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1 Lotto Master This method works for all lotteries. We will use the Texas Lottery as case study to derive Lotto winning numbers. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Luck, Odds, Numbers and Knowledge .. 3 Your luck .. 3 Odds of Winning .. 4 Choosing the numbers .. 4 Knowledge and Understanding of numbers and odds .. 5 Chapter 2: Using duplication arrangement to win the Texas lottery .. 6 Explanation .. 6 Analysis .. 6 Summary Table .. 13 Working out the next winning 15 Alternate Method .. 32 Chapter 3: Using Technological tools to enhance your chances.

6 1B Chapter 2: Using duplication arrangement to win the Texas lottery One of the possible ways to win the Texas lottery is to use the duplication theory



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1 1 Lotto Master This method works for all lotteries. We will use the Texas Lottery as case study to derive Lotto winning numbers. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Luck, Odds, Numbers and Knowledge .. 3 Your luck .. 3 Odds of Winning .. 4 Choosing the numbers .. 4 Knowledge and Understanding of numbers and odds .. 5 Chapter 2: Using duplication arrangement to win the Texas lottery .. 6 Explanation .. 6 Analysis .. 6 Summary Table .. 13 Working out the next winning 15 Alternate Method .. 32 Chapter 3: Using Technological tools to enhance your chances.

2 45 Setting Up Your Own Spreadsheet .. 45 Maximizing Your Playing Experience .. 46 Chapter 4: Ways to improve your luck .. 47 Insight .. 48 Chapter 5: Numerology and Texas lottery .. 49 Preparation for Basic Psychic Techniques .. 60 2 Breath Control .. 60 Relax .. 62 Cleansing Exercise .. 63 Chakras and Auras .. 63 Chapter 7: Strategies to avoid losing .. 65 Chapter 8: Using the principles of Quantum Resonance to win Texas lottery .. 66 What is the Law of Resonance? .. 66 Chapter 9: Simple strategies to enhance the chances of winning.

3 69 Understanding the 69 Improving the Odds .. 69 Short 70 Chapter 10: Some winning strategies .. 73 Wheeling Systems .. 73 Syndicates .. 73 Texas lottery Systems .. 74 Example: Winning the UK lottery 75 Chapter 11: Tips and tricks .. 77 Chapter 12: Conclusion .. 78 3 0 BChapter 1: Luck, Odds, Numbers and Knowledge Winning a Texas lottery is much simpler than what many people would like to believe. It depends to a large extent on luck, how you define luck, understanding your odds of winning and choosing the right numbers that give you the best possible chance to win the Texas lottery.

4 11 BYour luck How do you make luck? You see yourself as lucky. You tell yourself you re lucky. You hope you ve become lucky. And when you have captured the feeling that luck is something made and you are a made man because of it – throw it away. Because being lucky has nothing whatsoever to do with winning the Texas lottery. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as luck – and those that swear by it are attributing their good fortunes (or lack thereof) to something that does not exist. The fact is you can’t make luck.

5 No one can. All you can do is attribute something to it. So, good luck, bad luck, no luck it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t help you win. It doesn’t help you lost. It doesn’t help anything at all. The winner of the Texas lottery did not just mix up a batch of good luck and sit back waiting. Obviously, something else is at play. If you want to believe that there is such a phenomenon as luck, and that you can actually make it or something; and that it actually plays some part in your winning or not winning, then its time to think again.

6 Wake up my friends. There is a lot of generally accepted blather out there, and until you examine this stuff for what it is, you continue BELIEVING it. But wait, you say, what about The Fates? What about them? What about that?! If l agreed with your premise that the fates just swung to me then you think that perhaps you too have a chance to strike it rich with one swing of the pendulum. Therefore, we are kind of equal and therefore I am just lucky. This way, l don’t have to be embarrassed by my windfall (as long as I share it with you) and you don’t have to hate me for it because l have something you don’t.

7 Because, after all, again, fate-wise: it COULD have happened to you. Isn t that it? Something like that? Either way, it s still an excuse. See, winning the Texas lottery has nothing do to do with Lady Luck or fate and the quicker you stop making excuses, the better for you. You have to believe in yourself and you can make it happen. 4 12 BOdds of Winning The odds of winning the Texas lottery are staggering. You’re only one person. The chances of having the sole winning ticket among millions and millions of tickets and number combinations played is colossal.

