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What Does Kino Mean?

Definition of Kino – Kinesthetic Approach in Dating

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The word kino is short for kinesthetic approach, meaning physical touch with the intention of getting to know someone better. Kino is a commonly used word in the pickup artist world. Kino usually refers to the act of touching someone in a non-threatening manner to build trust to eventually have sex with them. Kino can involve subtle touches such as brushing up against one’s arm, holding hands, or stroking someone’s hair.

  • Pronunciation: KEE-know
  • Common Misspellings: keeno, keno

Kino Tactics in Dating

Guides for pickup artists tell their audience of men who don’t want to remain “average frustrated chumps,” AFCs, how to use touch to show women that they are romantically or sexually interested rather than interested in a platonic relationship.

Different tactics are suggested by different authors. Some say to begin with non-threatening touches such as a handshake or high five as a young man would with his male buddies. Other guides caution against using that same touch (handshake, high five) that would easily be considered to be platonic. They may suggest kinds of touch that they consider to be non-threatening but wouldn’t normally be ways a guy would touch a non-sexual male buddy.

These guides then often go on to describe kino escalation – touching the woman more intimately as the guy has gained her trust and she appears to be receptive for more interaction. The guides often offer a kino escalation ladder to help guide their readers in what touching to perform next.

The goal of kino is to show the woman that the man is interested in a romantic or sexual relationship and not to get stuck in the “friend zone.”

The Hazards of Kino

Browsing through a few guides to kino, you quickly see that they are written for an audience that is in need of developing social skills. They might easily be regarded as offensive. Some refer to women as “chicks” rather than using respectful terms. Some are focused on the seduction goal rather than aiding a socially-awkward person in establishing a true human connection with another person.

While the guides caution against touch that could be interpreted as creepy, it is easy to see that if the suggested moves are done by someone who is socially awkward, they are liable to come across as creepy and clumsy.

Touching another person without permission is easily construed as assault or sexual harassment. This is especially true in an academic or work environment. Sexual harassment does not depend on the intent of the perpetrator, but rather how it is interpreted by the person who was touched and how a reasonable woman would view the action.

Simply put, touching a person can easily result in an accusation of sexual harassment. If the person is in a relationship with someone else, that third party may take issue with the touching even if the woman does not seem to object.

Kino should be practiced with caution and with respect, always being intent on determining if the touch is, in fact, welcome and permissible.

The word kino is short for kinesthetic approach, meaning physical touch with the intention of getting to know someone better. Learn more about it.

Kino pick up

If you’ve read our earlier article on kino, you know it’s one of the most important aspects of game. Before continuing with this article, I’d advise you to re-read that one, because it contains fundamentals which you absolutely must understand before trying to apply this material. Applying these tricks without understanding two-steps-forward, one-step-back is likely to backfire.

As you gain experience, the material in this post will become less necessary. Nevertheless, when starting out, many aspiring PUAs feel the need for guidelines and tips to help them with their kino. The following routines and ideas may, therefore, be useful.

When hugging a girl to say hello, break the hug, and let your hands rest on her hips for a second while looking in her eyes. This can set a much more sensual intention for the rest of your interaction with her.

Palm reading is a good kino-building pattern. Put an hour or two of research in to get the basics down, and hold her palm lightly while you read it, tracing the lines on her palm with your fingertip. But when you’re done, be the one to break contact!

If she says something clever, go for a high-five. Make contact, hold her hand after the high five, and bring it down with your hands holding … then release.

The trust test is another good kino-builder. Ask her if she trusts you. If she says yes, say, okay, let’s do the trust test. Take her hands. Squeeze them lightly – if she squeezes back, she passes. Then lower your hands – if she lowers hers, she passes. Then make sure to let go of her hands – be the one to break the contact.

All of those work early in a set to establish a kino-heavy frame. Once you’re more isolated, the evolution phase shift is a useful routine. This one comes from Style. Notice how she smells, compliment her on the smell, and say something like: “You smell nice. Lots of people don’t pay attention to smells, but we’re still animals, and you’ll notice that animals, when they meet, or before they mate, always smell each other. It’s part of our evolution.” You can use this moment to lean in, brush her hair back, and smell her neck, creating some very powerful kino.

“This is why we like having our hair pulled, in the right way. How different is this from what lions do, biting each other’s manes?” Here you reach your hand into her hair, just above the back of the neck, and gently pull. It’s not a yank, and it shouldn’t hurt. It’s a firm, commanding pull.

The routine continues something like:

“The most sensitive places on the body are often places that don’t get much contact with air or light, like the inside of the elbow.” (Touch her there) “Or the crook of your neck,” (touch her there). These touches should be light, fleeting strokes. Then go on:

“One of the best feelings is to be bit right here,” point to your own neck. “Obviously, because the jugular is exposed, and lots of sexual fantasies involve dominance and submission. Go ahead, bite me.” If she’s into it, she will. This is incredibly powerful because you’re creating very intimate kino, but she’s actually making it happen. If she resists, punish for a second by turning away, then repeat the instruction, “Go ahead.”

Usually, her bite won’t be very good, so you tease her for having a lame bite and show her how to do it. This is important: you aren’t biting like you want to hurt her. A proper bite in this situation is a gentle pinch, where you take a big chunk of skin and gently slide your teeth over it until her skin slips out from between them. Practice on yourself until you get it right. So show her how to do it, then invite her to do it to you again. After she does, she’s usually ready for a kiss.

This routine can be broken up. You can use little pieces of it. You can bite on the inside of the arm rather than the neck. Take it and make it your own – you shouldn’t feel like you’re just spouting lines from a web page.

Lastly, Mystery came up with a very useful kiss-close. I’m not the biggest advocate of kiss-closes -I think you do best when you learn to just sense the moment and go for it. But while you’re learning, they can be a useful tool. The Mystery kiss-close is simple. You ask, “Would you like to kiss me?” If she says yes, you kiss her. If she says no, you say, “Well, I didn’t say you could. It just looked like you had something on your mind.”

Then smile and change the subject (and do not assume you can’t try again later!) But most of the time, if you’ve been running good kino and she’s turned on, she’ll say, “Maybe,” or “I don’t know,” or something hedged like that.

Then you can just say. “Let’s find out,” and kiss her. Remember to be the one to break the kiss!

One very important warning. Lots of people on the PUA bulletin boards offer “tricky” kiss-closes, where a girl commits to something only to discover that you’re “stealing” a kiss. I do not recommend these. The problem is simple: You want a girl to want you to kiss her. You want to create moments of anticipation. The last thing you want is a girl to feel like you tricked her into escalating with you, because then she’s likely to put up bigger walls, making it harder for you to escalate in the future. You’ve demonstrated that she can’t trust you.

Instead, you’ll notice how all these routines hinge on her active participation. Make her complicit in her own seduction. Start incorporating these kino tricks into your game, and watch your results improve!

A brief introduction to a number of kino tricks that can be used in order to raise your attraction levels with women.