correct angle.

In the ashes of the brazier at the top of the lighthouse.

v) Monstropolis

Drawn on a piece of paper attached to a clipboard, seventh desk from either end.

Move the weighted clown by running into it to reveal this emblem on the floor.

Formed by yellow doors in the far distance.

On a wall below a window.

Pink paint splotches on the floor near the west wall.

Wall at the southern end of a machinery-filled hallway.

Side of the filing cabinets.

Top of the door frame outside the maintenance room.

Formed by the ends of the pipes high up the wall. Stand on the platform in the northeast corner of the room to get the correct angle.

Once the fires are out (after completing this world), this will appear as an oil stain on the ground. Take the picture from the balcony to the west to get the correct angle.

vi) Arendelle

So, Arendelle can be a bit confusing to navigate, particularly on a return visit. The Labyrinth of Ice doesn’t quite function the way it did your first time through, previously blocked paths are open, and you won’t be hurled off cliffs constantly. To help remedy the potential confusion, please use the following “world” map to get a sense of how the world is laid out, and use the detailed maps after for further assistance.

As far as the Labyrinth of Ice is concerned, you won’t actually be able to rotate any pillars any more. You can still move the Middle and Lower Tiers into their different configurations by entering the room that has the elevator to the Upper Tier and then immediately turning around and leaving (I’m just as confused as you are). Doing this is required to return to the little area with the ice rails where one of the treasure chests is located.

Fall from the Gorge area to a higher ledge with a chest. The emblem is on a tree south of the chest.

Northeast end of a small bridge. Use the map above for specific location.

At the end of a side path in the Lower Tier. You can find this regardless of the current layout of the Labyrinth.

Made from icy circles on the wall next to the bridge. You can see this regardless of the current layout of the Labyrinth.

Northwest room, formed by rocks on the ground. Take the picture from the high central platform for the correct angle).

Etched into the cliff face, hard to miss when coming up from the Gorge area.

This one is a little tricky because you’ll have to run up the wall to reach this ledge, but it’s not that high up in relation to how tall the wall actually is. If you’re starting at the east end of the cliff, run about eight paces up before running west sideways along the cliff (right, from the gamer’s point of view). You’ll eventually be able to drop down a stone chute of sorts to reach the ledge. The emblem is made of packed snow on the rock.

Back of the rock covered in spiky rime ice.

Very difficult to see on a tiny snowy ledge. You’ll have to snap the photo from the cliff to the south.

Formed by the ends of the logs in the stack.

Imprinted in the snow on the back of this rock.

vii) The Caribbean

On the rowboat near the shore.

Formed by the exposed bricks on the archway under the building.

Formed by the light shining onto some crates in the beach hut.

On the back of the sign at the beginning of the pier.

Formed by the rope piles atop the inner wall of the fort.

Etched into the ball and chain in the prison cell.

Head clockwise around the island until you reach the cliffs to the southeast. The emblem is formed by huge rocks under the water.

Formed by the three rocks in the southeast corner of the island. Stand on the tall rock spire to the north to get the correct angle.

Formed by round rocks near the base of the large arch at the southern end of the island. Take the photo from the deck of the ship.

This is actually on a much smaller sandy island directly to the west of the beach of the main island.

On the side of the wrecked ship sticking up out of the water.

Formed by the underwater cave entrance. Hard to miss.

Etched into the rock at the top of the underwater rock spire in the center of the area.

viii) San Fransokyo

Formed by the yellow wires hanging on the wall (note that this is not on the area map as the Garage area is so small).

Formed by the dark red bushes here. Take the photo from the chef statue to the northwest.

Can only be found at night (change the time of day at a save point if you need to). This is formed by the spotlights on the advertisement. Take the photo from the roof of the building to the south.

On the fan of the statue of the woman. Take the photo from the roof of the building to the east.

Etched into the eastern side of the dome on top of the building.

Roof of the building, next to some vents that can launch you into the air.

Etched on the top of the floating, zeppelin-type thing, about the same height as the roof of the nearby building.

Formed by the discoloration on the stairs here. You’ll have to stand far enough back (to the east) to get the correct angle.

A stretched discoloration on the train tunnel wall. The correct angle can be attained by standing at the west entrance of the tunnel, standing on the barrier in between the tracks.

On the side of a yellow car parked here. The car should be there day or night!

Tip-top of the antenna at the top of the building the spans the train tunnel. Easier to Airstep up to the top from a distance rather than trying to run up.

For Kingdom Hearts III on the PlayStation 4, Guide and Walkthrough by ElectroSpecter.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations: where to find all of the hidden Mickey Mouse-shaped icons

By Ford James 27 January 2020

Lucky Emblems are the main collectible in Kingdom Hearts 3, with 90 in total to collect. Here is every single Lucky Emblem location

It’s been a year since we discovered all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems, but since there’s just so many of them, anybody playing through the game for the first time will find this guide immensely helpful. From Olympus to San Fransokyo, all of these Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations are required in order to unlock the true ending for the game. The difficulty in finding these Mickey Mouse-shaped icons lies in working out the right angle or hidden spot in order to take a photo of them. There’s a colossal amount of Lucky Emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3, so read on for every single Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem location to get you prepared for the ReMind DLC.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Olympus Lucky Emblems

At the top of the stairs in Thebes Overlook, past the man and woman who give you gifts for saving them.

In the middle of the street where you can use the Trinity Sled through the rubble, next to a gold disc.

In the main Thebes Agora square, on the right-hand side staircase at the back.

Up the stairs by the Thebes Overlook save point, between four potted plants.

On the side of a standing pillar as you start to climb the cliffside.

When you stop the waterfall, this lucky emblem is next to the trickle.

Further up the cliffside, there’s one as you look off the edge of the cliff after the cave.

When it turns dark as you go toward where you fought the Titan, the branches on a tree form a lucky emblem.

On the side of the stairs by the water streams you can grind on, toward the Secluded Forge.

On the wall in a nearby room in the Realm of the Gods – Corridors area.

On the side of the anvil in the Secluded Forge.

This one is up on Cloud Ridge, at the end of the long grind rail with multiple enemies on.

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Lucky Emblems are the main collectible in Kingdom Hearts 3, with 90 in total to collect. Here is every single Lucky Emblem location.