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Lucky 7 Slot Review

In 2020, it’s not unusual for some slot games to have 10+ reels and more bonus features than you can count on one hand. As you’ll see from our Lucky 7 slot review, that’s definitely not the case with this solid Betsoft slot. It’s said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and this slot does its best to imitate offline 3-reel Vegas slots.

It does a pretty good job of that but with a maximum payout of just 5,000 coins and a single payline, we’ll be checking out whether this slot has what it takes to compete with any of the cutting-edge games available in 2020.

The Best Casinos to Play Lucky 7 Slot

  1. Top rated casino

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How to Play Lucky 7 Slot Machine Online

Betsoft’s Lucky 7 slot machine is straightforward to get to grips with, since it has just 3 reels and a single payline. There’s no bonus round to figure out, and players have just three levels at which they can bet – 1, 2 or 3 coins. As we’ll see below, there’s one very big reason why you might prefer to go with the game’s Max Bet.

The game’s visuals and sounds are as basic as its gameplay, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you like to keep things simple or have always had a place in your heart for straightforward 3-reel games, you’ll have a good time here.

To play Lucky 7 slot games, you need to choose whether you want to wager $1, 2 or 3 on each spin. Clearly, this isn’t one for the high rollers out there. The Max Bet or yellow Spin Reels buttons will get those reels moving, and it’s worth noting that Max Bet is the best way to get the most out of Lucky 7 slots online.

The slot has two different views, one of which zooms in on the reels while the other shows the paytable as well. You can switch between these using the Change View button in the top right-hand corner.

How to Win on Lucky 7 Slot Machine

With no bonus round in play, the only way to win big when playing Lucky 7 is to line up three 7 (that’s just 7, not the Lucky 7 icons) symbols for a jackpot of 1,000x your stake, or more than 1,666x if you’re playing with 3 coins. That’s clearly a big jump and, if you can afford it, shows why you should be playing with 3 coins.

Although the game offers players plenty of chances to win, be prepared for a bit of frustration; it’s possible to almost line up 3 symbols but, if the final icon doesn’t fall exactly on the payline, you can end up with nothing. Of course, in 3-reel games, that’s all part of the excitement. Still, what we wouldn’t do for a Nudge function to help turn some of those outcomes into extra wins…

Lucky 7 Slot Pay Table & Paylines

Basic Info 1st coin 2nd coin 3rd coin
Seven 1000 2000 5000
Lucky seven 250 500 750
Cherry 150 300 750
Three bar 100 200 300
Two bar 50 100 150
One bar 20 40 60
Any two cherry 10 20 30
Any bar 3 6 9
Any one cherry 3 4 6

RTP & Volatility in Lucky 7 Slot

Lucky 7 slots online, free or real money, have an RTP of 97% though, so they come much closer to that perfect figure than most other slots do in 2020. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get $97 back for every $100 you play but is a good indicator that the typical player can expect lots of wins during a session.

A slot’s volatility is equivalent to the level of risk players take on when they enjoy a game. Very volatile slots don’t pay out often but award big prizes when they do, while low volatility games pay out smaller sums more often.

We’d put Lucky 7’s volatility in the low to medium range. In other words, the game is a lot less risky than other titles. This makes sense because the jackpot is so much smaller than millionaire makers and progressive jackpots, which have a lower RTP.

As a consequence, the Lucky 7 slot machine is a good option for gamblers who like lengthy playing sessions and don’t necessarily need an enormous jackpot to keep them interested.

How Does Lucky 7’s Winnings Compare to Other Slot Games?

When playing at the Max Bet of $3 per spin, Lucky 7’s jackpot – triggered by three 7 symbols – stands at $5,000. That’s not particularly high, especially when compared with progressive slots or even most 5-reel games, but the game tries to make up for that with a high RTP of 97%.

Lucky 7 Slot Bonuses

If you’re here looking for Lucky 7 free slots spins or bonus features you should prepare to be disappointed. Unfortunately, this title doesn’t offer anything like that to sweeten the deal for players who are hoping to land a big payout.

Although it’s not exactly a bonus, there is one thing that Lucky 7 does to offer some added value – when playing with 1 or 2 coins, the game’s maximum jackpot stands at 1,000x or 2,000x a player’s stake. When using 3 coins, however, the game’s jackpot jumps to 5,000x your stake rather than the 3,000x you would expect.

In 2020, players are used to various types of bonus rounds and mini games. We have no doubt that, for some, the absence of any features like that will be a deal breaker.

Free Online Lucky 7 Slot Game

In times gone by, most gamblers were used to simple 3-reel slots and may not have been familiar with fancier 5-reel games. These days, the reverse is true – many of our readers may never even have tried a 3-reel game. For that reason alone, using Lucky 7 slots free is a good way to test out how everything works.

Also, playing Lucky 7 slots online free, will help you get a rough idea of how often the slot pays out. While you can’t rely on exactly the same outcome when you’re playing for real, it will help you figure out how much you can realistically afford to bet when using real money.

