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Lottery Destroyer

Price: $39.99 Monthly
Trial: $4.95 for 5-Day Trial
Guarantee: 60 Days
Description: Lottery Destroyer claims that it can win any lottery in the world. It was developed by Mike Benet, who says he can increase the chances of winning the lottery by using his methods.

Lottery Destroyer is a garbage system full of lies just like all of these systems Lotto Black Book, Lottery Crusher, Silver Lotto System, Win Lotto Systems, Lottery Dominator, Formula 1 Lotto System. All same crap lotto software systems, all of these are known scams.

I won! Not the jackpot obviously but I won 290 on a pick 3 that was just the highest ticket I also won multiple smaller amounts. But that was including my own “formula” as well. I took the suggested numbers to play and a few other factors and sat for hours looking at every perspective.

I am one of the fools who paid good earned money for it. Guaranteed refund is blatant lie. I emailed the seller of this scam stating it’s a scam and does not work.
Zero Refund. Do not be scammed.

Does not work…can get a free ticket, not good enough. I think it is a big fat SCAM!

I am glad people are being honest about Lottery Destroyer. There are so many liars out there that have done videos to say that they won using the system. What a sorry thing to do when people use their hard earned money to play and figure ways to win. Well, I am another one that will walk away and not fall for this garbage. I agree with the gentleman that mentioned about the store owner. All stores get a percentage of the winning ticket. That’s not news. This has been like this since lottery first came out. The stores have to get something for maintaining the lottery machines and selling the tickets. Anyway, I hope everyone sees that Lottery Destroyer is fake and that they don’t get suckered into buying it.

Obviously, we’re not going to buy into this, right? However, I honestly feel that Mr. Bennett deserves at least one-month payment from me for one of the most mesmerizing, intriguing, and slightly disturbing videos I’ve ever seen. You Rock!

Wow, anyone that buys into this deserves to be slapped with a wet noodle…the first 2 minutes of this painful pitch was the tell all. Stores sell lottery tickets hoping you purchase winning tickets because it like winning the lottery for them also…how sad…

It’s true I was skeptical when I heard this the second time. When I first heard the pitch he was held at gunpoint by someone at the outside a mall and was shot in leg while getting away. Then today he was at a bar celebrating and the store owner and a couple of people had him cornered. Then on another page today the story is he had a gun to his head! That’s enough bullish$t for me to see he’s a fake. And that stupid time countdown has been there for years. One hell of a long hour countdown wouldn’t u say? And why would u take it down if it’s making u money to sell the download? U wouldn’t!!

In reading your comments it pretty much relayed my thoughts exactly. SCAM…how is this legal? How can we get this crook arrested? Why is Publishers Clearing House sending me to this idiots link? They must be crooks too!

What is wrong with people? If you know the secret to winning the lotto, why would you share it with anyone. No way you can make as much money selling software as going from state to state and winning millions of dollar a day. This is a spammer who misuses the addresses of other web sites and through 3rd party affiliates fills your mailboxes with nothing but junk.

I’m giving it 2 stars cause it TWO FUNNY! FYI: Mr Bennett I’ll give u 5 * if u read this article and comply! LOL! I accidently came across a lotto destroyers site & I love to analyze theses type of sites! I caught something that made no sense in the storyline, so I decided to do another search&see what ppl had to say, that’s when I came across another video but the beginning storyline was different then the first one I watched! The first one I watch Mr. Bennett spoke about how was assulted by the store owner&this two brothers (and escaped by the hair on his teeth) and the second video (which I didn’t bother to watch the whole thing) I heard Mr.Bennet start off his story like the first one except this one he stated how the store owner held a gun to him& threatened him for winning 3x at his store(both stories stated the store owner was upset because he won at his store 3x) regardless of which one is true or NOT! The main thing that got me thinking is the fact that both stories Make absolutely no sense! Why would a store owner threaten a person who won at there store 3 times)! This is the real thing to think about! Why?? Why would a store owner do such a thing! If u know anything about how lotto works& why it seems like EVERY store you go to sells lotto! Then u will know what’s wrong with this story and ud know the lotto destroyers claim of working is a joke(Cause the story is a Joke! Why! Because Every time a person wins, the store that sold the winning ticket gets a nice kick back! Yup! U read right! The Store gets $$$$$$ every time u win! What u don’t believe me! Well then go to the lotto page and read an entire article, any article on the last person who won and u will see that it tells u who the person is (just first&last name&sometimes where they are from) but it also tells u the persons story about where they bought there ticket, and then it tells u how much they won! AND HERES THE BEST PART (SORRY LOTTO DESTROYER) IT TELLS U HOW MUCH $$$ THE STORE WON/OR WAS AWARDED FOR SELLING THE WINNING TICKET! So again for the ppl who still don’t get my point! The question is WHY ON EARTH would a store owner threaten the guy who just won That store 3 Nice Big Check from Lotto for selling the winning tickets(which according to the story Lotto had no problem paying Mr. Bennet, his winnings, cause he wasn’t doing anything wrong, which would means they had no problem paying the store there kick back winnings $$$$$too)! So again think about the story that is being told, to convince u that it works! LOL! Why would the story owner threaten a winner when he/she just got that store a nice reward too, for selling the winning ticket (&according to this storyline Mr. Bennet won 3x at the same store, so the store got 3 checks!) I just found it hysterical that NO ONE has picked up on that! So Mr. Bennet if u get the chance to read this please feel free to answer this question! Hey actually Mr.Bennet (according to your story u supposedly Tracked down and spoke to 32 ppl that you discovered had won the lotto multiple times! (Just like urself now) so please use your amazing skills and figure out who I am and contact me personally cause, I would love to see U locate me(which shouldn’t my be very hard especially now since u have so much $$$$ from your lotto destroyer winnings(probably more like all the $ you made selling Your story) cause according to your story u tracked down 32 different people who each won multi-times playing lotto,b4 u created your lotto destroyer! You know back before won anything(which according to your story, just made you an average normal person that was struggling to get by) and yet you managed to track down 32 ppl with $$$ (People u do realize that’s like me saying I’m gonna search&call&personally speak to Mr. Warren Buffet, The Rockafellar, The Rothschild,&The Morgan family On there personal cell phones! Oh wait I’m also going to call Mr. Bennett too)! So Mr Bennett here is a fun game u can play(it’s even better then playing the LOTTO!) Locate me and personally tell me the answers to my observations! or at least tell me which version of your story is the correct one! PS: if u do locate me, please be sure to bring me a BIG “WINNING” jackpot lotto ticket from your lotto destroyer system! LOL!