8 True-but meaningless. Let me ask you something: Did you worry about the odds of growing up? Did you worry that you would become another statistic when you learned to swim, drive a car,& land a good job, take the bus out of your neighborhood?’ There are odds on each of these endeavors, you know. What about the odds of being a professional athlete? Did those numbers stop you from playing the game? In looking for the love of your life, your true home, or trying to discover your natural talents, did you ever take into consideration the odds of doing it?

9 Even once did you say to yourself, Ahh the numbers on that are too I’ll have to find a new dream? Look. Chances are you didn t worry too much at all about the odds of those tasks. You just did them. You settled on your reason-love, money, fame, excitement, whatever-and you just did them. One thing you did not do was focus upon the odds of accomplishing the task. The odds meant nothing. Well the same thing goes here too. Do you buy Texas lottery tickets? Because if you do, then you’re already saying to yourself that you are playing the game regardless of the odds.

10 You are already doing it! So some part of you is really saying that you can win otherwise you wouldn’t be buying a ticket, right? You pretty much want a total LACK OF FOCUS upon things that are of no help in achieving your dream. These things are only hindrances whispering to you how difficult, how impossible it is to really win. They are roadblocks. They do not| help you win. In fact, they accomplish the exact opposite because they make you doubt all you are trying to do. They are negative. They are not to your advantage.

6 1B Chapter 2: Using duplication arrangement to win the Texas lottery One of the possible ways to win the Texas lottery is to use the duplication theory

Lotto Master Formula (v1.3) The Formula Used By Lottery Winners

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1 Lotto Master Formula (v.) The Formula Used By Lottery Winners I. Introduction This book is designed to provide you with all of the knowledge that you will need to be a consistent winner in your local lottery or lotto. After learning the scientific way to track and wheel combinations, you will never again waste your hard earned money using random numbers, astrology, or any other nonscientific betting strategy. Many people have become confused with all of the wheeling systems and other gaming mechanisms. This book is designed to give you clear and easy-tounderstand knowledge of the most scientific lottery and lotto betting systems available. In addition, you will also learn how to use these tested methods to make more money than you have ever dreamed possible. By reading and learning the scientific concepts contained in this book, each dollar that you wager in the lottery or lotto becomes a logical investment designed to reap profits from gamblers who choose to play with no real logic. Now let s get started and learn how to play the lottery to WIN! II. What are Lotteries and Lottos? The lottery has been around almost as long as mankind has been on earth. It is a way to distribute something of value to those people who have paid for the opportunity to be included. The game, as we know it, dates back to the Italian La lotto de Firenze in 0. From Italy, the lotto quickly spread throughout Europe where, from last reports, it is still going strong. When the settlers came to the new world it was natural to set up a lottery similar to what they had known. The proceeds from these lotteries financed such things as the buildings of roads, churches and schools. It is best to play the state lotteries because you do not have to worry about them being crooked. State lotteries are supervised by large auditing firms that have no vested in which numbers are drawn. (Playing the numbers on a local level is not only illegal, but also, usually not very profitable.)

2 The Three Types of Lotteries: There are three basic types of lotteries. The first one is called the INSTANT GAME. The Instant Game Because it is so easy to set up, the Instant game is typically the first game initiated when a state passes lottery legislation. To win a prize you merely scratch off the latex coating from a card and try to match up numbers or pictures. There is no way to show any type of consistent profit from this game so it is advised that you DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY by purchasing these tickets. Strategy is not possible so no more time will be spent on the instant game. and Digit Lottery The second type of lottery involves picking either a three or four digit number. For example, balls numbered from 0 to are placed in either or containers, Lottery Game depending on whether it is a three or four ball pick. Forced air is then circulated inside each container.

