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Klik and Play (for School) is a simple 16-bit Windows game development application for beginners.

Originally created by Maxis and Europress, KNP has been adopted into Clickteam’s Multimedia/Games

Factory suites. Free Download (1994 – Freeware – Educational License)

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Klik and Play (for Windows). Free Game Creation for Everyone!

Klik & play for schools

Klik & Play is a powerful “script free” programming tool for non technical users to create complex educational games and demos. It is an easy way for beginners to make a simulation and understand the mechanics of game logic and Klik & Play runs fast on older machines. There is a huge library of pre-defined objects to choose from (or you can create all your own from scratch) plus built-in animation and picture editors. Make and play your game in minutes!


If the program is not on your computer already, CLICK HERE to download your FREE copy of Klik & Play for Schools or install it from the classroom CD available for checkout.

The following tutorial will get you off to a rapid start by walking you through the steps of making a simple educational game called “Pick the fictional animal“. As you discover many of the additional options, feel free to change and add more features later once you get this introductory game completed and running.

Once you have installed and launched Klik & Play you should select CREATE A GAME and the program should open up with the Storyboard Editor similar to the picture below.

Right-Click on Frame 1 and select Goto Level Editor to open a window similar to the one below.

The verticle panel of scrollable buttons on the left allows you to select from the various libraries of categorized objects (some of which are animated). If you place the mouse over each button it will give a short description of that category. When you click on each button it will display all the individual category objects in the top horizontal scrollable panel. Scroll down to the category/button labeled “Myth & Monsters” (just below the bug icon) and click it. The top panel should now display several icons. If you click on these icons your mouse cursor will change to that selected object and allow you to place that object onto the level area with a single click of the mouse. Place a “Frankie”, “T.Rex” and “Pegasus” onto the level area as illustrated above. If you accidently place more than one of each object you can click on the extra object(s) and then remove them by pressing the Delete key.

Right-click on “Frankie” and choose Movement then Select movement to open up a panel like the one below.

Choose the button “Eight Directions“. This opens up another panel with options that you can tweak later if you like but for now, just click on OK. This procedure just made “Frankie” a character that can now be controlled by the game player!

On the lower left area of the Level Editor there are 2 buttons labeled “Goto” and “Tools“. Click on “Tools” and choose the “abc” (Create New Text Object) button.

Choosing the Edit button opens another window that will allow you to enter text. Type in “Pick the fictional animal” then click OK. Change the letter font and size by clicking the Select Font button and make your choices (e.g. Font: Arial and Size: 36). Click OK and OK again until you are back to the level editor with a funny looking square cursor. Like before, wherever you click in the level area the words “Pick the fictional animal” will be placed. Place the words above “Frankie”.

Click now on the Goto button and select the Event Editor. The window that opens should look similar to the one below. This is where we make the objects interact and respond to each other. This is where the magic happens!

The first 5 events were automaticaly created when you made “Frankie” a player controlled character. On the 6th event row click on the words “New condition” to open the window shown below.

Right-click on “Frankie” as the object you wish to “test”.

Select Collisions and then Active Object. Another window opens with similar objects than you can choose to collide with. Choose “Pegasus”. A new event has been added to your list “Collision between Frankie and Pegasus”. Go back and do this “New condition” creation routine again but choose “T.Rex” this next time.

The first column in these new event rows has a speaker icon at the top of the column. By clicking the box where these row and columns intersect you can create the sound action you wish to occur when your “Frankie” bumps into “Pegasus” and “T.Rex”. Right-click “New action” and “Play sample” and then select a sound appropriate for a right (“Pegasus”) and then wrong (“T.Rex”) answer. All that now remains is for you to play the game! Go back to the Level Editor by clicking on the GOTO button and select Level Editor. At the top of the Level editor click on the word Game and select the last option “Play Level as finished“. After you have explored other possibilities and tweaked the game to your liking, you can choose File and “Save stand alone game” if you’d like to take your game with you to share with others. Most games will be able to fit on a single floppy!

*** YOUR MISSION: Make a completely different educational game/simulation. Show the teacher to receive your grade!

DOWNLOAD this Physical Science DEMO GAME and use MODIFY to use it as an example.

Feel free to add backgrounds, music, score counters, life counters, or even create your own original graphics and sounds. The possibilities are endless!

Klik & play for schools Klik & Play is a powerful “script free” programming tool for non technical users to create complex educational games and demos . It is an easy way for beginners to ]]>