Ahahahahahaha. I was also thinking the same things you were. Stores love when you win!

It seems to me that the wisest approach is to look at games that have lower odds and concentrate on those. Perhaps wheeling might help somewhatб but it can get expensive if you wheel enough numbers. I think that any system that makes numbers appear as actual physical entities that have some mysterious “magnetic attraction,” or other fanciful terms are just BS. Anybody who gives it even a little thought will soon realize that a number as such is just a concept, not a real physical object and as such can only be treated as a concept and not a tangible entity. Best advice: look for low odds, stick to your budget, leave emotions out of it, and never bet money you can’t afford to lose. The only possible advantage to systems that I have looked at so far is that they usually get you to play more numbers than you might do otherwise, thus reducing the odds against you a little. But be realistic. If the odds are 1,000,000 to 1 and you buy two tickets, then for you the odds have dropped to 500,000 to one. Still pretty high even though you’ve improved your chances by a factor of two.

The only thing it destroy’s is your billfold if a man and pocketbook if you are a woman, I mean take my word for it, nobody can predict what number’s are going to fall out of that hole in that basket and if you will stop and think just a moment you will know I am telling you the truth so just give me $39.99 for making you understand he can not tell you the number’s that are going to fall out of that basket granted it might be a man made game but look at the odd’s of winning even the lottery dept. Put’s on the ticket, I mean, if that is so which it is then who with any sense what so ever would run from the game I mean the odds are like standing out in your yard with not a cloud in the sky and it a beautiful day and then getting struck by lightning do you get it now and the old saying still goes also somebody has to win, which is true and like my daddy told me you can’t win if you don’t play just buy 1 ticket and keep your finger’s crossed that is the best advise anybody can give you I promise you that much. Good luck because your going to need it if you play. I put 1 star only because it wouldn’t let me do the minus sign.

I first bought the book, read it, and used their methodology to pick lotto numbers. I was winning approx. $12 for every $50 invested. I believe the key to this strategy is ‘you can’t win…if you don’t play’. I haven’t won big, but have hit more than just by buying a simple pick, letting the State Lottery computer pick my numbers.

I am really amazed at the fact that this guy is having to sell his lottery BS. Scam instead of just winning the lottery all the time and making his money using his method! Grandma always said “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Gotta love that advise, SAVE YOUR MONEY! THIS IS A SCAM k

The term is if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Hmm, well, I am not a purchaser of the program and not a mathematician, but have taken statistics. Even if you have managed to win 12 times out of 20 entries or six dollars on a ticket, how much have you invested monthly for these results? Even statistics will tell you the odds are highly against your winning. Take it in whatever perspective you wish, but still sounds like a cash cow for the sellers. Good luck though for those who want to believe and use it.

This is shockingly deceitful. Please don’t buy into this. Look at the internet reviews of this guy. He didn’t make anydus money from the lotto. He makes money from you buying his good for nothing product.

I won 12 times out of 20 tries, and I am very happy with the program.

You know what, I used this system and I seriously just won my first $6! I knew it would work! That’s only the first one, I’m moving up from here, I’ll let everyone know how rich I am by the end of the week! I know $6 isn’t much, but he even said you won’t always win, but I did win this! On my first try!

Interestingly – When most reviews are of discuss and yours is 1 out of 100 with PRAISE… It sounds more like a $6k payoff than a lottery win… Hmm, but to each is his own…

He said six DOLLARS not thousand! Though I’m sure it’s still all hogwash, if you will.

I have been working the system on the Pick 4 almost 2 months. I have put money in the game for 12 days with no win. Following the number combination this entire time also no winning number combination picked. The whole thing is a scam.

Anyone who believes that there is a “sure system for winning the lottery” is a fool.. Hey, would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

I almost bought into this scam, but lucky for me 2 things kept me from being impulsive when I first watched the video presentation;

1) At the time I watched the presentation, I did not have what I thought would be the one time fee and 2) My intuition was reminding me of the old saying, “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

After sitting on it for a short time, I did a Google search. Thank God I did. I learned that not only is the fee asked for in the video NOT a one time fee, as they would have you believe, but the software is faulty and doesn’t do what it claims.

I want to say a huge thank you to Florin for taking the time to expose lotto destroyer for what it truly is and to the other unfortunate people who wasted their time and hard earned money on the scam I will say this, I sincerely hope you have been able to recover the money Mike and his band of thieves scammed you out of and also thank you for leaving feedback so that people like me don’t fall into the same trap.

I would rate lotto destroyer with zero stars, however that isn’t an option.

I did not buy it because one thing and the video bothered me. When he said store owners were mad at him for winning. That does not make sense because it’s not their money, if anything, it would improve people going to their gas station or store just to win. And I think they get a piece of that profit too for being the winning store. Then I googled and found this article which help me confirm my suspicions.