3 When the tube on top of the container is opened, the ball closest to the opening is forced up the tube and is trapped, this becomes the draw. The tops are opened on each of the containers until all balls are selected. These lottery picks occur almost nightly and require that the digits (or numbers) be in exact order. The tickets are purchased with combinations that range from 000 to and 0000 to respectively. The payoffs are typically $00 for the three number combinations and $000 for the four number combinations. As you can see, the payoff is 0% of the total pool. The state normally keeps % and the retail outlet that sells the tickets receives %. Using strategies included in this book, you ll see that three and four digit lotteries are a playable game and must be considered. Lotto The third type of lottery game is commonly referred to as the Lotto. The original Pick- Lotto requires picking numbers out of a possible. The order of the numbers drawn in a lotto, as opposed to a lottery, makes no difference. All of the balls are placed in a container and mixed up either by forced air or a revolving bin. Typically, the bin is above a curved shoot. Balls revolve and are then released one at a time down the tube or shoot into a horizontal holding area. If it is a ball draw, balls are allowed to be released and gather at the end of the tube. These balls represent the draw for that week or day. The lotto is the highest paying game in the world with payoffs of over $0,000,000 not uncommon! This book will show you the correct strategy necessary to become a lotto winner. Even if you do not win the ball Grand Prize, the, and ball prizes paid each week amount to a very comfortable living.

4 How to Win at the Lottery Many people make large sums of money following and playing the three and four digit lottery. In this section we will explore the secrets used to get consistent winners. Before we begin our strategies it is important to remember that all lotteries and lottos have biases. III. Biases In order to scientifically play the lottery or lotto, biases must be isolated and used to your advantage. A bias is something that causes an event to happen consistently. In the Old West smart gamblers used to pay close attention to the roulette wheel and keep track of the numbers that came up. Certain wheels had a bias, that, for whatever reason, favored a numbered or a colour (black or red). After isolating a bias, the observant player would capitalize on this knowledge and bet accordingly until the saloon caught on. In the lottery and lotto, biases can be caused by inconsistent weight or number patterns on the balls. The drag coefficient of each ball is different, therefore patterns will develop that can be tracked. This inconsistency causes a bias which becomes noticeable in your analysis. For example: There is no real need to understand what causes biases. You only need to know how to use these biases to your advantage. Best Numbers and Digits If you look at each stage you will find that the best numbers (most frequently drawn) are always different. Using simple methods we will learn how to

5 discover these biases or differences so they can be used to predict future numbers. There are two schools of thought regarding how to play numbers that seem to be randomly drawn. You either play the ones that come up the most, or the ones that are overdue to come up. To beat the lottery, I suggest that you play numbers that show a high frequency rather that a low frequency of occurrence. Remember, the lottery consists of either or digits with a range of between 0 and. These digits form an actual number (), but should be thought of as a series of digits (. ) for strategic purposes. I suggest that a combination of best numbers (frequently drawn) and best digits be used for ball picks. In best number analysis we look at the draw as a whole number (like ), whereas a best digit analysis would break this down into the actual digits that compose the number (, and ). We also recommend that only the analysis of digits (0. etc.) be used for ball picks. It is difficult to track ball numbers instead of digits because there are 0,000 possible numbers, which makes a frequency analysis very cumbersome. As an example, let s look at a ball pick and examine the digits drawn along with the numbers created. (digit) – (digit) – (digit) Above are the three digits drawn and below is the number created. (number) In ball picks, only the digits are studied. (digit) – (digit) – (digit) – (digit)

6 The tremendous amount of possible numbers is why the study of individual digits and their positions is the only productive analysis. If the state lottery drew a ball and ball winner every day and there were no duplications of numbers, it would take. years to draw all ball combinations and. years to draw all ball combinations; 000 days for ball and 0,000 days for ball! To reiterate, you cannot track four ball numbers, there are too many. Frequency Analysis & ball draw For reasons suggested earlier, the analysis of digits is the most powerful mechanism for predicting lottery winners. To gain an advantage, it is necessary to track digits in a logical manner. We will start with Frequency Analysis, which simply means, How often does each digit get drawn? The following page shows an example of a Frequency Graph. This frequency graph illustrates the bias in this lottery. As you can see, the number is the most frequently drawn digit in this sample lottery. Remember, each digit s frequency will be different because all lotteries have particular biases that causes them to be different, but it is these differences that will isolate and use to our advantage. To create your own frequency chart, use a piece of paper and mark a dot on each column beside the number that is drawn. Using this simple method, play the three or four most frequent digits. If you believe that the least frequent digits are actually overdue and are ready to be