Lucky 7 Mobile Slots

With an extremely simple layout, and just one payline to keep track of, this game is perfect for use on mobiles and tablets. Also, since there’s no bonus round, you can play for as little or as much time as you like without any pressure to stick around until a feature is launched.

Simple 3-reel slots may not be everyone’s favourite type of game but they’re still a perfect fit for playing on the move, especially on older devices.

Similar Slots to Play Online

With simple symbols reminiscent of countless one-armed bandits and fruit machines, Lucky 7 definitely doesn’t do anything to reinvent the wheel. The most you could say about this slot is that it’s a faithful recreation of a land-based 3-reel slot. Like the branding on the machine says, «it’s Las Vegas in the comfort of your home.»

The game hasn’t spawned any sequels or spinoffs but, if you can’t get enough of 7s and BARs, there’s no shortage of games like this both on and off the web. There are even a few 5-reel games out there with similar visuals to this game if you love the charm of vintage gambling.

If Lucky 7 isn’t ticking all of the boxes that you want, you could always try one of the games listed below. They’re all 3-reel games that are very popular:

In our Lucky 7 review, find out all the ins and outs of this 3-reel Betsoft game. Claim a valuable bonus, embrace vintage Vegas charm and chase that jackpot.

Lucky 7

This article contains everything you need to know about Lucky 7. Keep reading to learn how to play Lucky 7 and where to play.

Where to Play Lucky 7

100% up to ₹20,000
Deposit ₹1,800 and get 150 Free Spins
100% Up To ₹60,000 Welcome Bonus

>>Sports betting & Live casino
>>Low wagering requirements
>>Live Betting

How to Play Lucky 7

Our instructions are based on Ezugi’s version of Lucky 7.

Lucky 7 is played with eight decks of 52 cards without jokers. The dealer shuffles the cards before the game starts. You have to guess if the card will be higher than 7 (7 up), lower than 7 (7 down), or just 7.

Step 1: Place your bets

You have ten seconds to place your bets.

You have to start by choosing the coin value. The coin sizes displayed on the screen include 1, 4, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000.

After choosing your coin size, you place bets by dragon the coins to the betting options at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: The dealer reveals the card

After your bet is placed, the dealer shows the card.

If your prediction is correct, you win the bet. A payout is made according to the paytable.

The next game round continues automatically and you can play an unlimited amount of times.

Bet Options

Standard bets

There are three types of standard bets. The RTP for standard bets is 92.3%

  • 7 Up – A bet that the card will be above 7
  • 7 Down – A bet that the card will be below 7
  • 7 – A bet that the card will be exactly. This bet has the highest payout.

Side Bets – Colour

There are only two possible side bets for colours. The RTP colour side bet is 95%

  • Red: You bet the card will be red (diamond or hearts)
  • Black: You bet the card will be black (clubs or spades)

Side Bets – Odds or Even

There are only two possible side bets for odds or even.

  • Odds: You bet the card will be an odd number (3,5,7,9). The RTP is 96.92%/
  • Even – You bet the card will be an even number (2,4,6,8). The RTP is 92.31%/


Regular Bets Payout
Above 7 1:1
7 11:1
Below 7 1:1
Side Bet – Colour
Red 0.9:1
Black 0.9:1
Side Bet – Odd, Even
Odd 0.8:1
Even 1:1

Strategies to Win More Often in Lucky 7

Even though Lucky 7 is a game of chance, you can apply some strategies to increase your chances of winning more. Let’s start by understanding the details.

  • Lucky 7 is played using 8 decks of 52 cards. That is a total of 416 cards (52 x 8).
  • 32 cards are 7, 160 cards are even, 256 cards are odd, 192 cards are up, and 192 are down. There are 208 black cards and 208 red cards.
  • The possibility of getting a 7 up is 46.15% and a 7 down is also 46.15%
  • The possibility of getting a 7 is just about 7.7%
  • The possibility of getting an even card is 38.46% while that of odd is 61.54%.
  • You have a 50% chance of getting a red or black card

The odd bet is the most likely out of all possible outcomes. Thus, the odd bet could be the best bet to place at the beginning of the shoe. But as the more cards are dealt, the cards in the shoe get fewer. Then, the possibility of landing each outcome begins to change.

Luckily, you can track this using the statistics which shows previously dealt cards below the screen. The statistics will help you calculate the cards left in the shoe which will guide you in making bets and increasing your odds.

In-Game Features

Lucky 7 includes many exciting features. For example, it includes a chat feature which allows you to chat with the dealer and get feedback. It also allows dealer tipping like in real casinos. You can also easily adjust the sound and even turn it off.

Another great feature is the statistics which you can find at the left-hand bottom of the screen. This helps you see previous wins and losses and how it has affected the odds of the betting options. You are also allowed to check the paytable to know how much earn from winning each bet.

Learn how to play Lucky 7 from Ezugi. Find bet options, payouts and strategies to win more often in Lucky 7.