Lotto Destroyer is just a bunch of past winners and does not help you in winning the lottery. It is a bunch of reading and does not inform you of what you will have to do. I cannot get in touch with them for a refund even though it states you can request a refund if not satisfied.

People, people, people…. Please listen up. If someone “cracked” all lotteries around the globe. Ask yourself…. A. Why would he share the secret on the web with strangers? B. How are not all lotteries now bankrupt? C. Why does it only cost $39.99 a month? And D. This one is important… WHY WOULD IT BE ON THE INTERNET? (Worth asking twice). Stop blaming the “crook” and start congratulating him for taking advantage of complete morons!

If it would be real Mike you wouldn’t be charging people money for your system because you already rich.

I’ll just give you the winning numbers for tonight 000000 power ball 0

I feel like if he was really all about giving back, he wouldn’t charge for the product ESP since he has so much money. And since he doesn’t want to give to tons of ppl then he could do a drawing and just give it to a few ppl a week or a few per month. If this was real and he was real he wouldn’t need the money. He would just want to help everyone else out i winning the lotto so nobody would ever have to tell their kids no. Well, enough ranting, God bless you all.

He created a system that helps him win the lotto multiple times yet charges money for the program. Why charge money for something when your already rich from winning the lotto? People are always coming up with ways for others to make money using some proven method yet charge money for it. Obviously whatever the method, it doesn’t work or it would be free because the person who created the method wouldn’t need the money.

I’m not going lie maybe I was just lucky, but I won 12,000 using this system & I’m gonna keep using it! It worked for me.

I would never fall for such a scam as this or any others. His technique is gaining from hard working individuals. If not so, then why charge so much if his secret lottery destroyer brings him millions? The catch phrase he used in the video is that he didn’t want everyone to know, just a few or lottery will be out of business. Give me a break! Only a fool would buy into this scam. Lottery is merely on luck. Common sense.


Why would someone who bought a mansion need his buddy’s old pick up to help him move, lol. Think people… Think.

I tried using the software and had difficulty with it from the start. TWICE I asked the same questions, but was given the same answer as if they weren’t listening to my questions. It was like attempting to communicate with a child that wouldn’t listen to my question. I’m not a computer whiz, I needed help, and I didn’t get it. I told “Mike” his technical support was a joke and then cancelled.

there seems to be a system that causes people to win. It may be because they do not feel or have the fear of loosing because they did not grow up with parents that lived through the depression they have no fear of the lack there of loosing. Therefore, having not that fear allows them to attract the abundance of everything. They do have good common sense not to jump before looking although they are able to leap without fear after looking at what they wish to attempt or play with. Luck does have a lot to do with it. A magic number I am certain it is true.
I have not put my fears to rest and my luck must be sleeping under a rock as my desire seeks to find it.

I bought in to your scam the other day, but you don’t deliver what is promised, such as the part where we enter the numbers into your form yadayadayada. You will see my email below which will find my transaction, want my money returned and an apology for cheating people. I think they call that crook.

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Lottery Destroyer Exposed — Destroy Your Odds for a Cup of Starbucks Coffee!

Lottery Destroyer Review

You don’t have a job? Play the lottery. Want to be rich? Play the lottery. Want to earn fame and popularity? Play the lottery! Playing the lottery has become such a popular norm in today’s generation that more and more people decide to yank out their precious dollar bills for lottery tickets. Why so, you say? Lottery lovers love the idea of hanging on to their dreams while they pick up papers probably worth a fortune. Now some time ago, the world of lottery received a programmed messiah, a promise to let you taste the jackpot if you offer it the aromatic taste of a Starbucks coffee. Yeah, I know its sarcasm, and it’s weird, but hey, who doesn’t like a Starbucks coffee?

However, let me warn you, nothing and no one can control luck. Without getting too religious here, in a nutshell, all systems out there are not worth it. Although I would have received a big fat check for promoting lotto systems, I’m not going to do it! So be prepared for some honest reviews because I’m not going to let you waste your money over a system that’s not going to help you in any way!

The Lottery Destroyer Software – Hype or Real?

Okay, so what is this all about? This is about the lottery destroyer software created by Mike Bennett, a streetwise computer geek who studied the algorithms of lottery numbers for 8 long years! For that duration, he looked at all past drawn numbers, popular and unpopular numbers. He developed the lottery destroyer software based on his experience with the odds and probability of lottery numbers! Okay, so what’s so unique about the program, you ask? Apart from the fact that it costs $39.99 per month, for any lottery game, and it is accessible 365 days a week, nothing. Wait, I didn’t say that, but I know who did! Take a look at one of the reviews below;

To protect you from the scam lottery software, we have reviewed many lotto tools.

Visit Lottery Software Reviews by Lotto Exposed before making any decision.

Honest Opinion Because Honesty Is Policy!

After stumbling on that review, we decided to take a better look; after all, everyone (thing) deserves a second chance! We checked with people using the lottery destroyer, and a majority said that they were better without it, that it rarely helps in winning anything, let alone the jackpot. Wait, what was that? Yep, you invest $39.99 in lottery destroyer software that’s going to crunch out numbers that won’t even help you reimburse your lottery tickets! But there’s always something good in everything bad. The only good reviews for the lottery destroyer software come from its affiliates and why not, they want their commission. This makes it clear that all the good reviews are hogwash because they are by affiliates and not real people using them. Here’s what another user had to say:

Did you know that in 2013’s best-winning lottery systems, the lottery destroyer software system was not even voted to be entered in the official poll results? This apparently means that real people who play the lottery didn’t even consider it worth enough to buy or evaluate. But there were others who asked whether:

That pretty much sums it up. The bottom line is that this lottery software makes money by setting up affiliates (to good mouth the product, whether they have personally used it or not) and by collectively selling you junk that promises you the world, but you end up getting nothing. The question is how do they manage to make products like this? Well, excellent marketing and careful wording may be the reason why this lottery software gained some popularity.