7 drawn, these also can be played, but the digits with the highest frequency are recommended. Positional Digit Analysis With Frequency Analysis you are able to keep track of how frequently (or infrequently) digits are drawn. You can now put these digits in positions of draw and look at their frequency. It is again suggested that the strategy of analyzing digits be used rather than a Best Number analysis. As was earlier noted in three ball lottery, there are sets of 0 digits (0 through ) but there are 000 actual numbers (000 to ). This is a lot of tracking using pencil and paper and is not really that effective. Positional Analysis of the digits is more productive and easier to do. Positional Analysis Chart When a set of digits are drawn, position each digit in the column that it was drawn. Remember, the order of the draw is important. For this example, let s use these numbers; 0, and. The chart below shows you how to place these numbers in each position or category. POSITION 0 0 Making your own chart is simple all you have to do is place a dot on the drawn number in each position. Notice that 0 (zero) is the first digit in the number 0, so put it in position number one, number in position two, and so on. The next step is to find the highest frequency number for each category or position. The following illustration is what your chart will look like.

8 POSITION A quick check of this chart shows that the best and most frequent digit is #, and it is in position four. The following illustration represents a chart with a large sample of draws entered. POSITION You now find the number in each column (position) with the highest frequency and that is the number for that position that you should play. In this example, the number has the highest frequency in position one, in position two, in position three, and 0 in position four.

9 Based on this information, the logical number to play would 0. As we discussed at the beginning of this section, it is easier and more profitable to analyze digits rather than numbers and that is exactly what we have done. Top Two Best Digits It is also a good strategy to take the top two best digits in each category and make them part of your bet. In this lottery, these would include numbers and in the first position, numbers and in the second position, numbers and in the third position, and numbers 0 and in the fourth position. The numbers that were used in this example are: POSITION 0 Best Numbers Second Best Numbers This is what the numbers you play would look like: When you use the top best digits make sure that each digit in each position is part of your bet. If you look at the example you will see that all possible combinations using the first and second most frequently picked digits in each position are represented. You have now used a combination of Frequency Analysis and Positional Analysis and arrived at a logical and statistical system of playing the lottery that provides the best chance for success. Cluster Analysis Cluster Analysis refers to analyzing which numbers are drawn most often with other numbers. For example, the following group of numbers are drawn.

10 00 00 In this example, the cluster numbers are and 00. The combination occurred on three occasions with the 00 appearing twice. In order to use the Cluster Analysis you must keep track of all of the clusters along with the frequency of each one. This is a paramount task using pencil and paper. We advise that you use Cluster Analysis in conjunction with a computer program due to the complexity of tracking so many possible combinations. Best Number Analysis We shall look at Best Number Analysis although it should never be used in ball lotteries. Even in ball lotteries it is not as powerful as the Frequency and Positional analysis methods that we discussed earlier. Using the same concepts involved in Frequency analysis we will track actual numbers or digits sets. We will look at the whole number and not break it down into digits. In order to track best numbers, you must set up your paper or spreadsheet so all possible numbers are represented. For example: Each time a number is drawn simply place a dot above that number in order to keep track of the frequency of draws. In this chart, the number 00 is the most frequent, with numbers 00, 00 and 00 having never been drawn. If you believe that frequently drawn numbers will be drawn again and again, play 00. If overdue numbers are where you would like to put your money, play the low frequency or overdue numbers. 0

11 Best number strategies are difficult because it often takes years before a number is drawn twice, as we explained earlier. Betting and Ball lotteries Using the previously outlined methods you should already understand what numbers or sets of digits you would like to wager on. These bets can be straight bets or boxes. Straight Bets To play a straight bet you merely play the numbers or combinations of digits that the analysis predicted ( ball numbers) ( ball numbers) Boxes Many professional lottery handicappers will box their numbers in order to create more combinations, along with a higher degree of winning confidence. They may feel very comfortable with digits, and based on their analysis, so they will box them. This means that these numbers must be included in the draw, but can be in any order or combination. Boxing digits is much more expensive than playing straight numbers but the confidence level of winning is also higher. When you box digits, the order of the lottery machines can be changed before the draw and it does not affect your bet like it would with straight bets. Partial Boxes After a thorough analysis of digits and positional frequencies, many bettors decide that only a portion of a number needs to be boxed for example, the last digit.

