lottery statistic analyser

Lottery statistic analyser

Lottery Statistic Analyser lottery statistics software

Lottery statistic analyser is fundamentally a calculator for lotteries that provides users with an unprecedented level of statistics on over 200 draws worldwide.

LSA has been designed to assist the user in selecting only statistically best numbers that provide the greatest likelihood of a prize.

LSA does not claim to have mystical powers and predict lotteries, we leave that to all the other lottery software out there, LSA is as it’s title suggests is a lottery statistic analyser and a very good one at that. LSA projects trend lines over past draws and using some clever math continues the trend plot to produce a purely mathematical plus one draw prediction graph.

LSA has a unique wheeling system that maximizes the number of possible winning combinations on a group of tickets. Statistical this method of wheeling numbers produces up to +-40% more chances of winning a prize than even the best reduced wheels as found in so many other lottery software.

LSA comes with a free no obligation trial so download and install LSA, have the best numbers to play this week.

Why place random numbers on the lottery each week

when you can place mathematical fact using LSA Lottery software

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Lottery Statistic Analyser a calculator for lotteries, knopw the statistics before you play, improve your odds.

Lottery statistic analyser

Here are few of the features found in LSA
? Powerful plus one draw predictions.
? Displays past draw results
? Analyse past numbers
? Create various reports
? Perform regression analysis on past draws
? View detailed information on each number
? Find the best numbers to play based on evry combination possible in the entire draw, find where to position numbers on your ticket for the best % to win.
? Find what numbers are currently Hot , warm or cold
? Display detailed number frequency information
? Display averages of each ball appearance including bonus numbers.
? Interactive graphs. Move the mouse over the graph to display various statistics.
? Numerical Placement Odds.

Lottery Statistic Analyser: Lottery software, features the worlds best preforming wheels 20-35% more wins, on line updates, statistical reports, predictions, next due, ball occurrence reports and more, Why place random numbers each week when you can place mathematical fact.