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That popular BL game “Lucky Dog 1” finally appeared in the Android application! !
In jealousy mania and the mafia ‘s falling edge Jean, suddenly the opportunity fell.
One of the biggest chances of life that a hero who is a member can become a boss of the mafia.
Do you make good use of that opportunity or escape?
It depends on the luck of the hero called “LUCKY DOG”.

Besides the “Lucky Dog 1” game, as well as various kinds of wallpapers, of course, visual noveling of the short story of whole body! ! Please enjoy with the sense that you read the SS easily.
△ ▲ Visual Novel will add new stories sequentially, so please enjoy it △ ▲

· In order to realize the offer at as low price as possible, Voice is not.
· CG part differs from PC version in part because of specification change from 18 to 17 prohibited.

Download free Tennenouji 2.1.6 for your Android phone or tablet, file size: 15.11 MB, was updated 2017/09/12 Requirements:android: 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above

Lucky Dog 1 Official English Release

At Anime Expo 2018, Manga Gamer announced the English release of the BL visual novel game Lucky Dog 1. The PC game originally came out in Japan in 2009 and was very highly rated by the public. Announced by an indie developer Tennenouji, the game quickly gained a strong following and was ranked high up with many other well known visual novel titles.

Manga Gamer is to be working with Terracannon876, an online blogger who had been posting translations of the game as early as 2012. Manga Gamer has an short online synopsis of the games plot that can be read here: Manga Gamer: Lucky Dog 1

I’m a bit of a fangirl of this game (I played it back in 2014) and I want to break down the games characters and story-line to give a brief but filling idea about this game.

There are NO SPOILERS in this post.


The story is set in America, just over ten years after WWI. The story follows the life of a lackey CR:5 mafia member named “Gian.”

It picks up with Gian living a calm and relaxing life in prison, when suddenly some big news arrives. All the CR:5 captains/leaders had been arrested at once— putting the stability of the mafia family at risk. Gian disregards the scandal, pushing it out of his mind since he has no real type of authority in the mafia. However, that all changes when he is given a strange letter that contains orders from the big boss to use his knowledge, but most of all, his luck, to help break out the CR:5 captains.

If he is to succeed, he would be rewarded with becoming the new CR:5 captain.

Branching off from there, the player must critically analyze the best escape route and investigate various escape options. Working to break out of prison is hard work, and sometimes, dirty work… Are you up for the challenge?



For starters, it is a visual novel style game. So, the game-play won’t be anything too complicated. It will mostly including a point-and-click style of action. Much like dating-sims, it does branch off into different routes for each character. Your choices in the game matter . The game has a butterfly effect in motion as soon as you start the game, so be wary of who you talk to and what you talk about!

The game is broken up into three different location: Prison, Escape, Daivan. Each of these locations vary in choice options that can alter the outcomes at the end. During all of these locations, you will also have a “lucky meter,” and depending on your decisions, your luck will either increase or decrease.

Each of these locations and their events are vital to deepening your relationship with the other characters in the game. Use your instincts and reasoning to make the right choices with the people around you to get the best possible luck!

It is easy to forget about these aspects of the game when you get lost in the alluring story and characters, so watch out!

What Makes This Game Great? :

On the outside, Lucky Dog 1 seems to be simply just about a prison break. But I can assure you that there is SO MUCH more to this game than just a few boys getting their way out of jail.

The first real reason this game stands out from the rest is because of its fabulous character design. From the art to the writing, the characters are done spectacularly. Before playing Lucky Dog 1, I had never run across such unique and charming character dynamic in any visual novel game. And to make it even better, the protagonist has one of the best personalities out of all the characters. Many story writers are scared of writing a protagonist with a strong personality with fears of it being disliked. However, Gian is a perfect example of a beautifully written protagonist who the player can feel drawn to in a relatable and adoring way. But it does not end at Gian, all the characters, (even the side characters!), have intense depth and draw to them; it is unbelievable.

As funny and creative the different prison break paths are in this game, the story extends much further into the CR:5 mafia family as the player dives further into the plot. After the players general escape, the story-line takes a turn into the development of the Mafia and (depending on the route) goes into some deep rooted gang wars. The exciting story-line tied along with the unique and somewhat comical characters all comes together to make a really spectacular game.

I can constantly praise this game for all the great things it has achieved, but is there anything in the game I can criticize? Yes, of course. No game is completely perfect, and Lucky Dog 1 is no exception. But in the narrow perspective of current BL visual novel games, Lucky Dog 1 without a doubt takes the crown for being the best out there.

Overview :

Just as a friendly reminder, this game is R+18 Boys Love and has many mature topics are involved in the story-line. If you’re familiar with DRAMAtical Murder, or any other Nitro+CHIRAL visual novels, you can be sure to expect similar themes.

The story does juggle a lot of intense topics from character to character, so prepare yourself for some screams and cries.

The series also has a manga called, “Lucky Dog 1 BLAST.” It goes over the core story-line of the game, but it omits all or most of the 18+ material from the original game-play. It has a good overview of the story and characters. Give it a quick look if you have the time.

The game has an unbalanced amount of popularity comparing it to it’s success in Japan/Asia and to the western side of the world. In Japan this game often comes out on top in rankings, and even after so many years of its original release, it is still doing very well. But in the western world the title Lucky Dog 1 is almost unheard of. This is most likely due to the fact that it never got an illegal English patch. Unlike DRAMAtical Murder, a BL visual novel that really peaked in the west back in 2015, it’s western success is highly credited to its illegal English patch. In retrospect, the company who owns DRAMAtical Murder, Nitro+CHIRAL, was at a huge financial loss because of this illegal English release. Since Lucky Dog 1 came out, there has been a tight grip on the series overall to prevent these kinds of actions. Now thankfully, to those conservative actions in protecting the copyright of the game, we are now seeing it get an official English release.

Final Thoughts:

Lucky Dog 1 is my favorite Visual Novel style BL game out there. I would love to recommend it to anyone who is interested in a unique and outstanding experience from a story rich game.

I’m not sure if it will gain the same popularity from the western side of things as DRAMAtical Murder a few years prior. Only time will tell to see how successful the game will become with an English release.

I’m excited to see where the series will go from here on out for future western audiences. Ciao!!

At Anime Expo 2018, Manga Gamer announced the English release of the BL visual novel game Lucky Dog 1. The PC game originally came out in Japan in 2009 and was very highly rated by the public. Announced by an indie developer Tennenouji, the game quickly gained a strong following and was ranked high up…