Concluding the Lottery Destroyer Software

Absolutely nothing and no one can ever tell you which number you should pick; based on your horoscope, astrology, numerology, sun signs, and moon signs and feet size or the number of hairs you have on your head and so on. Nobody can do that, and that’s that. All this software does is to put you in a position where you feel that you ride your luck. So in my opinion, the lottery destroyer software is more hype and nonsense and less practical and authentic. It combines the popular and unpopular numbers with your favorite or lucky numbers, blindfolds you and asks you to aim at the jackpot! It doesn’t make sense, and it won’t increase your chances of winning so get over it. Don’t even think of wasting your $5 on a 5-day trial!

Lottery Destroyer received 33 reviews with an average rating of 1.4. Read Lottery Destroyer reviews before purchasing and consider what lottery players say about it.

The Lotto Destroyer System Scam

Post Updated: 04/04/2019 By Andrew 48 Comments

Welcome to MMOZ! Today we are talking about a system that has been called the Lotto Destroyer System scam. The Lotto Destroyer is a system that makes some big claims and was created by a guy that says he’s won the lottery on more than one occasion. In this article we’ll discuss this system and I’ll give you my opinion as to whether I think it’s a scam or not. I highly encourage you to join in with the discussion as well. As usual you will find the comments at the bottom of the article.

For many people the idea of winning the lotto might seem like the perfect solution to all their problems. Millions of people rush to buy their tickets each week in the hope of becoming clear of debt and financially free. We hear stories all the time about people who have been lucky enough to win the lottery. But is it all just luck? Or is there more to winning the lottery than just guessing the outcome of a few numbers? There are mixed opinions but one guy going by the name of Jared Wilson claims to have the answer. In fact Jared says that he has not only won the lottery, but won it on multiple occasions.

Jared claims to be such an expert in the art of winning the lotto that he created a guide to show us the secret formula to success. Introducing the Lotto Destroyer System! So what is it? Does it work? Should you spend your hard earned money on it? More importantly, why are some people calling this the Lotto Destroyer System scam?

What is the Lotto Destroyer System?

On visiting the official website you will learn from the sales pitch that the Lotto Destroyer is basically a lottery system and software app that claims to predict results. Jared Wilson attempts to convince us that he’s some kind of mathematician genius, but to be honest I’ve heard it all before! I should point out at this stage that there are two versions of the Lotto Destroyer website. One has plain text and images, whilst the other has a video presentation. The sales video pulls out every trick in the book to get you to believe that this system will change your life. The same goes for the text version of this site. Although this might be possible, there are several things that you need to be aware of.

The Lotto Destroyer System Scam – Should you buy it?

If you are considering purchasing this system I would like you to consider this before spending your money.

There are a lot of different opinions online right now as to whether this system is a scam or not. And there is a very good reason behind that difference of opinion. Firstly, you must understand that the Lotto Destroyer System is being promoted heavily by hundreds of marketers. These marketers are what is known as “affiliate marketers”. If you have never heard of the term affiliate marketing, it’s when you get paid for promoting another person’s products or services. Many of the people that are promoting this product will say that the system works just so that they can get a sale.

The simple truth behind the Lotto Destroyer System is that it’s pretty much the same as every other system. The fact remains that every lottery draw is completely random and there is no real way to predict the outcome of the draw. On saying that, there are ways to slightly sway the odds in your favor. Will the Lotto Destroyer System have you winning the lotto within the next month or so? It’s highly unlikely!

Despite there being many reports online about people winning with this system, the fact remains that this method still boils down to sheer luck! You could go out and purchase this system and win the lottery next week, you could win it next year. Would it be down to the software or the system? No. You would stand as much chance of winning the lottery by playing random numbers as you would using this system.

The online world can be deceiving

You might see reviews for this software stating that they have won using the Lotto Destroyer. As we have already pointed out a lot of those people will be “affiliates”. However, there will also be those people who just got lucky! I saw a couple of reviews myself stating that they had genuinely won money using the system. But was that the system or was it because they simply played? Despite there being a few people that praise this lottery system, there are many that call it a scam. It would also seem that those people have good reason to call this a scam.

Why this is called the Lotto Destroyer System Scam?

Unfortunately, there are several reasons that this product has been called the Lotto Destroyer System scam. Firstly, there are many people that have purchased this product and have had poor results. Mixed results are to be expected as we said above, you are playing a game of chance after all. However many people have reported problems with billing and refunds too.

The Lotto Destroyer System Scam – Where’s the support?

It’s sad to say that the creators behind this product have done themselves no favors at all. There are lots of reports about people not being able to get their money back after being disappointed with this product. There are even reports that some individuals have been billed several times with no response from customer support. In fact it would seem that customer support is lacking quite severely. We have even seen reports that despite there being a money back guarantee, customers have been unable to get any response at all to their queries. Not great!

My Opinion On The Lotto Destroyer System Scam

In my opinion this product is nothing more than an expensive way to guess numbers. No matter how you look at it and no matter how many formulas you apply to a lotto game, the results are still down to pure luck.

The people behind this product are internet marketers. The product is also promoted by other internet marketers. They are the ones making all the money while you live in hopes that a piece of software will solve all of your problems.

Going on the fact that people are losing their money as a result of this scam, I wouldn’t waste my time or money on it.

If you really want to learn how to make money on the internet, I can show you how…

If you want to read more about making money with the lottery, luck and methods that people use to predict the numbers you can read my article on how to win the lottery here. Otherwise keep reading to join in with the discussion and learn how to make a legitimate income online.

