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With Ringover, obtain a virtual georgian phone number in just a few moments and deploy a switchboard to manage your customer calls in Georgia .

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Stay close to your clients, vendors and prospects by choosing a local or national landline number in the country(s) where you operate.

Available phone numbers in Georgia :

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Online call logs, shared contacts, call transfers (blind or warm), switching a web call to the mobile app, voicemail by email…

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Don’t be disturbed once your work day is over. Choose which days and hours your correspondents can reach you.

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Set up your greeting message, voice menu (press 1, press 2) or hold music in a few clicks. Assign incoming calls to team members according to preference (simultaneous calls, cascading calls…).

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Finally connect your phone system to your business applications (sales or customer service) and access phone features directly from your CRM: call in 1 click, manage client files, automatic call logging…



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Create virtual Georgia phone numbers: Georgia.

Georgia mobile number

The first phase begins with new area codes for fixed/wireline numbers activated on 1 March 2011, running permissively until 3 April 2011.

The second phase standardised area codes to three digits on 2 June 2011. ‘2’ will be prepended to the subscriber number portions of fixed/wireline numbers (but not to the area code portion). ‘5’ will be prepended to area codes of mobile/wireless numbers while their subscriber numbers remain unchanged. Fixed numbers based on wireless networks will have ‘7’ prepended to their area codes, e.g. +995 90 xxxxxx becomes +995 790 xxxxxx.

The third phase formally changes the trunk prefix from ‘8’ to ‘0’ and the international prefix from ‘8-10′ to ’00’. Existing short codes of 0xxx format are to migrate to 1xxx form. New 10xx format carrier access codes are also expected.

[note 1] – documents were unclear whether the last 5 or last 4 digits of the subscriber were maintained in the Phase 1 transition in March-April 2011

[note 2] – documents were inconsistent on whether this was changing to +995 570 or +995 770; this may depend on whether the numbers represent a “fixed wireless” service, in which case the latter case would apply (‘7’ prepended to area code)

(report courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

November 2009 – numbering plan update

International calling notes

Georgian carrier United Telecom uses both 00 and 8-16 as international calling prefixes.

(based on tip courtesy Risto Nykänen)

August 2008 – new Geocell mobile numbers

1 June 2008 – Magti Fix

October 2005 – new +995 95 range for Geocell mobile

September 2005 – new +995 95 range for Magticom mobile

Within Georgia, +995 95 corresponds to 895 domestic prefix (incorporating trunk prefix ‘8’). +995 99 corresponds to 899 domestic prefix.

Other mobile carriers indicated:

20 February 2004 – auction for international access codes

20 August 1995 – new area codes

On 15 April 1995, new area codes were introduced by removing the initial ’88’ from the USSR-era area code. A number in Tbilisi was originally +7 8832 xxxxxx under the USSR system, which became +995 8832 xxxxxx upon introduction of country code +995, then +995 32 xxxxxx in the 1995 renumbering.

There was a permissive mode where both old and new numbering could be used until 20 August 1995.

Source: Telecom Georgia announcement (21 November 1995, via ITU).

1994 – introduction of country code +995; withdraw from former USSR +7

Other Information

(Area code/subscriber number digits courtesy Glenn Knickerbocker) Magti GSM is a mobile carrier.

Georgia mobile number The first phase begins with new area codes for fixed/wireline numbers activated on 1 March 2011, running permissively until 3 April 2011. The second phase standardised