12 Partial Box Using Last Digit 0 As you can see, only the last digit is boxed thus creating ten combinations. It is now time to start analyzing your local lottery. The methods discussed are the most productive and provide you will the ability to make meaningful wagers based on winning strategies. IV. How to Win at Lotto The most popular and profitable game is the LOTTO. Each state has a different type of lotto that relates to how many numbers are possible and how many are drawn. In the popular / Pick Six, balls numbered from to are placed in a container and circulated either with air or a revolving bin. Six balls are then selected. These balls represent the winning draw. California and some other states also add a bonus draw which can be used to complete a ball winning set. Ball in the above example, is the bonus ball that can be used to complete the ball winning combination. To win the grand prize you must have out of the numbers drawn. The bonus draw gives you an extra chance if you only picked out of the first correctly.

13 New York and others have initiated lottos that have a pool of over 0 numbers and require up to 0 numbers out of 0 to be correct. These lottos are very difficult to beat because of the high odds. For the purpose of this book all strategies will be geared toward the / lotto, but the methods of analysis are valid for all lottos. Best Number Analysis The Best Number Analysis in the lotto is the same as the frequency analysis in the lottery. The frequency, or how many times each number has been drawn, is tracked. The best number is the one that has the highest frequency. The following page shows a simple Best Number Chart that you can easily create. If you look at this chart you can see that number has the highest frequency, it has been drawn a total of times. The lowest frequency is number which has only been drawn once. As in the lottery strategies, I suggest that you use the Best Number Analysis in conjunction with the Positional Analysis. Positional Analysis The Positional Analysis should represent the heart of your analysis. It is the most productive and will produce consistent profit. This analysis is essentially the same as was described in the lottery method. With lotto there is no duplication of numbers so it is even more effective.

14 Your chart will look something like this chart. The first thing to do is to create a chart similar to the previous one. A piece of paper or a spreadsheet will work the best. A dot is placed on the sheet in the correct column for each number that is drawn. For example, let s look at how to add numbers to the chart based on draws. These are the numbers that were drawn: In order to correctly position each draw, numbers must be put in ascending order, lowest to highest. Therefore, after each draw, sort the numbers before placing them in their respective positions. The sorted numbers look like this: Now place a dot on your chart for each chart for each number, making sure that it is in the correct column or position. A quick look at the chart on page 0 shows that the number appeared times in the third position and that the number also appeared twice in position four. It is still too early to predict future numbers, but your chart will soon begin to give you important information. Let s move on to the next chart.

15 As you can see, this chart is beginning to show patterns of numbers in each category that have the highest frequency. You can now see that after you have entered a large numbers of draws, the chart will tell you exactly which numbers are most frequent in each position.

16 For the purpose of clarity, the previous chart shows the exact frequency of each number in a numerical form rather that the dots that you entered. This makes it easier for you to use the information in the chart. If you look at each position, you will see that # was the most frequently drawn number in position one, # in position three, # in position four, # in position five and # in position six. As you can see, position # is unique because it does not have a single TOP number, the numbers. and all occurring times. As a rule, the fewer the number of samples, the larger the number of ties. When this happens, two numbers or more being tied, you normally include all of them in your wheel with the exception of any duplicate numbers that may have appeared in several positions. Thus, if a number has the highest frequency in two or more positions, use it only once in your wheel. In this example, your chosen numbers would be; Highest Frequency Numbers Ties in Position Two

17 If you have a large number of ties, or want to use the highest and second highest numbers (as we did in the lottery), using a wheeling system is the only way to keep your betting costs acceptable. Dimitrov Wheeling Systems Unlike Positional Analysis, the Dimitrov Wheeling Systems are not an analysis but an analysis but rather a system for wheeling numbers. Numbers Wheeled 0 Possible Combinations 0 A wheeling system allows you to bet more than six favourite or strategic numbers in ball combinations so that you have a good chance of winning the lotto without having to play every possible combination of desired numbers. The numbers that are wheeled are normally the highest frequency numbers and ties derived from the Positional Analysis. There are many different types of wheels that will incorporate these numbers and each wheel produces a specific amount of bets. You must decide which wheel fits your betting style by evaluating how many numbers are going to be wheeled and how many bets you want to be produced by these numbers. Above, is a chart showing the number of wagers it would take to cover all bets if you wheeled every possible combination of from to balls in a lotto. As you can see, it would be very expensive to bet all combinations. For example, if you liked numbers in the lotto, it would cost you $.00 to bet all combinations at $.0 per play. At $.00 per play the cost rises to $.00. Using a wheeling system will reduce your cost dramatically.