How To Make A Legitimate Online Income?

In this article I mentioned that affiliate marketers were the ones that were making the Lotto Destroyer System scam so popular. Now although I would never recommend promoting a product like this, there are totally legitimate ways to make a lot of money an online marketer. In fact affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of earning money on the internet.

If you are interested in learning more, we offer full support and training through a website called Wealthy Affiliate. You can join and get a completely free training course that will show you how the entire process works. Should you decide to progress to the next level there is also a premium membership where you can really step things up. We also offer a Wealthy Affiliate discount and bonus on your first month’s membership. Sound interesting? It costs nothing to join! Click the link below to learn more.

Share your thoughts on The Lotto Destroyer System Scam

Have you had experience of this scam? Would you like to comment on the post that you have just read or perhaps you have a question that you would like to ask? If so I would love to hear from you! Share your experience of the Lotto Destroyer System scam so that others can learn from your experiences. May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit MMOZ today! I hope you found this site helpful and informative.


Pete Jordan says

Have you heard about the fake lottery scams by Philippe Ballesio?
On this occasion, the victims of Philippe Ballesio receive an email from a lottery that is from another country (China) and that the victim has never played. In the message you are informed that your mail has been chosen from among thousands and that you must send a certain amount of money for the costs of sending the prize. In some situations, the emails are backed by “executives” from companies like Apple, where Philippe Ballesio worked as an engineer, but it is a total lie.

Scams like this have been going on for a long time. I remember a few years ago I started getting emails saying that I had won a cash prize and that I just needed to pay an “admin” fee. In my opinion, any prize that you have to pay for is a complete scam! I have heard quite a bit about Philippe Ballesio, but I didn’t know that he was involved in lottery scams.

Thanks for the information Pete.

Have a great day!

In higher mathematics there is studies called “Numerical Analysis” and the real fact is this: If you were to take several sets of numbers( different draw dates in the lottery) you would find random patterns of repeat numbers. It is very true of the lottery. Just take say last 7-15 games and see how may numbers and even the Powerball itself repeats within several games.

I have been working on a system myself for a few years and have gotten 4 numbers a fair amount of the time over a year. It is a fact that getting 4 or more AND plus the Powerball has to involve some luck. I have studied the numbers. To be real honest, so many times do a certain number of them repeat actually in somewhat of a pattern that it made me wonder how honest the game is when analyzing it.

The fact I think is this with any lottery whether it be Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, etc; You can’t win if you don’t play. I have proven to myself that some good experienced system can raise your chances of winning. However, you really do need to have studied how the numbers work in these lotteries and that is just playing and be very alert to patterns and know how random number generation works. I can say my system and me being an ex Network engineer, I have applied it to the casino slot machines also and have a net gain each year for 9 years straight from understanding random number generation, experienced playing, and awareness of slot machine programming.

Knowing numbers I would say that any software claims such as Lottery Destroyer is just a claim and if you hit with it’s system it is 98%+ luck. I will give them 2% ! Another thing is it is ridiculous to me to pay anymore than maybe $20 for a system. You definitely do not want to get into paying $100 or more for any system. I have done that to compare those to my simple manual system and see if I could learn anything from different systems to incorporate with my own. Needless to say I have not found one yet.

If I ever develop my system(and I continue to work on it and it has improved) to the point where I can hit 4 or more once per month continuously with minimum plays (not wheeling)….. I will let you know.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to send this comment. I really appreciate you sharing this with us. Of course you are quite right, spending a large amount of money on a lotto system is highly likely to be a complete waste of time. Some people might get lucky, you never know! But I’m really interested to hear you mathematical slant on this. I did a bit of research myself some time ago when I wrote another article about how to win the lottery. Like yourself, I found that there could be some possibilities of winning the lottery by using mathematics, as well as some other methods. However, I still conclude that most of it comes down to luck. That is of course if the whole thing isn’t fixed!!

I wish you the very best in your further research and welcome you to return and let us know how you get on!

Danny Sanai says

Hi TW,
I see that there are others like me out there thinking about this subject.
As an experienced computer programmer I have written a fairly large piece of code in this matter and I would appreciate you for some input on how your algorithm would fit to my system. I have put all together on my website that is completely free for everyone to use.

Completely free eh? I think most people have heard that one before. But feel free to go ahead and tell us all about your system.

Danny Sanai says

Predictions are made for the next drawing for some major and some smaller lotteries worldwide. You can choose upto 15 numbers from either my hot or cold list and wheel those ones, It will fist display all possible combinations, as we don’t want to break the bank to play all lines we have to filter out the less interesting stuff massively, which is achived by selecting any combination of following filters:
– most and/or least frequent numbers, all tickets having only odd/even numbers, all tickets with low/high number sum, tickets with more than 3 consecutive numbers, tickets having birth dates and finally tickets having a large gap between any of 2 consecutive numbers(satisfying Delta System). By applying all filters you can usually get rid of more than 90% of the wheeled tickets.
I have listed the last 30 predictions with the performance for every lottery so you can have a picture of the accuracy of the system for your reference.
All of this is free to use for everyone and subsciption is not necessary for using. The only thing you have to pay for is the tickets you want to play, of course. Although I have placed affiliate links on the site I encourage you to buy paper tickets at your local store, just to be sure you have everything in your own hands.
The site’s address is
I have added some interesting posts to the site, too.
Just give it a try and let me know your critics, if you have any ideas about the filters or any new ones I did not consider I would be glad to know. The system’s design makes it very easy to add any other lottery not listed, I just need some history data of that lottery which is mostly available for download.
Any input of ideas would be highly appreciated.

Hi there Danny. Thanks for explaining your site and sharing it with us. I’m sure many of the readers here will be interested to take a look.

