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Astoria, OR 180

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  • Friday Night BINGO

    Bingo at 6pm & Dinner at 7PM

    $12.00 for a 4-on packet, $18.00 for a 6-on packet, $1 for Elks triangle, double action cards and extra cards

    Blackout pays out $500 in a predetermined number of #’s called each week. If not won with-in the correct numbers a consolation prize of $75 is awarded.

    Dinner is a delicious buffet for a cost of $8.00. or $4 per child under 14 years.

    BINGO is fun for the whole family and we have a great time! Come on out and join us for an evening of great fun, good food and the best of friends! We’ll see you there! Site Map Who We Are Elks History Project Elks Video Gallery Elks Membership Reinstatement Magazine Elks in the News State Associations

    Find local bingo

    Bingo is “The Most Charitable Game in Texas”! Since the first licenses were issued in 1982, charitable bingo has had positive benefits for charities, players, and state, county, and municipal governments in Texas. Gross receipts from the conduct of charitable bingo total more than $21 billion, over $15 billion has been paid out in prizes, and allocations to local jurisdictions have totaled over $350 million. The total amount of charitable distributions from the conduct of bingo exceeds $1 billion.

    Bingo, the oldest form of legalized gambling in Texas, has been approved by voter referendum in all or part of 226 of the state’s 254 counties. There are over 1,300 licensed organizations related to conducting charitable bingo in Texas.

    Bingo has become such a familiar term that it extends beyond bingo hall doors into a phrase of excitement used around the world. It is still the traditional way in which game participants express winning a bingo game. The game itself has been around for centuries. Bingo now describes a game in which players compete against each other for prizes to be awarded based on designated numbers or symbols on a bingo card that conform to numbers or symbols selected at random. Whether it be a straight line, diagonal, four corners, or blackout head to your local bingo hall for your chance to yell BINGO!

    Electronic Bingo Card Minder

    In many bingo halls bingo is not just played on paper cards anymore. An electronic bingo card minder is a computerized device used by a player to monitor multiple bingo cards at an approved bingo occasion. A bingo card minder provides a means for a player to monitor bingo numbers as they are called; compares the called bingo numbers against the bingo cards stored in the memory of the device; and identifies any winning bingo patterns.

    A pull-tab is a folded ticket, or card with perforated tabs on one side the face of which is covered or hidden to conceal numbers, symbols or letters. Pull-tabs can be played several different ways, but can be broken down into two main categories, event and instant tickets. Event tickets are a form of pull-tab bingo that utilizes some subsequent action to determine the event ticket winner(s), such as a drawing of ball(s), spinning wheel, opening of a seal on a flare(s) or any other method approved by the Commission so long as that method has designated numbers, letters, or symbols that conform to the randomly selected numbers or symbols. Instant tickets use some configurations of numbers, symbols or letters that have been designated in advance as prize winners. Game participants open the tickets or tabs and then compare the configurations with game information sheets called flares to determine whether a ticket or pull tab is a winner.

    Where the money goes?

    How old do you have to be to play Bingo?

    A person younger than 18 years of age may not play bingo unless accompanied by the individual’s parent or guardian. A license holder may prohibit all individuals younger than 18 years of age from entering the license premises by posting a written notice at the premises.

    I have a complaint against a bingo hall and the conduct of the game.

    All complaints must be submitted in writing. The person filing the complaint must include their name, mailing address and contact phone number. You may file a complaint online, or download a complaint form and mail or fax it in.

    Can our employees play bingo at an office party? Can we play safety bingo at work?

    This would only be legal if the organization obtained a temporary license prior to conducting the game.

    Can we play bingo at our family reunion?

    If the game is within the confines of a home for purposes of amusement or recreation and participation in the game does not exceed 15 players then a license would not be needed. Otherwise a temporary license would need to be obtained.

    Find local bingo Bingo is “The Most Charitable Game in Texas”! Since the first licenses were issued in 1982, charitable bingo has had positive benefits for charities, players, and state,