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What are the Kerala Lottery tricks?

There are many tricks in which daily lottery buyers are trying to win in Kerala Lotteries. However, there is no guarantee that these Kerala Lottery Tricks will work. I’m providing some of those tricks below that I heard from crazy Kerala lottery daily buyers.

  1. Some people buy 10 different Kerala Lotteries from all districts either through visiting as many districts as possible and or through friends or through Main dealers and distributors.
  2. Buy 10 lotteries with continuous serial numbers
  3. By using astrology and or numerology.
  4. With the help of other people whom they believe that they may bring luck for them.
  5. By buying repetitively won previous Kerala Lottery ticket numbers. This information are available on different Kerala Lottery Websites as either Kerala Lottery Winning Ticket Prediction or Kerala Lottery Guessing Numbers. These websites use some software to find Kerala Lottery Ticket Numbers that won the highest number of times before.

All the above tricks are shared to me by some Kerala Lottery Daily Ticker Buyers. These may not be working for you. Do not follow tricks just because of my article. I request everyone to use your logic, discuss it with daily Kerala Lottery Buyers from Kerala Lottery Facebook Group like this . And decide yourself whether to try those tricks or not.

Never give money for anyone who promises that they will give you Kerala Lottery Ticket numbers that will be won on the same day draw. Nobody can provide winning lottery ticket numbers before the actual draw. So identify those persons and just ignore them.

What are the Kerala Lottery tricks? – There are many tricks in which daily lottery buyers are trying to win in Kerala Lotteries. Read some tricks…

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