Danny Sanai says

Hi Andrew,
many thanks for publishing, I’ll let you know about the progress.

No problem Danny. Feel free to let us know how things progress.

Diana Bell says

I wish I could have known this before I purchased the lotto destroyer system. I have never seen or been able to download the online book. I never received anything for my purchase! I am going to be trying to get my bank to dispute the charges since I used my Visa Card?

You may well be able to get your money back by contacting your credit card. Did you make your purchase from the official site or from somewhere else?

Dan Palmer says

You tell me I’ve already signed in. Now what? *** Phone Number Deleted By Admin For Privacy ***

Hi there Dan. I’m not sure that you are aware of where you are sending your message? You sent your message to my product review page. I wrote a review on the Lotto Destroyer System and warned people that it was a scam. You sent me a message asking what you should do, but I can’t tell you that as we are not the official website. My review may well be ranking above the official website due to its popularity. But the reason that this article has become popular is simply because I have warned people about this system being a total scam. Please be extremely careful when parting with you money. The lotto Destroyer System scam is out to take you for all it can.

I hope that helps,

All lottery winners have a secret they will never share to the public. 90% will keep the secret of their success to the grave, but in this life of no mans own, you have to help others in other for you to gain more help in the future. Its been seven years now I have been playing the lottery and the highest win I won was $700. Night and day something inner always tells me that there is a perfect way to win the lottery so I continue my search.

Well hello Monica. It’s funny but a lot of people who eventually go on to win the lottery say that they always had a strange feeling. I did some research a while ago about the lottery and it was very interesting to discover that many people felt that they would win before doing so. Sometimes it would take them many months or even years, but eventually many of these people did actually win the lottery. You can read the article that I wrote here: How To Win The Lottery. Perhaps you are right about the lottery and maybe there is a secret to winning. Or then again, perhaps it’s just pure luck and superstition.

I never thought I would comment on an article with so much joy in my heart, years have gone by without a fruitful reward over playing the lottery. I have spent a lot on tips on how to win the lottery, but sadly none of them worked for me. Then, out of the blue I had some good fortune a few weeks ago and finally I won a substantial amount on the lottery. I didn’t use any tips or special techniques, I just guessed the numbers! Just goes to show that it all just comes down to luck in the end! Thanks for your articles and all your help. Good luck to you all, keep playing, you never know!

Well congratulations on your lottery win! I feel very privileged that you should leave a comment on here, sharing your good fortune. I’m very pleased for you, and it just goes to show that you don’t need a special formula to win on the lottery. I hope the money brings you and your family much pleasure and enjoyment. Spend it wisely!

Thanks for you review of the Lotto Destroyer System. Publisher’s Clearing House has it as an advertisement on one of there games. I kept seeing it and decided to see if there were any reviews about it. That’s when I ran into your review. I always wonder if a person is making so much money winning the lottery, why do they need to charge anyone else to win the lottery like they do. Never makes since to me!

Ha ha! Exactly right Rosalind. If winning the lottery was so easy, why would you spend your time creating a digital product and having it marketed around the internet. Why would you also have hundreds of other advertisers and marketers promote it as much as possible? Wouldn’t you just tell your family and best friends how to win and then retire on a beach somewhere? Or perhaps that’s just me!

Anyway, thank you for your thoughts on the subject, I really appreciate it!

I hope to see you here again soon.

This is not the only software on the internet trying to scam people into thinking they can win the lottery. I have been scammed before and now I’m paying the price for that scam and anytime I come across videos that are like the few I have seen I just laugh to myself and I’ll watch the video until the end and see how much these people are asking for. The sad truth is the internet is a big marketing affiliate market in itself. I can’t even look at Facebook without trying to be scammed.

Although Andrew may be offering a great service to us by informing us that this Lotto Destroyer is a scam, but he is also trying to sell you an idea to create a website. But once the website is created it cost more money to get traffic to your site. And to also have numerous companies calling wanting to sell you products to list on your site. I will never fall for this again, even if it means losing out on a legit way to earn cash.

Hi there Tasha. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. Sounds like the scam that you came across has left you feeling pretty bitter. You are quite right in what you say here but of course I have to explain and defend what I am actually doing here. You are right when you say that I am offering a legit way of making money online and you are also right when you say that I am making money in the process. Like it or not, that’s the way online business works.

What I am offering on this website is completely free information and reviews that warn people about online scams. I also offer a completely free training course where you or anyone else can learn about online marketing and how money is genuinely earned online. If that person wants to try building their own affiliate website they can do at zero cost too. If and only if that person wants to continue and further their online business, they can upgrade their membership to a premium membership. Only at that point where someone upgrades do I get paid. Everything else that I do, including responding to you right now, is completely free! You are actually completely wrong about paying to get traffic to your website. We teach ways of getting free traffic and that is our primary goal. I don’t know what you mean about “numerous companies calling wanting to sell you products”? But we don’t do that either!

Finding something totally legit online is really hard and there are so many scams it’s really difficult to tell the difference sometimes. I’m sorry that you were scammed, but sometimes you need to make a positive out of the negative. I was scammed on more than one occasion during my journey online. Being scammed was one of the reasons that I started this website.

Rest assured that your comments will help others to avoid the Lotto Destroyer Scam. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

I loved your review of the Lotto Destroyer System it was really informational and funny as well. I liked all of the points you made in the article it was really on point, so I now know what not to buy, haha. There’s really no comparison from the Lotto System to Wealthy Affiliate and your dead on about that, good job with the post.