18 The Dimitrov Abbreviated Wheeling Systems, developed by an Austrian mathematician named Dimitrov, are designed to cover enough of the combinations so as to provide a minimum assurance of winning. What this means is that every possible combination does not have to be bet. The coverage is designed to consistently pick, and even ball winners at a fraction of the cost of betting all combinations. To understand these systems you only need to know two terms, System Numbers and Chosen Numbers. System and Chosen Numbers System Numbers represent the order or matrix created in the Dimitrov Wheel that you follow when you create bets. Chosen Numbers are the numbers that you want included in the wheel. Our chosen numbers include the highest frequency numbers from the Positional Analysis chart along with the next highest frequency numbers. Following is an example of Dimitrov System Numbers and Chosen Numbers. These Chosen Numbers were generated from our Positional Analysis on page (and analyzed on page ), showing the highest frequency numbers and the ties in position two. All you do is replace your chosen numbers with the corresponding system numbers. For example, system numbers 0 in the following wheeling system will be replaced by 0, the corresponding chosen number. And similarly, all system numbers 0 will be replaced by, and 0 by and so on. System Numbers: Chosen Numbers: Remember, these numbers are from the Positional Analysis on page but will be different for each lotto. In this example, the numbers used are the numbers that represent the best numbers and ties. (Note-The same number cannot be included more than once in the same wheel.) Below is Dimitrov s System using System Numbers. It is designed to give us bets.

19 Dimitrov System numbers combinations We now transfer our chosen numbers into the Dimitrov system to form our betting wheel. All we do is replace the System Numbers with our Chosen Numbers. SYSTEM Showing Chosen Numbers After Exchanging Chosen Numbers for System Numbers (Each set of numbers down is one game.) System has a out of assurance of winning. This means that if the winning numbers are among the numbers wheeled, then you are assured of winning at least one number combination. Most lotto payoffs include, and ball prizes so this insures a nice profit if your numbers hit. There are many wheeling systems available. Dimitrov Systems are among the most popular and each one has its own minimum assurance of winning. Very

20 often you will have multiple, and ball winning tickets on a single wheel. And you will always be in a position to win the top payoff with a ball hit! Using a Skip/Hit Chart Earlier, I emphasized playing best digits and best numbers in the lottery, but in the lotto, the most overdue numbers can also provide an excellent bet. A very popular strategy used by people who follow and love to play overdue numbers in the lotto is the Skip/Hit chart. The Skip/Hit chart keeps track of exactly when each number was drawn. When you create your chart, each date of the draw will appear on the top of the page along with the numbers drawn in their appropriate columns. In our example, the numbers and are the most overdue numbers. The number, and all of the other numbers drawn on / represent the least overdue because they were drawn most recently. In lotto, the term hot number, refers to the most overdue number, not the one that comes up most often (as in craps). A Hot Numbers Chart relates to the most overdue numbers, with the hottest number on the top and the next hottest number below it. Following is an example of a Hot Number Chart. Hot Number Chart Most overdue number. Second most overdue number. Third most overdue number. Fourth most overdue number. 0

21 As you can see, number is the most overdue number, is the next most, and so on. If overdue numbers are part of your strategy then simply find the most overdue numbers and play them. If you desire a larger bet with a higher confidence of winning, use the Dimitrov Wheeling Systems and play even more overdue numbers. Cluster Analysis Cluster analysis for the lotto is similar to the lottery cluster analysis discussed earlier. Two balls often have a tendency to be drawn together. For example: Notice in our sample that the number followed on two separate occasions. This represents as a cluster and should be used in betting. We suggest that a computer or other type of spreadsheet be used to keep track of clustering because of the large number of possibilities. See the Advanced Winning Strategies section to learn how a cluster can be used form winning combinations. Regression Analysis Studies have shown that using new balls or changing lotto machines can cause the biases to change considerably. Studies also show that numbers often go in trends that last from to months. Consequently, you should keep in touch with your lottery commission to find out when the machines or balls are going to be changed. Regression Analysis is the easiest way to consistently track the most recent biases and allows you to go back as many draws as you like and use only the draws representing the most recent trends. For example, if a new lotto machine was installed by your lotto commission on /, and you only wanted draws from the new machine to be evaluated, by using Regression Analysis, only draws after / (the shaded area) would be analyzed. Therefore, only biases associated with the new machine are taken into account.

