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Fallout 4: How to Get Lucky Eddy

Get the Lucky Eddy lever-action rifle.

Guide by Bill Lavoy, Contributor

Updated on 17 June 2016

This guide will show players how to get the Lucky Eddy lever-action rifle in Fallout 4, a new weapon with the Far Harbor DLC. This weapon will grant players +2 Luck only when they have it equipped.

Lucky Eddy is a lever-action rifle. It’s not unlike what players got when they picked up Old Reliable. The difference is that Lucky Eddy gives you +2 Luck when the weapon is equipped, which can add value to a situation depending on your character build and play through.

Unfortunately, Lucky Eddy cannot be purchased from any vendor, or picked up randomly in the world. It is given to you by Allen Lee, one of the NPCs that you’ll meet when you first arrive in Far Harbor. In order to get this weapon, players will need to work their way through the main quest and side with Far Harbor, destroying Acadia. Allen Lee hates both Acadia and DiMA (why not just join the Brotherhood of Steel, bro?), so he only gives the weapon away if the outcome is favorable to his interests.

The main quest line for Far Harbor isn’t too difficult, but players might get stuck on DiMA’s Memory #5. Beyond that, you can read out guide on How to Get the Best Ending in Far Harbor before you make any decision that you can’t take back.

Spoiler Alert: To get Lucky Eddy, players should convince DiMA to turn himself in to Far Harbor and admit that he murdered the original Avery, replacing her with a Synth. Gamers can also present the evidence of Avery’s murder to Allen Lee directly, and then avoid talking him out of storming Acadia. Allen Lee and other members of Far Harbor will travel directly to Acadia (you can help if you want) and kill everyone in the joint, including Kasumi. When the assault is over, you’ll be able to speak to Allen Lee back at Far Harbor and claim Lucky Eddy.

Depending on your goals in Far Harbor, we don’t really see Lucky Eddy being worth the death of Kasumi. You can snag Old Reliable long before Lucky Eddy, and it’s a more useful gun. Of course, you could attempt to get Lucky Eddy using console commands (PC players only), but you’ll have to know the load order of your game, DLC and mods. This changes from person to person, and we’re still not 100 percent sure it will work. It didn’t for us.

There are a lot cooler things to get from Far Harbor besides Lucky Eddy, including The Striker and the Recon Marine Armor.

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Get the Lucky Eddy lever-action rifle.

Fallout 4: Lucky Eddy

The Lucky Eddy is a weapon in Fallout 4.


  • 1 Description
  • 2 Perk
  • 3 Stats
  • 4 Screenshot
  • 5 Modifications
  • 6 Strategy Guide/Tips
  • 7 Acquisition
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Description [ edit ]

A lucky gun that Allen Lee possesses.

Perk [ edit ]

Stats [ edit ]

Attribute Value
Ammo .40-70
Damage 51
Fire Rate 5
Range 206
Accuracy 74
Weight 10.4
Value 816

Screenshot [ edit ]

Modifications [ edit ]

  • Standard Receiver
  • Long Barrel
  • Short Stock
  • Standard Sights

Strategy Guide/Tips [ edit ]

  • This is a unique weapon that grants Luck.

Acquisition [ edit ]

Complete The Way Life Should be, siding with Allen and destroying Acadia

Fallout 4: Lucky Eddy The Lucky Eddy is a weapon in Fallout 4. Contents 1 Description 2 Perk 3 Stats 4 Screenshot 5 Modifications 6 Strategy Guide/Tips 7