Thank you for posting your comments and for the kind words, I really do appreciate that. I certainly wouldn’t recommend the Lotto Destroyer. As a way to make money on the internet, starting your own small online business is the best possible way forward. The Wealthy Affiliate membership offers everything that you need to get started and is perfect for newcomers. Trying to beat the lotto is impossible! Some people will always have hopes and dreams of winning the lottery, but they are dreams that we can’t force to become reality. On the other hand, I can try to force success from an online business!

James M Hackney says

I listened to the Lotto Destroyer pitch and I knew that when anyone puts a time limit on something they are selling it most likely means they are pressuring you to buy without investigating them but the real reason that makes me suspicious is when they tell me they want to give back by letting have the same opportunity or chance at making great deals of money as they have done but want to charge me to do​ it. If I am really trying to give back or trying to help others it’s going to be for non-profit or in some cases maybe no charge and not for what they were charging. I liked your opinion and if people would take time like I did to check this out maybe there wouldn’t be as many scams out there. Thank You!

Hi there James. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts on this subject. I totally agree with you and I wish that people would check reviews and try to get a bit more info before jumping into these things. However, a lot of people don’t even realize that most online systems are reviewed. Plus a lot of people think that what they see online must be regulated and therefore the truth. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. And yes you are quite right, most of the time when you see a timer it means its a scam! However, I must say I have recently seen a legit product that was only sold for a week. That was one of the exceptions!

Thanks again for your comments,

My elderly aunt purchased this yesterday. She called me, I told her it was a scam. She stated she had 60 days to cancel and get her money back. I have read that it is difficult to get a refund, if at all. My question is, do you know where I would go to try and cancel this for her? I have googled cancel lotto destroyer and I have no had much luck finding even where to begin to try.

Hi there Tina. Yes I will try to help you. As far as I am aware the Lotto Destroyer is being sold through a company called Software Projects (dot com) and they handle the payments. This actually seems like a decent payment processor but I know there have been issues in the past with people getting refunds. The problem may have been because those people were trying to deal directly with the creators of the Lotto Destroyer software. Your best bet would be to go directly through the payment processor (

If your Aunt wants to cancel and get her money back, here’s what to do. Your aunt should have been sent some details when she made her purchase via email. She should at least have an order reference number on her receipt from the Lotto Destroyer and there should also be details of where to go if you need customer support. To get a refund simply go to Softwareprojects(dot com) and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a cancel order and refund link there. After clicking the refund link you will need to enter some details about the order. According to Software Projects, they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that these guys will respond to you, but going through the payment processor is much better than trying to deal directly with the creators of the product.

I hope that helps. It would be great if you could add another comment to this page to let us know how you get on.

Taniqra Payne says

I noticed this number at the very bottom of the privacy and police section 1-800-218-1525 and it also had an email for the company
They’re saying that if you need to cancel or look up your order number then you can look it up on
I wish you the best of luck on your refund. I notice this had inside the PCH when I was playing the games.

Thank you for your input!

Hi. I was going to buy this system until I read your website. You seem knowledgeable about lottery software and books. Is there any reliable system or book that exists?

Hi Amber! Thank you for asking this question, I’m sure that many people will be wondering the same thing. To be completely honest, in my opinion there can never be a system or method that will help you to win the lottery. Simply playing more increases your chances slightly of winning something, but there are no guarantees. Because the lottery is just a game of chance and luck, you can never rely on a system. You can of course use a system to help choose your numbers, but no matter what method you choose, the game is still won on sheer luck alone.

On this website we like to investigate ways of making money online. Whilst this is a little off subject, I recommend creating an online business rather than trying to make money with systems that rely on good luck. Sometimes it can still be a bit of a gamble in business too, but starting your own website for profit is certainly more likely to bring better returns than the lottery. In my opinion using lottery systems like the Lotto Destroyer is just a waste of time. If you want to play the lottery you can make your own system up for free, like pulling the numbers out of a hat!

But if you are looking for a genuine way to make some extra money, then I would recommend looking at my Wealthy Affiliate guide.

Thanks for the question, I wish you the best of luck for the future!

Anne de la Vallee says

Andrew, et al., Thank you for your comments. It is always tempting to try out a gimmick here and there. We are retired and add’tl income would always be nice, but it’s really not worth jumping into these things.

We’ve yet to find any “promises of “addt’l income” online” worth wasting our savings on. We would rather help the grandkids get through college even with some of them working two jobs to finally realize their goals in life.

Everything is so darned expensive today…some stores would not need so many sales if they would quit trying to gouge people for their merchandise. We’ve found that having too much “stuff” is a pain anyway, because you have to take care of it, so now we’re giving things away that we simply don’t want to be bothered with.

I remember being warned back in school by the nuns about the encroaching materialism in this wonderful country.

Lke my husband said. “Who needs all that “STUFF?”.

Hi there! Thank you very much for posting this comment and sharing your thoughts with us. I think you have given us all something to think about here! You are right in what you say here, lots of us are focused on material things in life. Many of us dream of winning the lottery and being able to buy the things that we want and do all of the wonderful things that we dream of. But in reality would it really make our lives better? I wrote an article on this website some time ago about how to win the lottery and whilst doing my research I found several people that had won the lottery and it had effected their lives in a negative way. Do we really need all of the material things that we dream of? Probably not. Would they make us happy? Maybe?

As for your comment about making additional income online, there are a few good services out there that can help you. However, making money online is never fast and always takes time and effort. The general rule is that if you find a system that promises you any sort of income online then they are lying! Generating online income is best done by starting up a legitimate business, but many systems out there would have you believe that you can make profit just by clicking a few buttons and waiting for the cast to roll in.