22 /0 / / / /0 /0 / / /0 /0 / / / / V. Advanced Winning Strategies One of the most powerful strategies for the lotto involves using the Skip/Hit chart in combination with the Cluster Analysis, Best Number Analysis and Dimitrov Wheeling Systems. First look at the top numbers on the Hot Number chart. Remember, these numbers are the most overdue, having not come up for the longest period of time. Now look at the Best Number chart and compare it with the Hot Number chart. Find the numbers that are drawn with a high frequency, but also are very overdue. For example: These are the hottest numbers. 0 These are the numbers with the highest frequency. 0 Match them up and find the Hot Numbers with a High Frequency.

23 These numbers have a high frequency of occurrence and are also on the hot number list. Numbers that occur frequently and are overdue make the very best bets. Using the Hot/High Frequency numbers, find the numbers that have a tendency to Cluster with them You now have numbers that can either be normally wheeled or used in a Dimitrov Wheeling System. 0 0 Let s use a Dimitrov Wheeling System to wheel these numbers. The chart below represents the Dimitrov System that will be used. Dimitrov Wheeling System numbers combinations Using System Numbers Replace the system numbers with your chosen numbers to produce the correct combinations.

24 Dimitrov Wheeling System numbers combinations Using Chosen Numbers Below are additional popular wheeling systems that you can use. System out of games, numbers System out of games, 0 numbers System 0 out of games, numbers

25 VI. Power Ball Strategies Power Ball has quickly become the most exciting game in town, providing both the largest payoff and greatest challenge for winning. At first glance the Power Ball and standard Ball Lotto appear to be similar, but a closer examination reveals that the odds of winning are actually quite different. Upon completion of this chapter you will not only understand how to calculate the odds on both the / Lotto and Power Ball, but will also know the most effective Power Ball strategies. The term Power Ball can either refer to the sixth ball drawn (the actual Power Ball), or the game as a whole. For the purpose of this chapter, Power Ball will represent the type of game, with the balls defined as one through six the sixth ball being the Power Ball. Although Power Ball games may incorporate in excess of 0 balls, a pool of balls will be used in the following examples. By analyzing the odds of the / Lotto and Power Ball using the same number of balls, you will be better able to see how the two games differ. Understanding the Odds Earlier in this book you learned that all of the balls in a / Lotto are drawn from the same pool. Each time a ball is drawn, less balls remain for the next draw, thus increasing the probability that those balls will be drawn. In other words, the fewer the balls remaining, the easier it is to win.

26 Calculating Odds For Standard Lotto It is easy to calculate the odds for any Lotto: all you need to know is the number of balls (possible numbers) and the number of draws. In the / Lotto, balls are drawn and there are total balls. Below is an example of how to figure the odds on the / Lotto. X X X X X X X X X X The top number relates to the total number of balls remaining in the pool after each draw and the bottom number relates to the total number of balls drawn. In order to calculate the odds, simply multiply the top numbers and the bottom numbers, and then divide. X X X X X = 0,0,,0 =,, X X X X X = 0 According to the formula, the odds of picking the winning combination of numbers for the / Lotto is,, to. Calculating Power Balls Odds In order to understand how to win Power Ball, you must first learn how the game is played. Power Ball actually consists of two separate Lotto games rolled into one. It is similar to a five ball Lotto and a one ball Lotto combined into a single draw. Five balls are drawn from the first pool and then the sixth ball is drawn from the second pool. What makes the odds of winning the Power Ball substantially worse is that the sixth ball is drawn from a pool containing all of the possible numbers, rather than the reduced pool found in traditional / games. As you can see from the example below, the first five balls are drawn from a pool of balls while the sixth ball is drawn from a second pool of balls.

