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Latest & Recent Belgium Lotto Results

Latest & Recent Belgium Lotto Results

Latest Lotto Results

9 January 2021 (Saturday)
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Latest Belgium Lotto results and recent Lotto winning numbers.

How to Play Belgium Lotto, Info, Rules, Guides

This is an exciting and enjoyable lottery game offered by the National National Lottery (Belgium National Lottery). The first draw of the game in history was in February 1978. The Belgian Lotto has two draws every Wednesday and Saturday. The minimum jackpot is usually 1 million euros, but if there is no specific winner, it will continue to grow.

Unlike other lottery games that simply accumulate bonuses, the Belgian Lotto makes it slightly different. If no player wins the Wednesday prize, the prize will be transferred to the next Wednesday winning draw, as will the Saturday winning.

How to Play Belgium Lotto

A relatively simple game, the Belgian Lotto gives you a great opportunity to test your luck. In order to play the game, please select 6 numbers from the 45 number pools. The price of each ticket purchased in the country is 1 Euro.

If you have all 6 numbers correct, you will be the first prize winner. The lottery minimum guaranteed bonus is one million euros.

The reason why the lottery is very popular is that it gives you 7 ways to win in addition to the jackpot. This means that there is a high probability of getting a bonus. You can manually select a number or use QuickPick. This way, you don’t have to be a professional to participate in this exciting Loterie Nationale lottery game. If you are not sure which number to choose, QuickPick will be a good idea. It chooses everything for you through computer software.

You can purchase lottery tickets from an authorized dealer. The entrance fee for the Belgian national lottery game is 1.00 Euro.

Whenever you manually get a ticket, in addition to the ticket generated by QuickPick, you need to verify that the number printed on the ticket is similar to the number created by the slide. If you want to choose an advance draw, the other key areas to check on the ticket are the draw date and the number of participants.

Finally, you should sign the back of the ticket, because it is important to make it truly your ticket. Unsigned tickets can be easily picked up, signed and used to collect prizes where applicable.

How to Win

Belgium Lotto is a popular lottery ticket for a reason. Thousands of people wait for the weekly draw every Wednesday and Saturday at 7pm. They bought a six-figure ticket and hopefully it was correct. If their lottery number matches the lottery number that appears during the draw, they will become a millionaire!

Try one or more draws

Maybe you have never participated in a lottery before. As a new player, you can take a lucky draw and see if you like it. Do you want to try your luck more often? Then, if you want to participate in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20 or 24 draws, please write down on the form. The standard lottery form is easy to understand. It has 1 to 14 boxes. Fill in each box you want to play and write down six numbers for each box. A box is a combination of six numbers and the price is 1.25 euros.

How do you win the lottery?

Many tickets can be purchased at the store or online. You must select six numbers and bonus numbers outside the range of 1-45. If these numbers match, you can call yourself a jackpot winner. Good news, because the lowest jackpot is 1 million euros! Sometimes no one is lucky enough to win a grand prize. In this case, each withdrawal will increase the money. 2, 3 or 4 million euros is no exception! Other methods are also possible. Sometimes more people win big prizes on the same day. In this case, the money will be allocated to the lucky winner.


Lotto not only has big prizes, but also more prizes. It has multiple prize departments and has different chances of winning. You have won a lot of money in the highest category. The amount you can win is variable. It depends on several factors, including the number of people who have purchased the ticket.

Belgian Lotto is not a scam

The lottery lottery is organized by a national entity and operates in accordance with established laws, so the Belgian Lotto lottery is by no means a scam. In addition, it has a few years of history. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything when you buy a Belgian lottery ticket. In Belgium, the largest lottery organizer is the NationalLotée, whose history dates back to 1934. Initially, it was a colonial lottery that had always existed, with the aim of raising funds to treat health problems in the Belgian Congo. In the second half of 1962, the name of the institution was changed to NationalLotée and the goal was expanded.

Today, the National Museum of Minorities (Loterie Nationale) has a large number of games. Some of them include Draft 3, Keno, Joker and Joker Plus. The millions of euros organized in the country are also completed by the National Lotto. There is a platform for purchasing tickets for all national opera houses and only complete this platform. This has been introduced since January 2010. Since the Belgian Lotto is legal, there is no problem in choosing a game or generating a financial loss. The Nationale Lottery Bureau not only gives you the opportunity to win a lot of money, but also creates money for charity.

Belgium Lotto Odds

Match Odds
6 1 in 8,145,060
5+1 1 in 1,357,510
5 1 in 35,724
4+1 1 in 14,290
4 1 in 772
3+1 1 in 579
3 1 in 48
2+1 1 in 64

The Introduction of Belgium Lotto Odds

The Belgian National Lottery will pay all the lucky winners’ prizes in one lump sum. The time from the date of withdrawal to the time the application for bonus is made is 20 weeks.

If you win a prize of up to 2,000 Euros, you can claim a bonus at the Loterie Nationale outlet throughout Belgium.

A bonus of €2,001 to €25,000 is available from the Loterie Nationale regional office or headquarters.

All prizes of more than €25,000 should be collected from the Belgian National Lottery Headquarters in Brussels.

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs, the Belgian Lotto made two draws in the capital Brussels in a week. This happens every Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 8.10pm. The result was broadcast on La une TV. In addition, the results will be displayed on the official official Loterienationale website, namely, and

Belgian Lotto happens to have some of the most competitive chances to win compared to other lotteries from around the world. It has 8 different ways to win, which only means that there are many prizes every week.

To win the jackpot, you must match all 6 major numbers, and from the previous game, the odds of winning are 1:8,145,060.

The second level bonus is for players who match any of the five major numbers other than the bonus number. The chance of winning this award is 1:1,357,510.4

The odds for the third prize are 1:35,724, which is a grand prize won by matching 5 of the 6 main figures extracted.

The odds for the fourth level bonus are much lower, at 1:14,290. In addition to the bonus number, you also need to match 4 numbers.

The bonus level in Part 5 requires you to match only 4 major numbers, and the probability is 1:772.

The third-to-last (6th) odds are 1:579. To win this prize, you must match 3 of the 6 major numbers and the bonus number.

The seventh, the penultimate, requires you to match the three main winning numbers with a 1:48 odds.

If you match 2 of the 6 lottery numbers in the bonus number, the final bonus is assigned to you to win the chance to win.

Usually, if you want to win any prize in this lottery game, the total odds are 1:24.

How to Play Belgium Lotto, Info, Rules, Guides