Going back to the Lotto Destroyer System… It is tempting for people to try these gimmicks as it seems like an easy solution to getting out of debt or living a wealthy lifestyle. What upsets me is that people are sucked into these systems only to find disappointment and wasted money. There can never be a system that could ever tilt the odds of winning the lottery in your favor. People would be much better off focusing their efforts in legitimate ways of earning extra income and playing the lottery as a bit of fun. I think its good to have dreams, but you have to wonder if you would truly be happy if they ever came true?

Thanks again for your comments!

The comment about who is in the White House is proof of how stupid people really are.

Thanks for your comment Paul!

I almost bought the lotto destroyer system but my gut told me to check reviews and I am glad I did. It sound to good to be true, especially getting a refund. Thanks for the warning.

Hi there Hector. I’m very pleased to hear that you did your research before jumping in with this scam. If you are searching around for systems and training to make money online, then remember about 95% of whats out there will rip you off in some way. You have done the right thing here by looking for a review and you should do that every time. Unfortunately, you cant always trust the reviews either! Sometimes affiliates promoting products will say anything to get you to buy and so quite often we see reviews endorsing scams. It can be quite hard to find the truth sometimes!

I’m glad that you avoided the Lotto Destroyer system. This method might have given you a few techniques for selecting numbers for the lotto, but that’s about it! And yes, getting your money back from these sites can be a real pain. A lot of the time you simply get ignored. My advice would be to try a method of making money with low risk and high returns. Have you looked at our recommended systems?

Take care Hector!

So many scams about and even this review then goes on to recommend wealthy affiliates which is another way to lose lots of money!

Hi there John. It sounds like you have some experience that I would like to hear about. In my opinion the Wealthy Affiliate membership is not a scam. I say this because I have personally made far more profit with the techniques taught in WA than the cost of the membership. There are lots of successful affiliates within Wealthy Affiliate and in my opinion the training is second to none. If you have had a negative experience with the site, then I would love to hear your story.

Hi Andrew. It looks like you are part of Wealthy Affiliates and are actively marketing their scheme.
Can you say in all honesty that you do not have a financial reason to support their recruitment.
From my reading, they are all about luring people in with a limited free offer and then pushing them into financial commitments and becoming pyramid salesmen for the WA product.

Hi there John. Thank you for your reply. I totally understand what you are saying here! Let me tell you, the one thing that myself and this site stand by is telling the truth and the facts as they are. The only reason that I stand by Wealthy Affiliate and promote their training is because it works and doesn’t hide anything. The way that I work and the way that Wealthy Affiliate works are very similar. I want to be completely transparent in what I do and if you were to take a close look at Wealthy Affiliate, you would find that they are very transparent too.

The free membership is there so that you can see inside the members area and take a full 10 part video training course before you decide to take things any further. The free free membership is not a free trial as such. With the free version of WA you can build 2 free affiliate websites with the basic skills that you learn within the training. This gives anyone new to affiliate marketing the chance to test things out before making any financial commitments. The only thing that is limited is the one to one support that you get from Wealthy Affiliate. Other than that the free membership is for life. You can even keep the free websites so long as you keep them updated. Within the first week of the membership you also get free one to one support from myself or any of the other experienced affiliate marketers.

Now I don’t know how many affiliate marketing or money making systems that you have looked at but most of them want money up-front before you see anything. There is no other online training platform that I know of that gives this level of support and this much training for free. Almost everything else out there is either outdated or a complete scam. I know this for a fact because I have reviewed a lot of them!

In answer to your question, yes I get paid a commission from Wealthy Affiliate for bringing new members to their website. I run this website as a business, just the same as Wealthy Affiliate is a business too. I am not in the business of scamming people or leading them into anything that’s going to rip them off.

I totally understand why you would be cautious about Wealthy Affiliate and you are right to be that way. The majority of these kinds of websites are a total waste of time. However, I stand by the fact that you cannot get better affiliate marketing training for free anywhere else online. I spend a lot of time working with people that really want to learn affiliate marketing and ways of making money online. I can confidently give people those skills and the Wealthy Affiliate platform helps to put me in touch with those people.

If you need any more information I would be glad to help you further.

Diana Bell says

I wish that I would have known this before I purchased the lotto destroyer system. The worst thing is that I have never ever seen the online download and I never received anything for my purchase. The old saying is if it’s too good to be true it usually is!

Quite right. In general if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. However, if you made a purchase from the official site you may be covered by a money back guarantee. Have you tried to contact the vendor?

Lotto-destroyer is silly as a premise. If I have some wonderful way to win the lotto, why sell the idea. Just go from State to State and win the lotto. People are so easily tricked and scammed. Look at who is in the White house for all the proof you need.

Hi there! You are quite right, the Lotto Destroyer is a bit of a crazy promise. There are lots of lottery systems, methods and software applications out there that make all kinds of wild promises. You are right in what you say, why would you sell the system if you had the perfect way to win the lottery each time? It doesn’t make any sense. But then, the sales pages and videos for these websites always seem to be able to come up with a way of making an excuse up. The times I have heard the same story of someone earning tons of money and then deciding to “give something back”! According to sales videos there are a lot of kind people out there!

Thanks for the comment.

Lotto Destroyer System, whatever next. I can just imagine all the probability experts rubbishing this, that’s for sure.

If this works then why do we have this creation and why are there so many affiliate marketers pushing this program?

The probability regarding how many of their affiliate marketers would be working away pushing this business if they had won the lottery relegates this system to a scam with immediate effect.

Informative review nevertheless, thanks,

You’re very welcome Simon! Yes, you are quite right. I have no doubt that the real mathematicians and probability experts out there will be pulling this to bits. This really is nothing more than a system that may or may not work, depending on your luck!

I appreciate you posting your thoughts Simon.

Get the facts about the Lotto Destroyer System Scam! People are losing their money as a result of this scam. Read our review about Jared Wilson’s system… ]]>