27 First Five Balls Drawn From the Same Pool X X X X X X X X Power Ball What this means in terms of odds is that after the first five balls have been drawn, there are still balls remaining for the last pick, rather than the usually in a / Lotto. To the average player this may not seem like a big difference, but let s see how it actually affects your chances of winning. Following is the formula used to calculate the odds of picking the correct six Power Ball numbers. It is similar to the one used for the / Lotto except the sixth ball is selected from a pool of rather than possible numbers. Power Ball draw using balls X X X X X =. 0 =,, X X X X X = 0 This makes the natural odds of winning the Power Ball,, to. POWER BALL STRATEGY The preferred strategy to use when playing Power Ball is to treat it as a combination ball and a ball Lotto when analyzing the numbers. Let s look at each part in turn. Picking the Five Balls The chart on the following page contains numbers that were generated using a five ball Positional Analysis. This analysis is essentially the same as the six ball Positional Analysis (see Chapter IV), minus one ball. After you have kept track of the first five balls drawn in the Power Ball, isolate the best numbers in each position along with any ties. Best Numbers

28 These are the numbers that you will include in the five ball portion of your Power Ball combination. Picking the Power Ball Now that you have isolated the correct numbers to use in the first part of your combination, the next step is to identify your sixth ball or Power Ball. Using a Frequency Analysis, we play either high frequency numbers or hot numbers for our Power Ball. High Frequency Power Balls A Frequency Analysis will isolate Power Ball numbers that have been drawn most frequently in the past. High frequency numbers have a tendency to be drawn in the future and therefore are a good bet. Hot Number Power Balls Power Ball numbers that are the most overdue, meaning that they have not been drawn for the longest period of time, are referred to as Hot Numbers. These Hot Numbers can be easily isolated by using a standard Skip/Hit chart (see Page 0).

29 In the chart above, we see that the most overdue number is, and numbers and are the second most overdue. According to the Frequency Analysis, number had the highest frequency, with numbers and finishing second. Frequency Power Ball Strategy In this strategy you will create a single combination using High Frequency number. Best Five Numbers Highest Frequency Power Ball Combination Hot Number Combination Strategy In this strategy you will create a single combination using the Hot Number. Best Numbers Hot Number Power Ball Combination

30 Combination Strategy Using Ties If you have a tie in the five number Positional Analysis, it can be used to create multiple combinations. Best Number Tie Designated Power Ball Combination Combination Combination Combination Combination Combination Multiple Power Ball Strategies It is also possible that you will include more than one Power Ball in your combinations. This will happen when you have several High Frequency or Hot Power Ball numbers that you want included with your best balls. Below are two examples of how to do this. Best ball picks High Frequency Numbers () () () First Combination Second Combination Third Combination () () () Best ball picks High Frequency Numbers () () () First Combination Second Combination Third Combination () () () 0

31 Unlike / Lotto, it is even possible to have duplicate numbers in a Power Ball combination. Best ball picks High Frequency Numbers First Combination Second Combination Third Combination () () () Notice that the number appears twice in the third combination. This could not happen if you were playing a standard / Lotto because it is impossible for numbers to be selected twice out of the same pool. Power Balls are selected from a second pool so duplication is possible. Conclusion Though I have shown you strong playing strategies, my suggestion is to stay clear of the Power Ball because the odds aren t as good as the standard -Ball game. I recommend that you use the strategies in this book to play standard ball Lotto games. You have a much better chance of cashing a winning ticket and still making all of the money that you will ever need. VII. Final word This book has explored the scientific way to make a consistent profit in the lottery and lotto. After spending years talking with my lottery customers who use their computers to perform the exact same strategies that we have discussed in this book, I can assure you that these are the most productive systems in this world. For those of you who owe a computer and do not want to track everything by hand, I suggest that you purchase the Lotto Method Software product. These products will also allow you perform the winning strategies and analysis discussed here, plus a lot more.

32 And for non-computer users, the Lottery Black Book strategies also gives you advanced strategies to make you a better player. Good luck, remember to be smart, and never waste your hard-earned money on non-scientific wagers. Click For Other Additional Resources. Lottery Black Book strategies. Lotto Method Software To Your Success, Garry

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